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NOVEMBER 18, 2012 2:19PM

GREAT HOLIDAYS! I Hope to Return If/When Open's Serious

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     With many others, I've moved my blog to Our Salon.

     I cannot continue here under present conditions. I hope to return to a reinvigorated Open Salon if/when Salon Media Group takes this site seriously enough to support its readers and writers properly.

     I haven't joined this move with an eye toward changing how Open Salon addresses its continual and steadily worsening tech. I am part of this move because I need a daily, vibrant, ready site, and critical readership for my work. I also want a site that allows me unfettered access to writers I consider old pals now and to new writers. Lorianne has created precisely what I need and want at Our Salon.

     It may be that Salon Media Group is pleased to watch this migration. Perhaps that would make it simpler to shut Open down and believe it was not the cause.

     In any case, I urge you, if you have not: check out Our Salon.

     My very best to you during the holiday season.




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