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     Join with me today in celebrating our oldest veteran of the Bataan Death March, and perhaps of the Second War, has died. Nebraskan Albert Brown was 105 when he left us on Sunday. His story is told by author Kevin Moore in "Forsaken Heroes of the Pacific War: One MRead full post »


     I'm put in mind today of sitting three rows behind Bobby B. in third grade, Bobby B. opening his public-school issued King James Version on our teacher's cue, jealous of Bobby B. unfolding his wider-than-the-KJV MAD Magazine, Bobby's Devil-May-Care Laughter,Read full post »


     During the recent British riots shops were looted including all those in one mall--windows smashed, merchandise trashed and stolen--in every store save one.


     A book shop.


     The bookshop--windows and books aRead full post »


I dig

Freud's curvy couches

Transactional Analysis

Jungian Screams

Transcendental Masturbation

as much as the next mid-20th Century Lib 

but if

I hear one more just one more 


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     Already several soccer games in the English Premier League have been canceled. UK and Olympic officials are at pains to convince potential summer, 2012 visitors and hundreds of nations that London and its environs will be safe for athletes, coaches, and fans alikeRead full post »


     The Wshington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles, capital-region ball clubs with a combined winning percentage of .439, have announced, in a move designed to pool their talent and resources, that they will merge in the spring of 2012.

  &Read full post »

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 Auschwitz identity photo of man held under Paragraph 175- Credit: State Museum of Auschwitz - Birkenau



     Under Paragraph 175 of the National Socialist Criminal Code, Rudolf Brazda and thousands of other gay men were routinely rounded up from Germany and beyond and trained to detention centers. Like other bio-cultural enemies of the New OrderRead full post »


     I've said here that the aim of the groups who have brought our economy to a halt is the dismantling of the New Deal wholly, to return us forcibly to a time before Social Security, before Medicare and Medicaid, before public works was thought ofRead full post »

AUGUST 4, 2011 6:59AM

The Moral Core of the Current Debate


     The budget and debt debates, the Affordable Health Care Act's thin and edgy win, the continued calls for repeal, lead me to one thought. The cultural gulf these debates reveal is, as social philosophy, historicallyRead full post »

AUGUST 3, 2011 7:09AM

Do Mammograms Matter?


     Do mammograms matter? Maybe no.

     Yesterday I shared here what many of us deem terrific news about what the new Affordable Health Care Act covers for women. Today I offer a tad of caution, not about health care reform, but about hoRead full post »


     This is a great day.

     As of August 1, yesterday, new and historic Department of Health and Human Services guidelines for women's health are in effect because of the Affordable Care Act, our new health care law. The new guidelines require that woRead full post »

AUGUST 1, 2011 7:51AM

'Principled' Isn't Enough


     Whatever else one can say about Florida Governor Rick Scott, he certainly is a principled man whose decisions don't appear to take into account his deep, deep-south poll numbers. Floridians, last time I looked, give him a 27% approval rating. That may reflectRead full post »

JULY 30, 2011 7:56AM



     For weeks I've wrestled uncomfortably, trying to articulate a disquieting sense I've had but couldn't name...that the Tea Party approach to government, to my country, seemed to me reminiscent of  our worst leaders and most deranged ideas from our ViRead full post »


     Nothing is a better snapshot of our values than what, whom, and how we choose to tax. And yet our choices often evidence serious emotional confusion. We have little problem taxing what we see as common necessities and recoil when we see taxes targettingRead full post »


     Several weeks back I shared here "Penis Ennui", my sense of why Hebrews chose circumcision as emblematic of a new kind of ancient-world relationship between men and God. I wrote, in part, that while I could never hope to prove it, a legal and ethical revolution was andRead full post »

Keep our Confederate Flag on South Carolina Capital's soil.    This is the Confederate Battle Flag that greeted my family in an upscale Atlanta suburb in the days after we moved in, in 1999. The elderly couple across the street, originally from South Carolina, stuck it on a pole into the lawn when they realized that the BRead full post »


     Those who would upend 'Roe v. Wade' and send raped and other women with untenable pregnancies surrying to grasp their nearest coat hanger, many of them, would also happily ditch the Court decision ('Griswold v. Connecticut', 1965) that guaranteed women aRead full post »


     Across the country so-called crisis-pregnancy centers have increasingly cropped up in nearly every state. Nearly all run by religious zealots, they have deliberately and disingenuously targeted poor women, younger middle- and working-class womenRead full post »

JULY 24, 2011 6:27AM

Cooperating With The Authorities


     Andres Behring Breinik, the Norwegian neo-Nazi intent on what his manifesto calls a "Christian War to reclaim Europe", the man allegedly responsible for initiating his war with lethal bombs at Oslo and murders of scores of children at an island sleeRead full post »

JULY 22, 2011 4:49PM


     In a month 'Don't Ask/Don't Tell' will join in history's dust-bin other justly ill-fated efforts at maintaining discrimination in a nation said to be dedicated to equality. At that time gay citizens will finally be able to serve openly in our milRead full post »


     It’s fascinating how a desire to corner the market on language enters cultural change dialogue. It speaks to the power of words to shape realities. Many will, for example, recall debate and, at times, rancor, over who rightly got to use the word “BlackRead full post »

"Orville Smith, a store manager for Best Buy in Augusta, Georgia, told police he observed a male customer, later identified as Tyrone Jackson of Augusta , on surveillance cameras putting a laptop compuRead full post »

     For many, President Obama has arrived late to the understanding that marriage-equality is not only right but inevitable, that it is at its core a civil rights issue and not simply a religious one (as many in the Black community still hold). His "evolving" sense of jRead full post »

     The reason Jefferson wrote with such terrific thought and passion on state and church separation is that he knew  both secular civil society and religious institutions are safer from each others' often over-arching power when basic law keeps them apart.Read full post »


     No one's going to make the claim that California's any longer the Golden State of America's Cultural Dreams. That fantasy's long gone. Aside from its overwhelming fiscal deterioration, the fantasy's end should have been clear by the mid-eighties whenRead full post »