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NOVEMBER 7, 2012 6:47AM

When a 3-and-33 Record is Terrific!

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     Thirty-three times marriage equality has been on state ballots and we have won three times.

     Tonight. In Maryland, my home. And in Maine. And in Washington State.

     This is a watershed moment in American political and cultural history.

      Legislatures and courts have legalized marriage equality in six states and in the District. Maryland, Maine, and Washington State are the first states to legalize same-sex marriage through a vote.

     Polls here in Maryland turned on a dime in the week after President Obama endorsed equality; from nine points down, we went 22 up (and then, of course, the numbers settled, but they settled on the right side of history). Presidencies can be uniquely powerful tools for Justice and Justice won this evening, 52% - 48%. 

     This is a terrific beginning.            

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I hadn't heard by the time I went to sleep that it had happened in three states. That's fantastic.
Kosh it's well more than I'd expected. :)
Surprised a lot of people, made a lot of bigots grumpier.
1 Are you sure this happened in Washington? I only heard about it in Maryland and Maine. What I heard happened in Washington and Colorado was an attempt to legalize small amounts of recreational marijuana.

2. Please let me know if you get an e-mail when this comment posts.
Thanks for the update!
Kosh no notification
I'm sure I checked the Seattle paper online. ;)
That is good news! Thank you , Jon, for keeping us informed.
Hey! Don't forget about us! In Minnesota there was a constitutional amendment on the ballot "defining marriage as between one man and one woman." DEFEATED.

As was the voter ID amendment and both houses of the legislature returned to the Ds - with a D governor in place. (Yes, sadly, Bachmann seems to have been re-elected - by the smallest margin ever - but another tea partier went down so all-in-all we did ok.)
jls thanks i guess 1 thumb isn't opposable... ... ...
Frankly I am seething. But greatful!

My apartment complex which is "state of the art" low income is predominantly black men and white women.
And of course predominantly Democratic.

I had arranged for a bus to pick us up to take us to the voting booths.

The management, a 30ish nazish republican female decided that Tuesday the 6th would be "inspection" day.
We here at New Hope have high standards and I am more than in favor of it. Every few months they do internal inspections to eliminate hoarding and filth.
But many of these people are territorial, and she knew this. Meaning that rather than allow someone to enter their apartment without them being here, they cancelled their voting trip!

I begged, cajoled, and even tried to humiliate them into going, but they wouldn't. It was only 140 people, but I was angry.
This morningof course everyone was celebrating, I refused to attend, only saying O'Bama is there no thanks to them.

I tried to contact the Democratic voting contention, but it was too late in the day and they had their hands tied. I know I should write something, but I am afraid of getting kicked out.
I'm very glad this happened and hope more states will follow these examples.
There is a billboard on a major highway in Philadelphia that says, "If you favor abortion and if you favor gay marriage, than vote for Obama." I did.
When i saw this title I first read it and 33+1/3 and thought it was going to be another doo-wop post. Instead, great news indeed. To press the analogy, think of the first 30 as a rookie who's been promoted too soon. A year or two later he matures, figures out how to hit a major league curve and there's no looking back.

This also illustrates the power for good of the presidency and serves as a strong counter-example to those who imply there's no real difference between the parties.