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FEBRUARY 8, 2013 11:45AM

Immigration Reform, Now, at the Arizona Border

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     While we debate immigration reform in the Capitol's clean halls and chambers, at the dusty, rock-strewn Arizona-Mexico fence an entirely different kind of reform is being enacted. Yesterday, reports the Associated Press, an autopsy was completed on a Mexican boy killed recently by a border patrol agent. The child, Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez, was shot along the border at Nogales, Arizona. felled on the Mexican side of the fence. While our Border Patrol has offered no comment, agencies on both sides agree that all but one of the eight bullets removed from his body hit Jose in the back.

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There is no doubt that the boy was on the southern side of the border when he was shot.
Terrible, terrible story. I am disgusted with that border. Poor little kid.
I often wonder how many people who talk about "sealing" the border have ever seen it. It is an utter impossibility. We were much better off with a worker program and tracking threats with developed intel than we have been with all of the wasted time, money(much of it paid to Boeing of all things!) and lost lives of the recent years.