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JANUARY 3, 2010 9:28AM

Notes From A Guppy On OS

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I was a medium sized trout on my last blogging site. Or at least a big mouth bass. I had quite a few followers, but in reality it was a really small pond. More of a puddle. 

On Open Salon, I am a guppy. And this is a huge body of water. I love it.

I did not come to OS through the movie "Julie and Julia." I haven't seen it yet. I was actually unaware of OS (how embarrassing) until a friend of mine e-mailed a post by fingerlakeswanderer for me to read. I was hooked. Reeled in like the small fish that I am. I read some more of her posts. I read other people's posts. Oh my God, does everyone write so well here?

With the clear understanding that I was out of my league, I posted something I had written from last year. I had not yet figured out  how to tell if people were reading my post, but there was nary a comment, so I could assume not many.

I continued reading as many different people's writing as possible. I found myself ready to try posting again. And again.

I am taking this opportunity on "Good News Sunday" to say, I am thrilled to be here. There are still many things I don't quite understand.

For example, can I write about food if it is not Tuesday? Is there a prize for being "First!" on the comments? I am still navigating my way around this vast sea of writers.

It is not so bad being a guppy. I'm here to write the stories I need to tell and to be inspired by yours.  Happy Sunday.

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FIRST! No prize just a running joke. OS rules were meant to be broken. Post what you like. R
My father used to raise guppies. It was amazing how fast they grew and multiplied. Know this: write what you want, when you feel it. Don't pay any great attention to the fads and craziness that goes on here because, at it's heart, this is a priceless resource for writers. You will be read here, you'll probably be commented upon and you may even get rated. Lay it out and let it go. It's pretty cool here that way.
Happy Sunday to you! I'm glad to share our musings here on OS.
I still don't get the First thing and I've been here forever. Just write what you feel and have fun. Nice to have you here!
What Jeff Howe said. Sometimes you'll notice people announcing that they are 11th too. We're crazy that way! Swim!
There's no prize for being first?!

There are no rules besides don't be a spammer.

If reading and writing are your thing, then you have found your cyber-nirvana.

It's harder to find readers than it used to because this place has grown so fast, but it's still not that hard, so don't get at all discouraged. More members can mean more readers!

There are several things you can do to increase your readership. One is to get known. A good way to do that is by commenting on others blogs. That writer reads their comment thread even if they don't have time to comment. After they see you a couple times, they become curious and click on your name and read your latest blog. (OSers are notoriously curious, or nosy. Whichever you prefer).

Feel free to contact anyone via personal mail. Everyone loves personal attention and this method can spark some incredible friendships.

Build a favorites list and use it to send out notices when you post. Some don't care for these notices, but most don't mind and will read your work out of curiousity. They will let you know if they don't want to receive them anymore.

There is no rule about manners, but good manners will go a long way. You sound very nice so I doubt that will be an issue. "Agree to disagree, but be agreeable while doing it will serve you well." Speak your mind.If you write well, they will come.

I will ad you to my favorites list so I might catch you in the feed when you post (or you can notify me if you like).

When I joined OS, there were many who reached out to help me and they have become some of my best friends here. Feel free to PM me if I can help or have any questions.

Welcome, Guppy!
Happy Sunday, Joan.
I love ya, girl and I love being a guppy with ya xoxo
Guppy....Yep. This IS Good News! I so enjoy your posts. It's also fun to learn how you got here. I found a link to Hells Bells - Hooked.
Welcome here dear guppie. it is a wild and wooly place some days. If you are after good wroting this is the place to hang out.
Go for broke.
We all do.
Happy Sunday to you, Joan! And I'm glad you're enjoying're no guppy, you're Joan, the great writer...xox
From fellow guppy to another ... :o)
Welcome to the pond. I look forward to reading your work.
Even the big fish were guppies once. Fortunately, they're nice and don't eat us.

You'll also notice that most of the time we're all swimming in different directions but are interested in what the other guppies are seeing. And that's what it's all about.
Hello, Guppy. It's a nice place to read and write. Welcome.
There is a lot of good writing here, but there is always room for another good writer. Welcome.
Your doing fine, we all had to find our way! I still don't know all the rules..
Happy Sunday back at you. I am glad that OS is your good news.
Beautifully put. Thank you for the post and a warm welcome. If ever we begin to believe we're the "Big Fish" I fear there will be something sadly lacking in our writing.

And considering the ancient recipe cards of one OS member it's always a relief to see anyone not writing about food on Tuesdays.

Rated and appreciated
Welcome, Joan! You can post about food anytime you want, but if you hope to make the cover, you need to post it Monday night and tag it "foodie Tuesday."
I came back to the post and there were 13 more kind, supportive and helpful comments. Thanks so much to you. Joan
You can write what you want when you want. These days are supposed to be suggestions. It may take awhile, but if you write it, people will come!
hey guppy, just visiting from the puddle. OS is easily a sea if not an ocean. there are definitely great writers here. now they have another one in you. i love this post. i can feel it helping me to the "fry" stage of OS fish-dom. perhaps a story shortly. maybe. but i'll enjoy yours in the meantime and try to figure out how to navigate this big body of water.
Aw, tol, it is so good to hear your voice here in the murky waters. I miss you.
Stellaa, I love that: "It's your canvas." What a different perspective that puts on my efforts. Thank you.
I think you are growing here very nicely.
You are a big fish wherever you go. Reading older posts on your blog. Tons of great and funny stuff, Joan.
Aw Fernsy, thanks. I love going back and reading everybody's older posts...