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NOVEMBER 26, 2011 6:54AM

Black Friday at the Arboretum

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The last place I wanted to be on "Black Friday" was a shopping mall. I wanted fresh air, wide open spaces, and lots of natural beauty. The National Arboretum in Washington, DC  turned out to be the perfect choice. 

The Arboretum is located in the NE quadrant of the city, close to the Anacostia River. It is called a "living" museum.

I call it "Zen in the city."

The Corinthian Columns in the distance~ 


A closer view.  They are weird and wonderful~


 The koi pond is beautiful and serene~



Even the algae is beautiful~ 


Without leaves, the trees are graceful and elegant~


The Medicinal Garden is good for what ails you~


 I forgot the name of these delicate healing flowers~


In the middle of the city, beauty endures~


Zen in the city~ 


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I hope you can see this through all the spam... :)
And the weather was perfect yesterday, too. It looks like a lovely place.
This looks a million times better than being at the mall.
The columns captured me. Sometimes I wonder if it is some genetic echo that causes me to study images for some connection.

And this was so much better a pursuit than the stampede of "stuff" that is Black Friday.
Loved the pictures and your apt comments. My favorite is the sleek tree, although the algae bubbles shot is engaging too. Thanks for helping me see this lovely spot.
After seeing pictures of people nearly killing each other at Best Buy's and Wal-Marts (it even made news in "The Daily Mail"!), this is exactly what I needed. Good call on choosing the arboretum over shopping, and thank you for sharing the experience.
And no pepper spray! What a lovely way to spend the day. In contemplation rather than consumption.
Oh yes, this is much better than crowded malls!
Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Thank you for taking me with you.
true beauty cannot be bought at the mall
thank you
hey Joanie, I think you made a new holiday tradition. Great photos. Thanks for this
Beautiful! I did not leave the house yesterday. I worked on putting things back to normal, oh and played super scrabble. Could be you had more fun!!
Good balance in the pictures. Thanks.
The light on the columns in those first two pictures is so beautiful. They look like paintings.

What a wonderful place to spend a day like black Friday. I don't guess there were too many other people there.
@Jeanette, I saw about 20 people there...
It was a beautiful day.

I wish I knew that.

My son worked there.
He's Love to give a tour.
He knows the curator `
Jack Suseck (sp) Wow.
I toot my sons horn.
I'll email this to him.
Michael still do visit.
He really loved the job.
He met bonsai artist too.
He hated the long commute.
Now he prunes Brussels sprouts.
If you ever are nearby visit here.
We got a USDA permit to ship.
He manicures them if cranky.
Maybe you will visit the farm.
I'll embarrass Michael. Toot.
Let another praise you. Proverb:
But don't be haughty and toot you.
It is a prover ref true simple gifts.
Let another's lips praise You. Ay.
Michael will Love this Post. Yes.
Ah! He apologizes for red beets.
He should give you beats` free.
He said he met you in DC's market.
I always hoped you'd come again.
I'll send you some cabbage plants.
and leeks`
You cook`
great soup`
Thank you.
Art, it was great meeting your son that day... I miss seeing you. When do you come back to H St.?
You ship vegetables now?? Seriously, if you are shipping, I am buying. I need to make soup. xo
Yeah, but while you were dawdling in this Eden of mere beauty you were missing a chance to get a new flat-screen TV for half price with the added excitement of a pepper-spraying stampede. Good on ya!
Beautiful. So much better than the war-zone of Walmart.
Great photo essay!

One of my regrets about my time in the DC area is that I never made it to the Aboretum.
a retreat from madness...I'm glad to know this is in Washington...always the eternal optimist am I.
Algae as beauty.. You found it and Im so glad you shared it with us. Thank you. Much needed.
Thanks for this. The photos alone calmed.
Joan, thank you for presenting this beautiful photo essay! The late afternoon light adds a nice touch to an already great looking arboretum and definitely a better place to be than a crowded store.
a much better place to spend that friday or, really, any day shopping. the algae bubbles and the bokeh rose are my favorites. lovely, joanie.
Thanks so much everyone for coming by!
A perfect way to spend the day and extra nice of you to share it. The columns, bubbles, the fish at the surface, the elegant shape of trees without leaves. A good eye to go with that good heart of yours, joanie.
I just love your excursion photos, Joanie! What kind of camera do you use?

I wish I had been! We visited the botanical gardens in Montreal, and it was soooo beautiful we stayed a little too long (and got walloped by a rainstorm). But, as you say, Zen in the city. I could have just Occupied it.
I love how you love your city. They should appoint you their spokesperson/chief booster.
They're all gorgeous Joan, and I especially love the algae bubbles and the rose against the shimmering water. There was nothing "black" about your Friday. It was full of beauty and color and serenity.
It is cold here and the fierce wind is driving me crazy, blowing about 45 mph so thanks for getting me away if only for a few minutes.
Terrific story with beautiful, evocative photos. A great choice to go to in Washington. Used to go there a lot myself.
I love the algae bubbles! Really cool art.
Breathtaking, I needed that as well. Rough holiday.
Thanks Joan for sharing these beautiful photos with us.
I was hoping for cherry blossoms.
Oh I just love these. And the spare, perfect commentary. You are really an amazing photographer and don't get nearly enough credit for it. Probably because your writing is so powerfully beautiful. As are you. xoxo
Nice! Ty 4 sharing this with us. R
I always love these walking photographic tours of yours. For a second, I thought that orange koi was a plastic cup.
@Lezlie, I have a Nikon D 50. I am still learning how to use it...:)

Larry, you spoiled my next photo post!

So glad you all came with me...
a Christmas gift for my father, which one is better? ...
there are a lot of products on sale. Which one is better for 48 years old mom? Handbag,glasses or biniki? Please help.
I suggest for your 48 year old mother, the bikini. Thanks for stopping by!
Thank you for taking us with you! lovely.
What a beautiful place! Thank you.
Nice to accompany you on this walking tour. Great photos!
Looks beautiful.Glad you had a good time.
Excellent should have been an editors pick.
Beautiful, Joan. What a great thing to do and not shop.
Perfect place to be to get away from the stampeding hoards! =o) i wonder whose idea it was to put those columns there. They' look like they're waiting around for the rest of the temple to get built.

Thanks for the photos, rated