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NOVEMBER 13, 2012 6:33AM

In Blood/A Brief, Fun, True Tale of My Political Inheritance

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   I'm so fortunate for my political heritage, from both my mother's and father's families.

     I've shared here that my mother's parents and theirs were New York/Northern Jersey leftists, some of them members of the IWW, Industrial Workers of the World, Wobblies. That organization still exists.

     My father's parents were, when I was growing up, traditional Democrats, not at all radical. A brief tale is told of my father's mother, my Grandma Bess, that makes her commitments clear-as-a-bell.
     Her husband, my Grandpa Nat, was originally a civil liberties-oriented registered Republican -- when that party ran city hall -- and then a Democratic Party worker in Philadelphia's Brewerytown, then a largely lower-middle/working class, first-generation German-Catholic  neighborhood in now predominantly African-American and Korean North Philadelphia, several miles north of City Hall in center city. My dad's family were among a handful of Jews in the area. Often, Grandpa Nat would take his young son on his political rounds, home to home, local business to local business, a routine my Grandma Bess did not always support.
     The story is that one evening when Grandpa took dad along Grandma Bess called after them. "Nat! Don't you take him to that pool hall down at the end of the street!" She was concerned, apparently, for her young son's moral welfare.
     "Why not?" Nat called back to her?
     "Why not?" she asked incredulously. "That place is full of ..." [and she laid out what for her were the establishment's evils in ascending order] "...gamblers, prostitutes, and Republicans!"

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At least I know why I have always thought of Repubs as kinda silly. ;) I guess my Grandpa Nat was the original RINO. ;)
Finally. Took a while for the rate to take.
Kosh thanks for your comment, too, at OurS. I am amazed this place works at all. What is Jake being paid to do?
Yes it is funny how our past shapes our future votes. My mom's dad was a womanizing democrat. She always pulled the repub lever just to rebel against him and she is a republican at heart altho she looks at all the candidates. She likes Obama but hates the Clintons with a passion. So of course I rebel against her and that has made me a democrat. It still amazes me that she and I get along at all.
Zanelle it is yes ... so funny hw we're shaped!
Get 'em while they're young JW. These days you wouldn't expect the Repubs to be so louche, at least not publicly.
My grandfather and my father were free spirits.
My father is believed to have made a negative comment ab.Hitler in public and was incarcerated for that.I could never figure out how he survived "his crime" during WWII.
IWW vs the "...gamblers, prostitutes, and Republicans!" at the pool hall, what a combination! Definitely the way every American family should be. R&R ;-0
Rated for your ancesters
Heidi you are lucky to have had that brave man in your family.
i met a good man , a man who is spiritual,
and he has political opinions too.
he said the republicans are an insurgency within our govt.
"condition of revolt against a government that is less than an organized revolution and that is not recognized as belligerency "

i shall tender to him yer grandma's words.
I've already "Liked" and commented over at Our Salon, but just wanted to comment on your comment. I'm beginning to wonder if dear old jake isn't being paid to take this site apart, one item at a time so he can reassemble it differently. If so, I wish they'd announce any plans to do so.
Perhaps I daydream....
(if it sticks)
Republicans-at least some of them-definitely belong in the categories that your grandma placed them in.
James do that!

PW we should be so lucky!

Bud she had her moments!
I love this story. Putting republicans last was icing on the cake~
A very good heritage.
Great Ideations. O! Pure Thoughts.
I Read `Pure Idea is Pure Revelation.
As in Simple-Insight. I got a Farm email.
I saw my son's Breakfast-Radish/Grub.
My Son Grow Soup-Celeriac/in de`DC.
`yes. we are blessed-as-in`J. Wolfman.
Jake is having a sorrowful `sad`Time.
I just/jest smile @ Blogger` Heidi B.,
and/jlthre. and other dear` Humans.
This day has been so wild` I is awed.
I return to Open-Salon for`Therapy.
A sole individual must Share` Grief.
None caN WITHSTAND ` Sorrow.
Lately, I Laugh at Sorrow` O! Sigh!
SORROW visits as If de` Sunshine.
I had another Wild-Weird-Day.
I am Pondering de' Ill-Sorrows.
It's Not easy to find` Verbiage.
I bet talking to Rural Wise Folk.
My 3- chainsaws were Pilfered.
Aye 0- Believe. Oy` Sociopaths!
I had a sheltered childhood. I grew up in Jersey City where there were no Republicans.
Scanner hehehe :)

jls yep!

Gerald maybe you were luckier! :)

Art thanks!
Well, Gamblers & Prostitutes aren't half bad! ha ha R