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     Florida's fast becoming the cutting edge of the war on the poor. Not only has it recently severely cut unemployment insurance but it will now require all persons on welfare--all-- to submit to drug tests regardless of whether or not they are suspected of illRead full post »


     Take a moment today to celebrate a powerful, though widely unknown, life. Most of you have heard of micro-grants, usually small sums by Western standards, money as low as $100 given most often to women in the Third World to start businesses and overcome povRead full post »


     Time was when the most common discrimination African-Americans faced from banks and real estate agencies was red-lining. The disgraceful and nearly ubiquitous practice furthered segregation well after it was formally outlawed in housing, education and employment.Read full post »


      The war on the poor always blames its victims, just as wars based on deep seated fears and prejudices have always done. Those most responsible for our economy having fallen off that cliff in late '08 after two presidential termRead full post »

Al Qaeda has announced that its search for a new leader is underway.  -- John King on CNN


1. Your Name_______________________

2. Your Courier's Name________________

3. Your Disaffected Pre-Teen Jihad-Read full post »


     The indefensible and discriminatory 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, codifying marriage in federal law as between a man and a woman only, is dying. A month back the Justice Department gave up defending it in federal court aRead full post »

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     Now that we're in a Near East war for the third time in a decade, an old, persistent thought gnaws at me anew. Those of us born immediately after the Second War--Read full post »

     There was no positive, compelling reason for the president to release the photos of Osama bin Laden's  body. There has been nothing like a general drumbeat of disbelief in the Muslim world and there was every reason to think that the photos, once released, could beRead full post »

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MAY 4, 2011 1:04AM

Cowards - The Effort to Rehabilitate Water-Boarding


     Some of the praise the president has received since he announced the stunningly courageous and successful move against Osama bin Laden has been qualified. Most pointedly, in an effort to make it appear that kudos should extend equally to Mr. Bush, many of that manRead full post »

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           I feel, tonight, a little like Mr. Lincoln's House Divided. I am faced with two competing impulses, ones to which I have both been born and nurtuRead full post »

I am thinking of you tonight, twin twelve-year-old boys, my students; your dad on the plane that hit the Pentagon. Along with your rabbi and headmaster, I told you your dad  had died.

Tonight, I'm welling-up, some, for you both, and for your mom.  

I hope you can takeRead full post »

     I'm proud to be a citizen of Maryland, my adopted state. The Maryland House of Delegates recently voted to add the state to eleven others bucking the mean-spirited, self-defeating, anti-immigrant trend we have seen in so many others. Sabrina Tavernise reports in theRead full post »

     Along with having to recite from memory the Canterbury Tales Prologue in the Middle English, my senior year English teacher was wont to have us take to heart her highly idiosyncratic and almost daily-shared aphorisms. They were Mrs. H.'s Life Lessons. The twRead full post »

APRIL 28, 2011 5:45AM

What Israel Cannot Accomplish

     There will come a time, and that time will arrive sooner than many believe, when Near East Muslims will grasp that Jews are not, that Israel is not, what holds them back. This is a reason I am for (as every United States president since Truman has been for) a tRead full post »

APRIL 27, 2011 6:56AM

Burkas 'n Beer

     I was struck and chagrinned last week when the New York Times featured a piece called "In Iraq, Bottoms Up for Democracy". Its accompanying photo showed young Muslim men drinking in a Baghdad bar, gawking at women, drinks at their mouths. The gist was that this was… Read full post »
APRIL 26, 2011 7:17AM

Slavery in the Produce Aisle


     And here, you thought that a bad tomato or e-coli in your spinach was the worst that you might have in mind when you're next skipping down the produce aisle.

   &nbsRead full post »


     There can be no such thing as a debate about 'birtherism' because wholesale fantasy isn't susceptible to debate. We cannot debate whether or not Spiderman is a person who lives among us. We cannot debate whether or not The Green Bay Packers ever won the SuperRead full post »

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     My politics and commitment to social justice are bound up with Judaism. When the Levitical priests demanded that we reserve the corners of our planted fields for the poor to come, unfettered and unembarrassed to take what they need,Read full post »

            The courageous and ground-breaking psychiatrist most directly responsible for removing homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSMV) died this week at 94. Elected to the presidenRead full post »

      From the earliest days of the last century, forward-thinking Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant institutions, social work and legal associations, as well as hundreds of thousands of individuals, joined one another to work very hard to protect childrRead full post »


     Many dozens of winners of Israel's prestigious Emet (Truth) and Israel Prizes have signed a declaration "endorsing a Palestinian state on the basis of the 1967 borders", writes Ethan Bronner in The New York Times (4/20/11). TRead full post »

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     My hometown, Philadelphia, is most recently well-known for its Pedophilic Priests. Thirty-seven of them. At least. And for the fact that the Church has not lived up to itsRead full post »

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     You may recall Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin, convicted and now serving time in the 2009 federal case against Agriprocessors of Iowa, then the largest kosher meat packing plant in the United States. The rabbi defrauded a St. Louis bank and illegally transported at least 389 undRead full post »

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APRIL 13, 2011 7:40AM

Does The Catholic League Speak for Abuse Victims?

                   On Monday Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, took out a full-page ad in the New York Times. Called 'Straight Talk About The Catholic Church'

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     Thirty-five states cling to the death penalty despite the fact that evidence mounts, almost monthly now, that the number of innocents on death rows increases. The United States remains alone among Western nations in its insistence, contrary to reality, that capitaRead full post »