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MAY 6, 2008 1:39PM

A civil rights pioneer dies in Virginia

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I was sad to read this obituary in the New York Times on Tuesday, about the death of Mildred Loving on May 2. Loving, an African American, and her white husband sued to overturn Virginia's ban on interracial marriage, after sheriffs' deputies busted down their door, found them sleeping in the same bed, and arrested them, insisting that the marriage license they'd framed and hung on the wall was "no good here." I always thought the Supreme Court pretty much had to do the right thing when confronted with a case known as "Loving v. Virginia." Who could be against Loving? A lot of crazy segregationists, that's who.

My favorite part of the obit came at the end, when the Times explained that Mildred Loving stopped doing interviews about the case in her later years, but made one exception: Last year, on the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling, she issued a statement "urging that gay men and lesbians be allowed to marry." Mildred Loving, a fighter for everyone's civil rights, until the end.

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And naturally that evil terrorist organization known as the ACLU stepped in to make sure these people were allowed to continue their sordid, Godless, immoral, criminal and un-American way of life.

*Sigh* There are probably millions of people in this country, in 2008, who would actually think the above after reading that obit. "The Racial Integrity Act." Makes my skin crawl .

May God rest her soul. What an amazing, brave woman.
I remember reading the briefs for the Supreme Court for this case, and almost feeling sorry for the lawyers who had to make the argument for this law...
Here's to walking the walk. R.I.P., ML.

And, uh, never feel sorry for lawyers. :-)
Thank you, KM, she definitely deserved mention on Salon!
It strikes me with would I act in such a way when faced with similar circumstances. And sadly, the answer is no. Perhaps if the circumstances impacted my daily survival, as hers did, I might. However, when I look at the world or read the newspaper, etc. and see the atrocities being acted out among groups of people....I do not act.

It is sad to lose one person who impacted the world on behalf of many, and yet, I am left with her actions could serve as an example for us all.