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OCTOBER 15, 2011 8:02AM


My acquaintance, Lois Bromfield, is an American stand-up commedian, now living in Berlin. She's also the film director and star of the short classic, "Sorority Girls From Hell" (see link, below--you may just die laughing.)

Her newest creation, a web-based series about to take flight, is the  gro… Read full post »


viki-knox.jpgFacebook   A screenshot of Union Township High School teacher Viki Knox's Facebook page.
     While most speech is and ought to be free that hardly means that all of it, everywhere, is wise. In the past fe
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      I'm pleased that the Obama Administration had the foresight to think through the legal implications of targeting and killing Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born Yemini terrorist; I'm pleased, too, that the man's gone. While he was an American citizen, heRead full post »

Dorothy The Wizard Of Oz    

     Kansas has always had three resonances for me:

          . the old saw, Kansas Is Flat As A Pancake (flatter, really--university topographers proved it in '03),

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     The venerable mouthpiece of the British Association of Dietary Supplementers, 'The Archives of Daily Pills and Anvils' has released a study this week that both women and men, if not most genders, may well find alarming. After intergenerational testing of dietary suppleRead full post »


     Pop Quiz in a moment. And a bet. First, however--
     You needn't like marriage (yours or the institution) to understand that it's the most powerful institution we have in terms of conferring legal, politiRead full post »


                  Consider, now, the difference between

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     The mid-60s saw legal precedent made when the Court supported Des Moines high school student Mary Beth Tinker who wore a black arm band to school as her protest against the useless and vicious Vietnam carnage. The Court, in overturning her suspensioRead full post »


     How culpable for the slaughter of innocents is a man who, while he may never have pulled a trigger on a death camp Jew, who may never have himself marched a Jew into the chamber, nonetheless stood guard as others did? How important is it for organizations such asRead full post »

      The Wildflower Inn, in Vermont's picturesque Northeast Kingdom, advertises itself as the ideal spot for a family vacation or event. However, its owners say they will not, despite Vermont's statute guaranteeing full and openRead full post »


     Several months back I wrote a lengthy piece for Nikki Stern's on the self-styled Intactivist Movement and its effort to place on the ballots in San Mateo and San Francisco referendae that it hoped would ban circumcision in those jurisdictions.Read full post »

OCTOBER 3, 2011 10:14AM

I Am

This is a poignant statement about why all of us, straight and gay, must, for the sake of decency and human rights, work daily in the best ways that are available to us, for full legal equality.
 What I know is this:  individual attitudes change over time more productively and moreRead full post »


     What's the most commonly prescribed drug for women?

     Take a moment. 

           ... ... ... ...
     A number of months back I told you tRead full post »


 I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night,

Alive As You Or Me,                    

Said I, "But Joe, You're Ten Years Dead!"

"I Never Died," Said He. "I Never Died," Said He.

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     If you're tempted to be pleased with the Saudi king's decision to allow women to vote in local elections in 2015--I suppose there's time for Saudi men to swallow the news without choking--you should bear three ideas in mind.


      I've said here that Israel can do nothing to make life better for the Near East's poorer Muslims as long as the Muslim states and other political entities continue their repression of women and deny themselves their economic punch in the marketplace.Read full post »


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      As anyone familiar with independent schools knows, it isn't uncommon for their young women, when in groups, to hold hands in public whether or not they're gay. When, last spring, Simsbury, Connecticut Masters School junior, Rachel AvilRead full post »


     I suppose it's rather unfair but over the years I've semi-consciously developed standards by which I can comfortably assign the designation "terrorist organization" to groups of people who'd prefer to see me (and many, many others) dead. Suicide bombings, forRead full post »



Takes no special courage,

confers no uncommon merit

railing against the Penalty

faced with

cases such as his,

or to say it ought not apply

in cases so evidence-poor,

and yet stand mute in those

such as that of hate-filled and brutal

Lawrence Brewer,

Texas white-suprRead full post »


     Media-sponsored Kiddie Contests always have an acrid flavor to them but this at-best deeply strange display may be the most cynical ever.

     The Somali group, Shabab, Somalia's largest, most repressive and best-funded terrorisRead full post »

     All hot for a political party calling for the cutting off hands and heads of criminals?
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     This one's clear-as-a-bell: "class-warfare" is a slur used nearly exclusively by threatened corporate and other deep-pocket interests and their media mouthpieces when the middle, working-classes and the poor consistently assert their
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     William Golding is 100 today. He was born today. His sad, sad, too-honest Gift to us is, today, eternal.

     For you who understood small Simon's mute and tortured voice and pounding brain and pounded heart as he spun among Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 17, 2011 7:10AM

i do



when her doc says no knee sprain she says Read full post »