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     Among the lesser-known aspects of the Church pedaphilia scandal in the United States is that among the tools used by prosecutors were the RICO (Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) laws. RICO statutes were not used widely in courts to bring offenders toRead full post »



 I am re-reading today the


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     It's understandable were you to have missed it through Michael Jackson's short-lived resurrection yesterday and the thoroughly riveting, mesmerizing, tantalizing, titillating, crescendoing Hernan Caining to which for two weeks we've been treateRead full post »

I don't much care why corporations act in the interest of Justice when they do; I assume a more than healthy part of it is self-concern. Still, when numbers among the 1%'s heaviest hitters go on record, actively work for what's right, trust me when I say that I celebrate the moveRead full post »


It is so very true that all politics is personal, and nowhere more true than here. 

We increasingly favor thoroughgoing equality, a  positive, if late, development, and still I've often wondered why it has seemed so much simpler for straight progressives

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Greg Kahn/Staff Daniel Guevara Vilca, center, who was found guilty of 454 counts of possessing child pornography, listens to arguments by his attorney Lee Hollander about giving a sentence less than the minimal guidelines on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011. Collier Circuit Judge Fred Hardt  sentenced Vilca to 454 concurrent life sentences.     

     Unlike numbers of progressives I know, I don't have any faith that there's a therapy (pills, talk, any combination thereof) that can change child rapists and molesters to the point where we may trust them to be out here among our kidRead full post »


     Needless to say, my column the other day about the inanity of Boston Archdiocese spokesman Daniel Avila's claim that gay people exist because (and only because) of the Devil's in utero machinations was not the only piece that led to red-faced Cardinals from here to RomRead full post »


                 [You may wish to print this out for future reference.] 


  • 0/x = 0 where x is not equal to 0.
  • a0 = 1
  • 0a = 0
  • a*0 = 0
  • a/0 is undefined (you can't do it)

but only if:

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NOVEMBER 3, 2011 6:48AM

:) Madoff Emoticon :(


     Ruth and Andrew Madoff, wife and son of Bernie Ponzi Madoff, have begun bravely to speak out about

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     The Church and Lady Gaga on the same page?

     No, not really, but the Church, in somewhat of a stunner, now says along with the pop star that we all are "Born This Way". Apparently giving up itsRead full post »


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OCTOBER 31, 2011 6:56AM

Zygotes R People 2? Let's Vote!

  human zygote


     Voting is Democracy and Democracy's Good. Yes? 

     In most cases, sure, though is it Democracy or Dressed-up Stupidity to have people vote on ideas about which we cannot possibly have anything close tRead full post »


     Oddly, I find myself rooting for Texas in this World Series; after all, it's been nearly twenty years since a foreign team has won the thing.

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Christ with Arms Folded (Rembrandt)     


     You weren't likely around in the years just prior and subsequent to Jesus' murder at Jerusalem. The deal is that for years before and after, under the thumb of the most oppressive Western regimeRead full post »


     Several months back I noted here that wildly unpopular Florida Governor, Rick Scott--his positives have hovered for half a year around 29%--proposed, and his equally troglodyte state legislature passed, a bill requiring welfare recipients and applicants toRead full post »




      Last week I posted several pieces about this scourge. While I detailed and lamented the pain and death bullying causes, I offered only two ongoing reasons for hope, the Trevor Project and the new New Jersey anti-bullyingRead full post »

OCTOBER 24, 2011 7:18AM

The Yankees Cap at the Khaddafi Killing

          On the way back from being chucked from China all those years back, Tamar and I stopped over in Honolulu and taught for a year. I recall 1987 for a great deal: I recall our debate whether or not to live in leis the rest ofRead full post »


     Gay people will be, and in this generation, afforded every right under law that I have,

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     Japan's Prime Minister, Yoshihiko Noda, says that clean-up alone from the Fukushima disaster will cost at least $13,000,000,000. It got me wondering. Here's what you might buy with thirteen billion dollars.

13,000 Maybach Landaulets


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Cyber Bullying
     Not all school-based/internet-based bull
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    Over the past two days I've offered a dark window into the lives and deaths of two gay teens, two Jamies, one in upper New York State, one in Ottawa. They took their lives as a result of relentless bullying. Jamie Rodemeyer and Jamie Hubley needn't have died.

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My piece first appeared at, where I'm editor.
      Fifteen-year-old Jamie Hubley of Ottawa, Canada, signed off the other day from this Crazy Place.
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           Jamie is stupid, gay, fat, and ugly. He must die!

          Jamie..die! Just Do It!
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     While the argument against the death penalty that has spoken most keenly to me is that juries of all racial and ethnic composition and in all regions are far more disposed to deal death to defendants whose victims are white, regardless of the race/ethnicity oRead full post »


     Charles Blow's column in Saturday's New York Times is a poignant memory of a time he was bullied as a child. While I was, too, by a neighbor a few years my elder, I also had two pals from very early on who were not only popular but weren't about… Read full post »