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MARCH 22, 2009 6:25PM

Bee Hives at the White House!

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honey bee

 First an organic garden, now BEE HIVES at the White House!  (see  gmgaston's post about the garden today).   A White House employee, a carpenter, keeps bee hives at his house and suggested it.   So, he will be placing two hives next to the organic garden this week.     They will help to pollinate the vegetable garden (along with wild bees) but also will probably be seen pollinating withing a 1-3 mile radius of the White House.  Those cherry trees in April will be a real treat for them!

While the vegetable garden is the first one since Eleanor Roosevelt's Victory Garden during World War II, the bee hives will the first  at the White House (this according to Bee Culture).   I did read that George Washington kept bee hives at Mt. Vernon.  

So far, I have been so impressed with Michelle Obama as a role model--helping out at the soup kitchen, promoting healthy eating, visiting government workers, etc.    But, when I heard about the bee hives, I was quite excited because on April 3, I will be installing a package of bees in my very own bee hive.  So, I figure we'll be starting out on this journey together.

Is this cool or what? 

 Note on photograph:   This honey bee was collecting pollen (stored in yellow sac on its leg) and sucking the nectar from my glory-of-the-snow flowers today.    The bee came a long way since the closest beekeeper is at least 4 miles away from us as far as I know.   I wondered how she could fly that far with all that pollen and nectar.  

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She IS cool Joan! No doubt, cool and REAL.
Kind of Blue-- I had my doubts about keeping bees but having them at the White House is exciting. Of course, they will have two hives or colonies while I plan to start with only one.
Joan, I am very happy to know there are bees now coming to the White House and your house. I would suggest the bee probably is a wild bee and flew from a wild colony though,
I hope you read the comment I put on the other blog. I am very much happy to think about gardens.
rated for the bee pic!!
I think they should put several more in the Senate chamber when its filled and lock the doors for a few hours! Maybe we'll get some sweeter legislation.

Michelle is her own person. Usually First Ladies stumble around trying to find a niche and "cause." MO has been doing it all her life!
Mission--honey bees can't live in the wild around here susposedly. But, I am going to post this photo on my other blog and point some master beekeepers to it to see what they think. Thanks for the comment.
From the Midwest--I love Michelle; she is so vibrant and her own person. She recognizes the power of being first lady is setting a great example. So far, she shines! Thanks for the comment..

Thanks Joan :)
Glory bee! =o) I'm very happy to hear all of these things. And I'm glad a patch of the most pampered lawn in America has been turned into the White House organic garden. I love Michelle more and more the more I hear about her. She is such a welcome change

Honey bees are in trouble, so I hope Obama is serious about trying to help them and help scientists find out what the trouble is.