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DECEMBER 25, 2009 5:00PM

Arrivals And Departures

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I am standing at the arrival gate. 
I see my daughter's face and there is a split second where I do not recognize her. I start to wave wildly. I hug her tightly and tell her "Oh, I am just as happy to see you as I was the day you were born." People waiting nearby glance over .
I imagine they are thinking I am embarrassing this child of mine. Maybe so.
The airport is where emotions overflow. Words spill out. People reveal more than they might in their living rooms.  Saying hello  becomes as emotional as saying goodbye.
I am no good with goodbyes. They leave me hollow. Bereft.
I'm better with hellos. They make me feel hopeful and on solid ground.
The revolving door of hellos and goodbyes makes me dizzy . The perpetual arrivals and departures leave me  unsteady. My heart is forever being emptied and filled. 

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Lovely....Merry Christmas to you...xox
Merry Everything to you, Robin. Thankyou for reading this.
Smeeping - Smile/weeping. Happy holidays!
Happy Holidays to you, Space Kitten Six. I will have to store "smeeping" away for future use. I love it. And I do it so often...
Such strong emotions - so familiar. Lovely post.
I hope you had a lovely Christmas with your lovely family! :o) This is a very lovely story ...
Thank you, rebelmom. I can't stand the thought of saying good bye again next week.