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West Covina, California,
July 25
former hermit from the mountains of Southern California and Marin County exurbs, now resident in West Covina SoCal. Ex: ditch digger / deck hand / carpenter / actor / artist, graphic designer & sign painter/ waiter/ bartender / restaurant manager / drug dealer / federal fugitive / assembly line worker / technical illustrator-writer / industrial, manufacturing, quality assurance engineer, manager / semi-retired consultant / playwright, producer, director / novelist wannabe and general dilettante staring dementia in the face and hoping they find the silver bullet before my brain rots.


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OCTOBER 16, 2014 9:16PM

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OCTOBER 7, 2014 7:53PM


What with Ebola and ISIS, it's good to know that Congress has their priorities straight:… Read full post »

OCTOBER 3, 2014 6:33PM

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

This is the comment that JME left on my post:

Humming Birds and 5 Things I Think I May Have Learned in the Past 30 Days  http://open.salon.com/blog/jmac1949/2014/10/01/5_things_i_think_i_may_have_learned_in_the_past_30_days

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Kit'd posted an Open Call and this is my belated response.  It has been exactly thirty days since I last posted an excerpt from People of the Book - The Discovery and this was a more or less deliberate procrastination on/… Read full post »

While we endure the next wave of outrageous televised jingoism as the Unwilling International Alliance of the USA, British, French, German, Iraqi and Saudi??? prepare to take on ISIS/ISIL, let us take pause and consider that there is no "us" versus "them."  Regardless of Joe Biden's… Read full post »

President Obama is about to make a speech, the talking heads on TV are babbling away and the irony runs rampant.  Tomorrow morning at 8:46am EDT it will upon us, 9-11 and how we may remember it:


From my personal experience I can&rsqu… Read full post »

The old fisherman woke up by four in the morning just as he’d done every day of his life for over forty years.  He smiled as he looked at his youngest son who was snoring.  As he prepared the strong coffee to begin the day, Ibrahim reflected that… Read full post »

Just got the news via PM over on Our Salon:


Please let everyone know that I have been kicked off Open Salon

Yep - it's true. I have been kicked off.

Amazing, isn't it.


I replied:

From JMac1949 Today to Keiko Alvarez
Sent 51 minutes ago


WT… Read full post »