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NOVEMBER 14, 2012 7:12AM

To President Obama--From Religious LGBT Activists in Uganda

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The American Reverend who wrote this along with incredibly brave Ugandan ministers and other activists work with St. Paul's Voice Center, Kampala, Uganda. I have highlighted their work here before. U.S. evangelists five years ago had encouraged the Ugandan Parliament to make homosexuality a capital crime. It's on the books.
This is an update.  
I have ddited the letter for length. 
Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on your recent re-election, having won a mandate based on the diversity and strength of a broad coalition of the multiculturalism of the American citizenry and their interest in human rights and forward economic progression.

While activists here were distracted with the glitz of campaigns at home in the USA, the rhetoric and planning once again in Uganda has targeted a harmless, scapegoated community, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer [citizens]. A [governmental] meeting [here in Uganda] just following your re-election attempts to use your success as cover to do dastardly deeds of passing the Bahati Bil, the anti-Homosexuality Bill in the Ugandan Parliament. 

We must stand in stark opposition to this kind of hatred. The LGBTQI community strongly supports you not only at home but  abroad, evidenced by celebrations world wide of your victory. [And yet] the Right Honourable Parliament Speaker Rebeca Kadaga has supported the anti-Homosexuality bill and will try to pass the bill in just two weeks under cover [of the celebrations of your re-election here in Uganda] She attempts to sneak such an action past your astute diplomatic mission, leading even some students leaders in anti-Homosexual activism.

The Parliament Speaker said, “I will not be intimidated by any government in the world. If the price of foreign aid is accepting homosexuality, we can reject the aid.”  If Uganda is free, as the Right Honourable Speaker Kadaga maintains, then that freedom ought to be afforded the citizens of the republic in the privacy of their own beds, between consenting adults.

We must [with your help] remind the leadership of Uganda that no minority group oppression, be it Jews, Indians, LGBTQI or other, will be allowed by avaricious political “machinationalists”, who seek to wrap Ugandan patriotism around American Right Wing Evangelical fears, sown by the hatred preacher, Rev. Scott Lively of the USA and the less than Honourable David Bahati, MP, in Uganda; there can be no honor in fear and hate. If American Preachers can tie their missionary work to this kind of interventionism, surely the foreign aid the United States of America gives can be earmarked in such a way as to not oppress the LGBTQI community. Let us take the Honourable Speaker Kadaga at her word, and let her know a politics of hate, defeated in the USA will not be tolerated abroad for the aggrandizement of political ambition to win favor with any evangelical and born-again faction no matter how influential and well-connected within the paths of power in Uganda. Maria Burnett, of Human Rights Watch, said it would still be a very long fight to stop the Ugandan legislation as “the issue has not gone away.

I know your administration specializes in long fights for equality and justice. Human Rights issue advocacy is not neo-colonialism, Evangelical homophobia is. Human Rights are not imperialistic but are a post-colonial liberation of all peoples from oppression, fear and hate. It is best for Uganda to value its entire people, Gay and Straight, in an effort to show the international community that the Pearl of Africa has not lost its luster in a show of greed by a few hare-brained, hatred-breeding heterosexists bent on winning foreign favor.

Christianity cannot be devoid of love and compassion for those Jesus would have walked with in their oppression.


Rev. Randy Philip Edward Orso D.D.

(Hon, Moderator of the Universal Life Church Monastery LGBTI Clergy Association, Co-Founder of Italian Americans for Obama/Biden, Life Member of St. Pal’s Voice Centre Uganda


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These men and women over there are among the most courageous with whom I've ever worked.
I bet they walk on hot coal daily and risk their life for this courageousness.
heidi thay are amazing people; yes
Rated here, commented elsewhere
Kosh thanks so much for your comment at OurS, too.
Obama needs to step up in Africa... there's so much bad stuff going down in countries from Libya to South Africa, most of which we've completely ignored. R&R
First of all Jon I would be afraid for my life if I lived in a country like that and then being gay would add on to that. Some of these people do not recognize the human life or thought. Thank you for your words and their braveness.
jmac so right!

Linda I almost cannot believe their fortitude.

Just goes to show that not all "Christians" are "Anti-Mind Your own Business", Just as not all newly elected Presidents are actually either pro-privacy, pro-choice, or pro civil-rights. You're invited to a Long Island Iced T- Party