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NOVEMBER 12, 2012 12:54PM

The "Jewish Vote" -- A Very Brief Update

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     Despite the near-hysteria among some Jews  (and the less than crazed, sincere concern among other Jews) about the potential for a second Obama term, despite the widely-spread drumbeat-meme that a second term would be lethal to Israel, despite the broader nonsense that this president is somehow both a reactionary Muslim and a modern Socialist at once, Jews supported Mr. Obama's re-election by 71%.

     The president earned a greater percentage of the "Jewish Vote" than four of fourteen Democratic nominees since 1960 (and tied one, in 1976).

     I have no doubt that the United States and Israel will continue to work out their now edgy, productive relationship in the next four years. This Zionist is also clear-as-a-bell that a robust back-forth is healthier for Israel and the United States, for world Jewry, than the previous paradigm in U.S. Near East policy that had begun to result in one after another enervating "mini-war" prior to 2008.


Kennedy   82%

Johnson   90%

Humphrey   81%

McGovern   65%

Carter   71%

Carter      45%

Mondale  67%

Dukakis   64%

Clinton    80%

Clinton    78%

Gore        79%

Kerry       76%

Obama    78%    

Obama    71%


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You just cannot hold at the same time that Mr. Obama is both a radical (medieval) Muslim and that he is a modern Socialist. (And he's neither.)
The numbers speak for themselves R&R ;-)
Sheila welcome!

jmac they do!
The thing that hit me immediately when I looked at your chart is that this is the worst performance by a Dem among Jewish voters in twenty-four years. This is understandable, and I hope it doesn't provoke Obama to revenge. You don't have to consider him either a Muslim or a Socialist to know that he disdains Israel.

Also fascinating, though a little off the point, is that Jews caught on to Carter while he was still in office. What he is now is pretty obvious, but I hadn't recalled his showing his hand as early as 1980.
Arthur As usual we disagree. I do not think he disdains Israel at all. I do, though, appreciate your point of view.
That's interesting.
How did you get the numbers?People don't usually say what they have chosen,not in advance anyways,and you can't go by areas either,unless people live in ethnic determinated districts.
Thank God for that, and many thanks to the Jews, especially in Florida. R
Heidi Polls here in the US are extremely detailed and people here tend to tell polling companies a great deal about themselves.

Thoth and my hat's off to the other minorities in FL and OH who waited many hours in line to vote.
News today that Israel and Syria are exchanging fire on the Golan Heights. Not good.
Matt Mr Assad knows his days are numbered and wants this failure on his part to be chalked up to "Zionists". I doubt that will play even rhetorically in too many Muslim capitals.
We worried for nothing-on all counts!
Bud I sure didn't worry!
Interesting look at it JW. re Arthur's point, true it was the lowest in 24 years but 71% is nothing to sneeze at. I imagine that Romney's percent of the Latino vote was the lowest in 236 years and guess which demographic outnumbers which?