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APRIL 9, 2010 7:49AM

Open Salon In My Dreams

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 I had a dream about a man here on Open Salon. For those of you with a background in Freudian or Jungian dream interpretation feel free to analyze. At a reduced rate for OS members, I will assume.

The dream takes place in the airport parking lot. Short term parking to be exact. We are sitting in his car. OS man is in the driver's seat. I am in the back.  OS man is crying. Looking at me in the rearview mirror he tells me he will leave his wife for me.  That is how much I have touched his heart with my words. Seduced him with stories of gardens and becoming invisible and empty nests. 

I tell him it cannot be. Although I read his posts he is not a favorite. His posts rarely hold my attention.  Sometimes I skim them. I feel guilty. I do not share his passion or longing. I am clear that this is a love that will stay unrequited. I thought this was a cab.

I let myself out of the back seat. He begs. I apologize.  I wish him love and many EP's.  I watch until his car is a tiny speck on the horizon. He is gone. 

Perhaps I spend too much time here. A fellow poster is in my dreams. I am having trouble separating my OS life from my other life.

I didn't see a post from him today. I hope he got home safely.


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On second thought maybe the Freudians should skip this one.
"I didn't see a post from him today."
Thank God it's not me. I'd rather have you read me than dream about me. I guess that means I'm an old man.
I often read a post and instantly cherish the mind of the writer. Interesting post Joan.
I am a Carl Jung man myself. I will get out his dream interpretations book and report back. Nah, let's leave it be and blame it on nighttime gas or something.
I'm just bummed it wasn't me...
Very interesting and provocative! I can't say this has happened to me, yet....but maybe it's simply a matter of time. I really enjoyed how your wrote this....weaving reality with fiction.
Interesting! Joan, you're so funny and candid.
Joan - this happens all the time. Sometimes when you see their real picture - it reaches you inside and you just can't help yourself.
Don't worry - it is all good - and a part of who we are. Jali.
This is interesting--it sort of blurs the line between virtual and tangible, real life and dreams.
It's nice of you not to be mad at him for invading your dreams. Had you been listening to Harry Chapin's "Taxi" recently????
I wonder he is thinking when he reads this post.
I had a dream once--that somebody actually used the "Tip" feature and gave me a buck.

But when I woke up, as Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson used to sing, "it was just a dream."
Hhmmm, some clues. He's had some EP's .
At least your weren't smoking a cigar! Then I would have given a interpretation ... Ha! ...
Blending realities! I love it!
I wish I had dreams of some of the OS men here, there are some facinating people. It has opened my eyes on how interesting and sometimes different men think, and other times how deeply they love and feel. Interesting concept.
Your piece makes me think of the power I find in so many pieces here. Sometimes the power is a logical presentation of opinion. Sometimes it is in the discussion that follows. Sometimes the power is poetic. Sometimes it is beautifully crafted fiction. Sometimes it is deeply personal truth shared in words perhaps for the first time. There is something special here. Not all the time. Not in every piece. That which is special and shared creates a bond - even if only for the one reading of the one piece. From such bonds, dreams may certainly come. Once again, your piece makes me think. Thanks, Joan.
I love this post and your candid narrative, Joan. I don't interpret dreams because I hardly remember any. If I do, it's mostly the feeling they left me with. If you were left with a good feeling, enjoy it, if you feel you dream was trying to convey a message, pay heed.
It can't be me, as I never cry. ;-| (r)
I some times sing real loud in DC. K- Street.
O, My Darling, O my Darling, O Clementine!
Try it?
I am walking down K- Street and it's Kooky!
It aint me. I no wear Bugs Bunny big slipper!
I shalt loosen a belt on my pot-belly-tummy!
I've had dreams of OS people, but they were confined to OS interactions . . . posts and PMs and comments . . . but my dreams are pretty bizarre, so I'm sure it could happen to me.
Perhaps a novel here, keep dreaming. Love is won and lost over less. Rated.
As a Jungian dream expert(triple certified as of yesterday.yay.) I've been reading this post for 6 hours now. You have lots of PROBLEMS, lady.

Glad I'm a woman so I don't have to PM you and say, "It's not me. I can care less. Yeah, you wish. In your dreams."

But, seriously: Very funny again, Joan.
"I wish you love and lots of EP's."
"seduced by my posts of gardens and empty nests..."
love and many EP's

This made me laugh (I hope that was your intention)! I used to have dreams about the people from an online community where I spent 12 years, and I have had the occasional dream about OS, although not such an intense dream about a particular person.
I does sound like a time to take an OS break. It will refresh you in many ways.
What I love about OS -- we can seduce one another with our words. Of course, I've never imagined (or dreamed) it might lead to an encounter in short-term parking. And now, of course, I will want to know...who?
you're not the only one who has dreams of OS'ers...if I had to leave every time I had a dream about an OS'er, I'd have never signed up cause my dreams involve the 2 people who introduced me to OS in the first place
Oh my! I have OS dreams pretty frequently. But I dream at least two separate dreams per sleep. In color. And they are always very complicated. I'll let you know when I dream about you! (In fact, now that I think about it...)
I don't drive so the leaves me out.
Joan, you heartbreaker.
Fantastic, Joan! I think you have all the men of OS wondering, could it be me?
i ... can't ... stop ... laughing ...

"Although I read his posts, he is not a favorite" -- oh, oh, here i go again. this is the funniest thing i have read in maybe six months.

"I thought this was a cab." ::: !!!!! :::
I have OS dreams too, but they're not nearly that good.
So, why can't we hook-up? Hah~~
you are too funny -- but seriously, don't let OS "drive" your life. Especially a man who's not even a favorite. :)
Those weepy OS men again!!!
When you start dreaming about O.S. you have definitely made a commitment. Love this dream. Would love to know who the OS man who showed up in your dream is.
lol! I thought I was the only one who had dreams about people I don't even know. This is so wonderful.
What fascinates me the most about this "dream" is that you knew you were in "short-term" as opposed to "long-term" parking. Hmmm, I wonder what that means:)
"I thought this was a cab." I think that holds the key.
cab=temporary. A fleeting ride soon to be forgotten. Also: short term parking....another clue. We have all formed some very strong friendships here. Not all of them are mutual.
Next time rent a car. Less aggravation.
Cranky, well good, because I love reading you.

scupper, I'd like to think that means you cherish mine, but I never presume!

Dr. S. yeah, the Freudians scare me a little.

Brian, you are too funny.

Patricia, that is just what I was going for. Thanks!

Patty Jane, thanks so much!

Jali, thank you for your kind words. Don't worry, I'm not too concerned. My other dream was really something!

sophieh, I'm glad you came by to read it.

Akopsa, I know, right?

AHP, I was happy to see him until I realized he wasn't the cab driver.

OEsheepdog, I wonder too.

Con, Hahaha! Has anyone *ever* used that tip thing?
Sophieh speaks for me on this. Very nice one!
femme pretty much said it for me - although the overall tone was melancholy, I just burst out laughing when you said he "wasn't even a favorite." It was meta in the best way; OS as a metaphor for our irrational, unbalanced attractions and infatuations.

on a more practical note: I think you should (put some sunscreen on) and start turning the dirt in your garden plot. Right after school.
I also thought it was a cab ...
I love this! -- "I tell him it cannot be. Although I read his posts he is not a favorite. His posts rarely hold my attention. Sometimes I skim them." God knows you cannot get involved with an OS man whose posts you merely SKIM! ("Nice pecs, dude, but your writing SUCKS.") Excellent writer-dream!
Joan, Lovely -- And sometimes our dreams give us perfectly constructed stories!! Glad you remembered it!!
I thought we agreed we weren't going to talk about this publicly.

(fun post)
I always come here when I need a smile.. An I always get it..r.
Well I do weep...but...should I turn around? I mean, her voice did sound tentative...didn't it? I mean, she didn't leap out of the car and run. Her voice didn't sound...too cold. A-and...I'm taking writing lessons...yeah, things'll change. She'll change her mind, her heart! I'm turning around!! rated for dreams of redemption
I'm a reality junkie. I rarely dream (or, at least, remember my dreams) but when I do, they always involve flesh and blood people. Of course, sometimes I want to do something to the flesh that causes the blood. Yeah, I know, those are nightmares but so is life sometimes.
the writing here is excellent. i loved the abrupt: "I thought this was a cab."

i'm trying to imagine who has an icon that maybe looks like eyes in a rear-view mirror...
LOL on bbd's and Clarrk's comments.

Now pretty lady, you want nice Carty--- ayyy?

I have been dreaming about OS too. Hmmm, mind control....
I don't remember mine but wake thinking WTF! I like your dream, then your worry over him.
Poor OSer. All he's missing is a starting L.
Not only you don't find him attractive, his writing holds no fascinating factor over you.
You heartbreaker, you.
"He is not a favorite"!!! Poor guy. But it could never work if you have to skim, so it's better if you don't lead him on. Not even in your dream. You did the right thing.

(My daughter told me about this Adonis at school who has been courting her. She said, "He sure is pretty, but he writes poetry, and it's really bad. How would you handle that? It might work if I didn't know the poetry was bad, but I know!")
"I thought this was a cab." Priceless, hilarious! Dreams can be so wonderfully funny. Thanks for the laugh.
Scarlett, actually i was wishing him love and many EP's. It was the best i could do for him.

Zanelle, thanks! My realities are too often blended I'm afraid.

Rita, many thanks for reading.

anna1liese, I so appreciate your comment.

FusunA, I was mostly left with no ride from the airport! xo

ClarkK, yeah, he was bawling like a baby.

Owl, it can happen to anyone I think.

Sheila, thanks. I'll try to dream chapter 2 tonight!

Elisa, you are wonderful.

Fernsy, what man could resist a woman who writes about gardens and empty nests? Hawt!

Amanda, I appreciate the laughs.

Jeanette, Yes! Thank you for laughing!

D Art, I can't let go.

Nikki, You know I can't reveal his identity!

Placebo, I can't quit this place no matter how many dreams I have.

aim, thanks for reading and sweet dreams...

RicTresa, I take it you don't drive a cab either...

sixtycandles, ha! Only in my dreams!

Linda, thank you! And I love your new pic.

femme, you made my day. I'm not sure most people enjoy my humor as much as I do.

sweetfeet, this was a particularly meaty one.

scanner, you are funny. You know I don't skim your posts.

skel, you have some wise words hidden there.

nola, Haha!

Deborah, and I'd love to tell...

Lezlie, many thanks. Good to know I am not the only one.

Roger, you must be a Freudian.

Steve, you must be a Freudian too.

Jonathan, many thanks for reading.

Annie, thanks, I did. The garden is bare and enticing!
It wasn't me, I can't stand airports!! ~:D

Oh dear. I have yet to have an OS dream. I guess I don't belong yet. I met Jeanette at the site she referred to (1997-2010), and like her, have dreamed about those cyber friends.

Hmmm. A cab is a container for travel, for getting somewhere else. OS man controls it from the driver's seat. He wants to take you somewhere you do not want to go.

That will be $150.00, and our time is up ;-)
I just noticed a reprimand on, shall we say, another post...after that nice PM I sent you! :)
I am just really bad at dream interpretation. But good at recognizing talent! (r)
Dang it!!!
I begged..and not a shred of hope!!!
...hhhmmm...Oh I'm not analyzing this...LOL! Great post and much love to you.
No, I didn’t post. I never made it home. I was crying so hard I lost control and clipped a tree and rolled. I died with the radio on. They were playing our song…
Joan, your post always promises to be thoughtful and clever. As for the dream...just be grateful it wasn't a nightmare. R
So Joan, If I pm you will you tell me who it is? Fascinating. (and funny)
dianaani, Ha! Thanks for reading!

suzie, you get me! how could I possibly fall for a man if I don't love his writing? Not even a "favorite!"

JulieShanti, I'm glad too. It was fun to write.

bbd, you knew you could never trust me...

hugs, I am so happy you said that!

Matt, for this comment alone, you are a favorite.

Donna, I know what you mean.

lorianne, who gets in the back seat if it's not a cab?

fernsy, of course I want fake Cartier.

Ll2, thanks! I worry about him!

Vanessa, you make me laugh. I have to love his writing. Even if he looks like Brad Pitt.

Bell, you get it. Your daughter gets it. Cringing at bad poetry? Never.

Witness, thank you for reading!

Tink, me thinks thou doth protest too much.

Cap, Ha!

greeheron, I never would have pegged you for a Freudian.

dirndl, Aw, I was just missing you.

JD, Ha! You are so funny!

Jill, thanks for just reading. No need to analyze.

Jeff, you win. you totally win.

Fay, Thank you for coming by.
Good lord, Joan, you need some meds, quick! But first, which man? Or wasn't it clear, even to you? This was hilarious.
Oh Joan, girl I am so glad I came to this site. Very funny!! "I hope he got home safely." Too funny!
Lainey, Lainey, you know I can't reveal his name...

junk1, thank you so much for laughing!