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I'm a retired professor from Virginia Tech living the good life in the Appalachian mountains with my husband, a dog, and two cats along with lots of wildlife. I love reading, commenting and posting on Open Salon. Long live OS!


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MAY 5, 2009 11:11AM

Flying Squirrel, Trillium and Thrushes in the Spring Woods

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Flying Squirrel (April 26, 2009)

This Flying Squirrel was clinging to the brick foundation of our house one morning. Perhaps he was chilly.  We have had these squirrels in our attic before. I hope he wasn't thinking about residing there because they tend to be very noisy at night.

Large Flowered Trillium (April 26, 2009)

That same day, I made my annual walk up to a hard-to-get-to cove that has trillium covering the slopes. I think I will call it Trillium Cove because it is the only place that trillium grows on our land.

Wood Thrush (April 29, 2009)

On another early morning, this Wood Thrush was sitting on our deck. I had time to get the camera and get this shot. I was a little worried she was sick. Then, another wood thrush called from nearby tree and the bird left to join him in the woods. Guess she was ok, perhaps a little chilly. 

The songs of the wood thrush are enchanting in the spring--so melodius.  I feel privledged to live in the woods where they come back every year.   They will start making their nests soon. 

The hot weather last week brought all the leaves out. The dogwoods have been as full and beautiful as I have ever seen them, same with the redbud trees. But, alas, I didn't get a good photo  of them.  Spring happens so fast in Appalachia.  If you don't take advantage of every opportunity to take a picture, it passes by. 

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Lovely pictures. I think you live in one of the most beautiful areas ... :)
I also posted photos of the trillium yesterday. I also saw some of the red ones. Do you have those, too? And I was delighted to see kildeer in the fields. Keeping my eyes out for the other birds that are harbingers that summer is really coming.
Thanks for posting these.
1_Irritated_Mother--thanks and yes I do think I live in a beautiful area, especially in spring.
fingerlakeswanderer--I wish we had the red trillium. There is a beautiful spotted trillium close by but not on our land. I've seen the scarlet tanager way up high in the trees. Once it stops raining and clears up a bit, I will try to spot these beautiful birds.
ahhh springtime in Appalacia! Is nothing more lovely?
Aww what a dear little squirrel! One got in our house once and our two cats went absolutely bonkers chasing it. Catching it was no picnic, but with the aid of a towel we finally managed to nab him and get him safely outside. Beautiful pictures, I never knew what trillium was called before.
gracielou--yes, springtime here is gorgeous but too short.

Allie--those flying squirrels are a big headache if they get into the walls or attic of your house. We had them years ago in our attic and finally got rid of them by putting a screen over the vent.