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DECEMBER 17, 2012 2:46PM

Sandy Hook: ANONYMOUS Pledges to Dismantle Westboro Baptist

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     As you know, Westboro (Kansas) Baptist Church pickets burials of our soldiers. They argue that their poisonous public exultation in families' grief is a legitimate response to our culture's immorality. We tolerate the homosexuals among us and we increasingly recognize LGBT rights under law. Westboro teaches that the ill homosexuals do here is tied to that done by America's Jews (and to the depravity of homosexuals and Jews in pre-Nazi Germany).


"Whatever righteous cause the Jewish victims of the 1930s–40s Nazi Holocaust had (probably minuscule, compared to the Jewish Holocausts against Middle Passage Blacks, African Americans and Christians—including the bloody persecution of Westboro Baptist Church by Topeka Jews in the 1990s), has been drowned in sodomite semen.
American taxpayers are financing this unholy monument to Jewish mendacity and greed and to filthy fag lust. Homosexuals and Jews dominated Nazi Germany ... The Jews now wander the earth despised, smitten with moral and spiritual blindness by a divine judicial stroke ... . God has smitten Jews with a unique madness ... Jews, thus perverted, out of all proportion to their numbers energize the militant sodomite agenda... Jews are the real Nazis."
-- Westboro Baptist Church founder, Fred Phelps, in 1996, at a protest at/of the U.S. Holocaust Museum
(from Wiki)



Westboro believes and wishes us to pretend that were we to make its myopic intolerance our 0wn, we'd see few or no dead soldiers, there would be little or no school violence, that the children murdered at Newtown would this night be whole, content within the bosom of their families. Westboro, over the weekend, posted its conviction that "God sent the shooter" to Connecticut. The church says it will protest our society's ills again, (presumably at Newtown).


     Yet the tables may have turned, and sharply. The internet hacking group, Anonymous, has anticipated Westboro and is trying forestall its presence at Newtown (and elsewhere going forward). This is from HuffPo:


Anonymous has responded by...publishing private information about the members of the Westboro Baptist Church. Anonymous has now published a list of Westboro Baptist Church members along with...home addresses, emails, and phone numbers. ...the group is also pushing a petition to legally recognize the Westboro Baptist Church as a ha....'s already gotten the required number of signatures.

Anonymous explained:


"Since your one-dimensional thought protocol will conform not to any modern logic, we will not debate, argue, or attempt to reason with you. Instead, we...deem your organization to be harmful to...the United States...and have therefore decided to execute an agenda of action which will progressively dismantle your institution of deceitful pretext and extreme bias, and [we will] cease when your zealotry runs dry. We recognize you as serious opponents, and [we] do not expect our campaign to terminate [shortly]. Attrition is our weapon...we will...[tear] your resolve... [and expose] the incongruity of your distorted faith."


     Dante, in his Inferno, talks of those who do evil and of their fate, languishing on the rungs of Hell. Too, he distinguishes between those who will forever burn in hell, and those far more evil who will, for eternity, on Hell's lowest rungs, rot.

     I know where Westboro already resides.

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I never got the lack of compassion as to showing up at funerals like that. You could be as devout as you wanted to be, and think that just horrid and pointlessly so, or worse, gratuitously hurtful.
I never got the lack of compassion as to showing up at funerals like that. You could be as devout as you wanted to be, and think that just horrid and pointlessly so, or worse, gratuitously hurtful.
Wasn't easy to get here. Still getting error messages. The boycott period is over, and now it's time to see if it makes a difference.

Westboro Baptist = Slime.

Can't get to my PM's yet.

I notice that the only previous comment double-posted. That's a symptom of having to hit the button twice because you're not sure it worked the first time.

Somebody please do me a favor and comment on my new test post to see if I get e-mail notification when the comment hits. Are you getting e-mail notification?

It's not completely as bad as it's been, but it's still a lot of work.
The Westboro Baptist Church must beat the truth into their children at an early age; someone should think about ways to protect these children before they turn into fanatical adults.
Thanks for posting this!
Like with so many other right wing groups one wishes they would just go away. I realize that is just a pipe dream. If there is a god, why does he/she allow garbage such as this to exist?

Finally it seem I am back here. I couldn't even log in, for the longest time!