Old Man from the Mountain

wandering around the labyrinth and bumping into the walls


West Covina, California,
July 25
former hermit from the mountains of Southern California and Marin County exurbs, now resident in West Covina SoCal. Ex: ditch digger / deck hand / carpenter / actor / artist, graphic designer & sign painter/ waiter/ bartender / restaurant manager / drug dealer / federal fugitive / assembly line worker / technical illustrator-writer / industrial, manufacturing, quality assurance engineer, manager / semi-retired consultant / playwright, producer, director / novelist wannabe and general dilettante staring dementia in the face and hoping they find the silver bullet before my brain rots.

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Four people posted today about their frustrations with cable news and the rift in America's values:   Zanelle got caught up in FOX News,  old new lefty is wrapped up around the axle about his little brother (know how that goes) , JME got warped behind the local news… Read full post »

MAY 25, 2014 12:36PM

A 2nd Repost for Memorial Day