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     Over a year back I  posted  "The Heterosexual Problem in America". I argued that in the sixties, where many Americans saw a ‘Black Problem’ in America, 'EbonyMagazine'  got it right: there never was a Black Problem here. There was, is, aRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 12, 2011 8:49AM



      What's the difference between sincerely believing that there was/is a conspiracy to (...see below) and that

-the moon's green cheese,

-Elvis runs the dry-cleaning establishment, personally, on every third corner in America, 

-Michael Corleone personally shRead full post »

                    This is an edit of a piece I published a year back.

                    Names have been chRead full post »


     You're aware that blood donations are routinely screened for diseases such as HIV, and have been for many years, yes? Are you equally aware that until now and despite the fact that first-world medical systems screen all blood, Britain has not allowed gay men to doRead full post »


     In the run-up to the decade anniversary of the attacks, I have heard and read, as you may have, a number of people who object to the coming commemoration. They urge our nation to move on. They note, in part, that we did not turn December 7,

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     Next time you're told American health care's the best going, tell the liar this:


     No Fine-Fine-Superfine national health care system can possibly come in 41st in nRead full post »


     Now, If I were a Religio-Socio-Politio-Economio Fun-Fulled Revolution, as it has been so clear for years that Iran's just sosososo IS, the last thing I would ban...

     ...public dancing? (check)

     ...public speaking? (check)Read full post »


     Aurally-only, of course, it could've been the name of a late '40s-/early '50s non-opposable thumbs-across-the-religious-professional divide Jewish/Wasp law..medical... accounting...what-have-Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 2, 2011 6:51AM


    Even death may occasion wholly unexpected, genuine humor.      

     Over the last week I've shared two pieces about my recently-late father, about his devotion to his family, civil rights and liberties and ju

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     Among the most sinister aspects of the new Texas anti-choice law that was to have taken effect this week--and now won't because of the wisdom of the federal courts--was that it would have forced doctors to perform a sonogram on any woman seeking an abortion whether orRead full post »


...and so did you.

     As to this little boy of a man whose nose is so permanently annealed to the TP bum that he demands budget-offsets if we're to help Irene's unfortunate--

     We all knew Eric CantorRead full post »


     Here's terrific news for health-concerned choco-lovers.     

     The British medical journal, BMI, reports that an analysis of over 100,000 adults over seven studies and several years shows that "high levels of chocolate consumRead full post »


     History's worst unintended consequences are always foreseeable by eyes undimmed by bigotry and fear. The Fugitive Slave Act, insisted upon by every southern state in 1850's Missouri Compromise alarmed ordinary northern farmers whom the act would imprisonRead full post »


     Food-Insecurity is a state-by-state measure of just how regularly hungry and malnourished our children are. Charles Blow wrote about it in the 'New York Times' recently, sharing where your state stands. It's especially important to know in an era when politiciansRead full post »


     While I was just twelve, I should have found a way to attend, should have marched. My parents would have brought me from Philadelphia to Washington had I lobbied tough enough. My dad was a staunch civil liberties and civil rights attorney who deeply believed in Dr. KinRead full post »



            Everyone who lives in and around


                 YOUR NATION'S CAPITAL


 knows thatRead full post »

     Given the strength and trajectory of the coming storm, I'd ask my East Coast Open Salon and Facebook friends to consider moving back any weekend plans you may have for skydiving, water-skiing, rappelling, and the like.


       Gay America's map is changing.
     According to Sabrina Tavernese in today's 'NYT', a combination of a younger gay generational change within the overall gay community and increasing acceptance among straight Americans, cities youRead full post »

Words I shared at his service:


    "No question but that the deaths of our parents and peers draw us closer to understanding, if we choose to think along that route, of our own. It's sobering, and, if one's lucky, it's more:  It can incite a series of celebratory,Read full post »

     You may recall, before the 'birther' movement's Trumpeting (ok...that was low) the idea that the president was not one of us, before that crowd got its Seal-swift comeuppance in Abbatobad, Pakistan, one Air Force Staff Sgt. Daryn Moran. The forty-one yRead full post »
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     Ok, yesterday Ms. Bachmann confused two pretty inconsequential events, Birth and Death, when she, apropos of nothing, congratulated Tenneseeans on the birth of their greatest son since Davy Crockett and wished them well on Elvis' angelic birthday. Except, of coRead full post »


     Join with me today in celebrating our oldest veteran of the Bataan Death March, and perhaps of the Second War, has died. Nebraskan Albert Brown was 105 when he left us on Sunday. His story is told by author Kevin Moore in "Forsaken Heroes of the Pacific War: One MRead full post »


     I'm put in mind today of sitting three rows behind Bobby B. in third grade, Bobby B. opening his public-school issued King James Version on our teacher's cue, jealous of Bobby B. unfolding his wider-than-the-KJV MAD Magazine, Bobby's Devil-May-Care Laughter,Read full post »


     During the recent British riots shops were looted including all those in one mall--windows smashed, merchandise trashed and stolen--in every store save one.


     A book shop.


     The bookshop--windows and books aRead full post »


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