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     A few weeks back I outlined several intractable problems in the Near East Muslim world for which Israel is not responsible despite continuous criticism to the contrary. Muslims themselves, I wrote, have made and continue to make choices that keRead full post »


     The story is that he had, along with tens of thousands of other young G.I.s hunkered down in  frozen German forests in December, '44, were sent desert boots and their new boots, the warm ones, the sturdy ones, were sent to North Africa. 


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MAY 29, 2011 5:30AM

AIDS and The Church


     If I criticise the Church when that's warranted (and I've offered my share as to its mishandling of its pedophilia scandal) then it's right I acknowledge its positive moves. I've written, for instance, that the Church has been among the most consistent aRead full post »


      Ideological purity on the Right has found common expression in, among other ways, numbers of Republican governors turning down federal money. Florida Governor Rick Scott, for example, spurned hundreds of millions for high-speed rail and now that money hRead full post »

     Married couples no longer are a majority here. 
     Revealing analyses by the Census Bureau, the Brookings Institution, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and by Baltimore's JohnsRead full post »
AIDS ribbon

     Here's a Win for Justice, a Big Win!


     Commitment and creativity and international partnerships have combined to strike a blow for AIDS patients in the poorest nations. Two of the most important medicines in the fight against AIDS, tenofoRead full post »

     The Tea Party has become toxic to the Republican Establishment and you know as well as I that throughout this delicious New York-26 Night Republican Leadership has had really only one question.

How Step Out of This Tea Party Muck Having Waded In So Very Deeply?

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   This may be all I know, or ever need to know, about life: 

   Everyone we ever knew when we were twelve
is a better person now; is, in fact, far more
wonderfully and dreadfully human, now,
than we were then,
for by now, every single one ofRead full post »


      I'm proud, yet again, of Maryland, my adopted home. Last month I reported that it joined eleven other states in looking forward in its sane and decent approach to immigrant children here illegally:  if their parents pay state and federal taxRead full post »

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MAY 20, 2011 6:29AM

I Caused The Church Scandal


     Imagine my surprise when I read the other day that the Church now blames me for its priest-pedophilia scandal. Me 'n the 600,000 others who attended Woodstock. And who favored tie-dyed tees. And rode that train, whether or not weRead full post »


Boola. Boola.

     The Yale University fraternity that once had both Presidents Bush as members, as well as other notable Americans, has been banned from the New Haven campus for five years. The sanction, reports UPI, has been instituted against Delta Kappa EpsilRead full post »

          My son, 21, is a Black man; naive would be the very last adjective that would fit. When he was first allowed to go to the mall with his crowd, his remarkably mixed, integrated, suburban crowd of White kids, Latinos, Asians, and other BlackRead full post »

MAY 16, 2011 6:24AM

Haiku for the Stream


                              Rushing and silent,

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     It seems as if the death penalty's dying that old, slow death-by-a-thousand-cuts.


          . First, Britain and India, our chief suppliers, have refused to export the five poisons we useRead full post »

         The original churches were not, of course, Rome's. They were what historians call house-churches. Mainly run by women, they began to dot the Mediterranean soon after Jesus' murder. This was well before there was anything that could beRead full post »

Demjanjuk at his original trial in Jerusalem. Photo courtesy Israeli Government Press Office


     Notorious Nazi death camp guard, John Demjanjuk, has been sentenced in Germany to five years' imprisonment. If he survives, he’ll be 96 upon rele

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MAY 12, 2011 6:45AM


This was originally published at, Nikki Stern, Editor.      

     It is the nature of evil to overreach.


     It cannot help itself.


     This is why, even thoughRead full post »

Want Crazy?

     Florida's fast becoming the cutting edge of the war on the poor. Not only has it recently severely cut unemployment insurance but it will now require all persons on welfare--all-- to submit to drug tests regardless of whether or not they are suspected of illRead full post »


     Take a moment today to celebrate a powerful, though widely unknown, life. Most of you have heard of micro-grants, usually small sums by Western standards, money as low as $100 given most often to women in the Third World to start businesses and overcome povRead full post »


     Time was when the most common discrimination African-Americans faced from banks and real estate agencies was red-lining. The disgraceful and nearly ubiquitous practice furthered segregation well after it was formally outlawed in housing, education and employment.Read full post »


      The war on the poor always blames its victims, just as wars based on deep seated fears and prejudices have always done. Those most responsible for our economy having fallen off that cliff in late '08 after two presidential termRead full post »

Al Qaeda has announced that its search for a new leader is underway.  -- John King on CNN


1. Your Name_______________________

2. Your Courier's Name________________

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     The indefensible and discriminatory 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, codifying marriage in federal law as between a man and a woman only, is dying. A month back the Justice Department gave up defending it in federal court aRead full post »

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     Now that we're in a Near East war for the third time in a decade, an old, persistent thought gnaws at me anew. Those of us born immediately after the Second War--Read full post »

     There was no positive, compelling reason for the president to release the photos of Osama bin Laden's  body. There has been nothing like a general drumbeat of disbelief in the Muslim world and there was every reason to think that the photos, once released, could beRead full post »