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JANUARY 23, 2009 11:15PM

"I won"

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I loved hearing that Obama told Republicans griping about his stimulus proposal, "I won," meaning he has the political capital to do what he wants. I was particularly happy when I read what GOP Rep. Eric Canter was griping about: One of the best parts of Obama's proposal, to expand tax credits for people who work but make too little to pay taxes.  I'm a wonk, and I love the Earned Income Tax Credit and other ideas to bolster low-wage employment. Too many jobs pay too little, and include no benefits, and leave hard-working Americans in poverty.  

Reporters are starting to grouse that Obama is talking bipartisanism, but he and his aides are also reminding Republicans that the voters are behind Democrats. "Behind closed doors, they're playing a lot of hardball," complained CNN's Ed Henry.

Excuse me? What's the problem here? I think it's great Obama's reaching out to Republicans, but if they block his plans, or try to force more tax cuts than job-creation spending, then he'll be right to ignore them. Democrats fail when they fail to do what they were elected to do. I loved hearing Obama talk tough to Republicans; I am looking forward to more of it.

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Talk the talk and walk the walk. Prez O in 2012. Keep 'em coming. O:)
I loved this, too. But I want to know, where's the honeymoon? I don't know why I am surprised but Rush "Mr. Live Alone with His Cat and Three (Four?) Alimony Payments" Limbaugh willing Obama to fail shocked me with his statements. And Fox News? Why did Jon Stewart have to show me that? Closing Guantanamo is releasing the terrorists? Putting us in danger? Babba O'Reilly and it's okay to give up our civil liberties for security. Move to Russia, Bub.

Ahhh... sorry for the vent. I'm thrilled that Obama is showing his backbone. I just wish the leftover Gingrichites would play nice with the new kid.
Political capital: Use it or lose it. It won't be too long until the new administration's shine will wear off. They need to implement as much as they can now. With positive change, they'll then have more clout. But it can disappear quickly, so "Run with it!" I say :)
I like that as a new mantra to the Republicans - "we tried it your way, not let's try something different"
I'm glad to hear that Obama isn't afraid to be tough on points that have no room for compromise. We've spent too many years bullied by the right for their own agendas. It's our turn now and no time to be wishy-washy (yes, that's the technical term.)
Right on, Joan.
Not only is Obama giving the Republicans the tough talk they need to listen to for a change, he is also directing this tough stand on his position to every, single American. As I heard it, he is taking no prisoners and will demand accountability from everyone living in this country.
There's a new sheriff in town and he is made of the stuff that got him elected by a considerable majority. Obama's toughness, strenght of conviction, determination and will is both refreshing and formidable.
I am energized and excited by his tone and ability. We are in for a rough ride for awhile, however, he will carry this country through the turbulence and into calmer air.
Wasn't it W himself that said, "I have political capital, and I intend to spend it."

He spent us right into a depression, like a teen-ager on a mall bender with daddy's black AmEx.

Maybe Obama will buy better stuff with his.
They'd like to stall and give the noise machine time to do its thing. I think they are already having a tough time keeping up with this cat.
I think he has the courage, we've need for 8 long years, to do what's in the best interest of the majority.
That's Democracy..........something forgotten by the last administration.
It's more than "about time" that we got some spine in the Democratic party. We should all be sending a none stop email attack campaign to any conservatives who continue to harm our progress , just to remind them who butters their bread for them. .
We are a desperate nation right now and I can't see WHY anyone in their position would continue to disrupt the program. When Obama covers a wound, they lay in wait to strip off the bandage.
Oh, the press just wants there to be trouble so they can report on it. The buttheads.

AS for the Republicans, honestly, they need to get over it. They're no longer on top. Deal with it, buddies.
Thanks Joan, for putting this out here!
I'm sooooo upset when I hear the neocons(there still appear to be quite a few lurking about!)call President Obama "arrogant".
Far from it. President Obama seems incredibly kind and inclusive--so far, he's done everything from 'symbolic' kindnesses, like keeping George W.'s desk, and Laura Bush's rug(she designed it), and honoring John Mc Cain with a special dinner, to agreeing with GOP leaders that he, President Obama, will work with them on the additions they want to place on the Economic Stimulus Package(chiefly, extra tax-relief for small business owners). I don't get what the GOP is complaining about; they ought to count their blessings!!!Refresher Course In Lunatic Arrogance:
George W. actually said "I'm the Decider." and as your commenter, ePriddy says here, he(George W.) also bragged he had "political capital to spend..." etc. etc.
Republicans can't seem to figure out what the voters has seen through life experience: Trickle down ain't working. We won and it wasn't close.
YES. I love it too. Not pandering to the people who are so far out of touch, but still being willing to give them a hearing instead of closing everyone who disagrees out. Obama has courage. Thank you God and the USA for giving us Obama. And thank you Joan for letting us know what he is saying. I would have missed it otherwise.
Gloating is over rated. There is more admiration in humility. Wouldn't you agree?
I loved hearing this too. Go, Obama!
They're not too bright, so it will take some time, but Republicans need to discard the divisiveness introduced by Gingrich and De Lay. Both those two should be denounced by moderate Repubs (if there are any).
And I hope you won't hesitate to use the same line on whatever GOP talking head they put up against you the next time you're on the tube. Lefties have to stop being afraid to take the offensive.
We all won. This is the first installment of our prize.
The Obama administration appears to be doing just fine - so far, however they've been in office less than a week. They have a steep hill to climb and a long way to go.

Yes, they must be tough. They must also avoid arrogance and the appearance of arrogance. Barack appears to have an exquisite sense of balance. I am optimistic. A bit guarded, but optimistic.
Maybe they'll finally raise the minimum wage again.
Plus the Earned Income Tax Credit is a fairly bi-partisan solution. There are a lot of conservative economists who believe in it. And why not? A guaranteed annual income is a no-brainer. It keeps people working, it takes pressure of small business, and it puts money in people's pockets, which goes back into the economy. It's really only the ranty Republicans who are going to make noise about it. So he has nothing to lose.
Good point
Joan, it's great to have a President that can talk, walk, write and state the facts. He also can flex his political muscle without the hatred we have seen over the last eight years.

love your post and watching you on the tellie............................
Republicans are just getting a small taste of their own medicine. For the first six years of the Bush presidency, they treated congress like it was their own little fraternity and shut Democrats out at every turn. Now that the shoe is on the other foot they are crying foul.
The comments usually make me Hope. As I read Joan's thoughts, and when Jane smithie @ 12:11 wrote:` "music to my ears" ... the land song,
`Wild Willie!' enter my mind. huh? WW! is on a collection of agrarian folk songs.
But first, for emphasis... the greater world has had No role model from Washington DC who demonstrate great caring, integrity, and competence. Politico's never expected fellow-citizens, those you/me, who were not affiliated with the lowly-GOP-base, Ya know? The kisser-upper-class... We/me/You had little opportunity to do good and to do well. That's my general opine-opinion, based on experience and observation.
The word "GOP" has always made me, almost GAG. You know? Ya had to sell
all better ideals,
virtues, and become affiliated,
join with the big LIES, `IMHO.
Wild Willie! The lyrics sing of the clever Wild Willie? The Good Wild Willie! may be the imaginary Hope? Folk believe in Farmer, Land Lover, Freckle Face, and pray that since [Wild Barack Obama!] a new person has come to DC, folk can and should crave Justice, and
the real, true,
*Good Seed!*
`We People plea.
`We plea for fresh air. We make this public petition, and we individuals demand our collective (FOLK) satisfaction is guaranteed. We plead for children, neighbors, caged inmates, and our own Grandchild. And we plea for the Persons who are not yet born. Yes!
I mention protection for innocent babies. Remember, that once a child is delivered , the pain and travail ended. Birth made parents laugh out loud -- a feathered soft head of hair may have tickled mom as the caring midwife, husband, son/daughter-son pulled a new baby from the relieved, and joyful Mother. The travail was over and then came great joy. Hopes.
Rendition? Memory. Oh, Back to Hope, Barack Obama may be our new Wild Willie!?
Well, Oh, I hope.
No relation to YKW.
Now let Wild Willie plant perry-winkle, fruit orchards, fescue, and the diverse green grasses ... grow. Grow. Plant tiny seeds, the pretty mustard field, and now let's cultivate fields. Let's guarantee to help clean 'our' air, water, and increase the earth's fertility. Grow Ripe Yields. Increase. Investigate toxic Greed:`Cargill, Haliburton, etc., Dupont, and Capital Hill.
Let Justice roll like a river.
What is Right, like a stream.
A never ending manifest destiny.
Farmer in Afghanistan need seeds.
Edible seed, wheat, and not poppies!
No wars in Afghanistan nor elsewhere!
Farmer harvesters live in poverty. Tycoons?
Legislature, lawyers ETC., Do the right thing.
Never underestimate the value of one good seed.
People want satisfaction guaranteed. on and on. whoa, huh
If I No shuts up? I'll get a tooth knocked out or two black eye?
(apologies. The letters and comments are to blame. I ate 'um)
(I hate hate if I sense hate is resident in some hateful someone)
To further Irritate? I love this agrarian poet, novelist, and farmer
named Wendell Berry. Mr Berry is a constructive social critic, and a tireless advocate for a saner world.
(I'll paraphrase) *The Leaders.
Leaders. Like a empty Watermelon.
Frequently thumbed with the thumb,
Hollow, thumped again and again, but
still - often will never-ever grow to ripen.
I chat too much if I believe in something.
Hope! A dream is not a disappointment.
The world has been littered with trash.
But, this is my optimistic expression.
So far I think he's set the exactly right tone. He met with Republican leaders, honored McCain, gave a sober and serious speech in which he clearly separated himself from the out-going president who sat there and listened, then fired off his executive orders. He spoke to and included all Americans, and yet in his actions, he kept his word. It is a miracle.
Coogansbluff makes my point for me. The Republicans and the Neocons have been the bullies in the political schoolyard for eight hopeless years. I for one enjoy hearing the rightwing pundits whine. It's gratifying to see the Obama administration moving so swiftly ahead in these first few days.
Obama is the decider now.
Joan--you are absolutely right here. Obama is good to bend over backwards to listen to Republicans. But, they will oppose him at every step. Luckily, Obama has the support he needs in Congress to get his programs through.

So far, I have been pleased with Obama's decisions and impressed with his energy. He has put a great team together.

I remember seeing Fox News right after the election--their position is that they would be the opposition. Like Limbaugh, they want him to fail even if it means the country fails. To me, that's unpatriotic.
Yesterday's declaration of "I won" was a strategic win for the Republicans. Their strategy is to delay and make Obama, Pelosi, and Reid waste their political capital. They got their delay, and they made the media pay attention to their issue, tax cuts, instead of the far more important point Obama was trying to make that our nation has been savaged by Republican mismanagement and failed ideology. They sent in the picadors and made him mad. The main stream media covered in a way that supports Republican strategic aims. That is not a good thing for our side. What we want is to focus on our strategy: unemployment benefits, aid to states and local government, infrastructure (especially infrastructure). Then Obama and Congressional leaders need to craft a bill that does what we want and make opposition painful to the Republicans. Following up on the bullfight analogy, we need to ignore the picadors, not spend our strength so that we are vulnerable when the matador finally takes to the ring, and keep in mind our strategic aims: how do we get back to the field where the cows are grazing? In current practical terms that means an end to delays on confirmations (while Eric Holder is tied up, Alice Martin still has a job), a strong Democratic Stimulus Bill, close Gitmo before the cherry blossoms bloom, and then let's revisit the Bush tax cuts as a way to frame the debate about Obama's middle class tax cut pledge.

Obama wants mutual respect. He has to earn it with actions that leave a mark on those who don't give it.
Anyone who thought Obama and Rahm weren't going to play hardball when necessary knows nothing about Chicago politics. Anyone who watched Robert Gibbs eviscerate Sean Hannity knows these guys can be as rough and tumble as they need to be.

Proof of that? They won.
It's just delicious. It makes me soar on spiraling currents of dizzy hope. With delirium. Plus, ecstasy.

A whiff of comeuppance, delivered dry as Melba. They glance around for the mob, the rabble, the phony authority, and they find themselves alone. At last.

And when I land, when i let go of that cocktail of righteous house-set-right, truth to power, reason over demagoguery, with a twist of revenge well, that's the best part: Sober. Practical. Effective. Methodical. Focused on the future. Reasonable.

"I won." WE won. And We includes the Grousing right, the Bitter right, even the Rabid right. They will come around, if not them then their blessed children.

Oh frabjous joy.
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee....

Obama's opponents underestimate his steely resolve at their own peril, as Hillary Clinton can attest.

(Joan, while you're in the neighborhood, do pop over and check out my Obama Christmas tree before the fire marshals haul it away.)
I felt like dancing when I heard what Obama said!

The Repugnicans forget that they were in fact at a bipartisan meeting. The subtext was that they could be a part of the process or continue to be part of the problem.

The Repugnicans need to wake up and realize that the American people have changed the game on them.

It's about damn time.
I agree with others who say this is just the right tone. Like an adult, and not like a "neener neener" adolescent. He will (I hope) keep going forward with maturity and resolve, and if the republicans want to be in the game they have to play fair. What a concept.

We tried it their way, and look where it got us. Time to try something different. Maybe even transcendent, but time will tell.
As I type this, Don Siegleman is raising money for his defense fund, and Alice Martin, Karl Rove, and their team members still have careers. When that is reversed, we can talk about toughness.
Thanks, Joan. I've been cringing at every "bipartisan" report about how Obama has to be careful about stepping on right wing-tip toes, and wondering what happened to the correct word for what he won in November.

Which is "Mandate."

And *not* the kind of mandate you claim when you scrape by on the strength of disputed results in Ohio. The Bushies had the big ones to claim a mandate in '04, and shrub declared he was gon' spen' him sum political capital.

Club them, stand over 'em when they're down, taunt them, kick them when they get up. I mean it.
Let's see, if America will change somehow better. For the outside world it is not clear yet, if your democrats are much better than your republicans.

It is good if you will finally close your torture places there in America, but it doesn't help much if you'll still operate your torture prisons in warships in the word's harbors. It is good for Iraq, if you'll take some troops out of Iraq, but it will make the situation worse in Afghanistan, if you'll move them there, as your new guy is planning to do. It is good to send someone talk with Iran, but it doesn't help much if that someone doesn't have much else to say than GWB's diplomats already said.

For the rest of the world, it would maybe be much better if Americans would simply go home and stay there.
"tax credits for people who work but make too little to pay taxes"

My hubby and I have over $25, 000 in adoption tax credit money that we will likely never see since we don't make enough to PAY enough taxes to get it back. Last year we recovered a grand $333 of the thousands that we are due. We can roll it over for several years - but at that rate, we'll only recover a pittance by the time the roll over period expires.

In the meantime we pay for the second mortgage that financed our 2 adoptions, unable to recover the money that wealthier families get back easily. It's money out of our children's pockets that would go a long way towards financing their education.
To me, It's a reminder that our job didn't end at the voting booth. We still need to support Obama, by letting our views be known.

I am reminded, with the New York's Governor's appointment, that there are plenty of Democrats who are willing to throw anyone under the bus for their own advancement.

So, I never consider us to have a majority in Congress.
I hope he continues to have the spine to stand up to any of their crap. Cooperation is one thing, but they need to know that he has his limits.
I love how the Republicans are pretending to be so schocked that an Obama administration might actually use its political clout to make its agenda happen. Bush certainly had no shame after his squeaker wins claiming he had a "mandate" -- were they seriously expecting that a candidate who actually HAD a mandate would simply roll over because they growled a little? And they said Obama wouldn't be tough enough.....hee.
Isn't it wonderful how much the the game has changed in less than a week? If the Republicans are having a hard time now just adjusting to their new uniforms, imagine how much fun we'll have when they can't even find the field.
I agree with this post. I think that Obama is trying to reach out to Rebublicans. However, if the Republicans don't reach out in return, Obama should get tough on them. If a plan works, it should be used. Making a plan work shouldn't be about whether ot not the plan is a Republican plan or a Democratic plan. There are no Democratic or Republican plans, there are only either good or bad plans.

There are two categories of tax credits - refundable and non-refundable.

The credits Joan is referring to are refundable tax credits. You get the "refund" whether you paid tax or not. They are actually a form of public welfare.

The abortion credit is a non-refundable credit. You can only use it to offset taxes you actually owe.
I like hearing it too. a LOT. The Republicans were running everything for years, and look at the result. I hope President Obama hangs tough, and makes the R's realize it's a whole new ball game. If they want to be heard, they're going to h ave to be the ones to come with their hats in hand. Admittedly, the R's are probably out of practice at this.
I agree with this post. I think that Obama is trying to reach out to the Republicans. However, if the Republicans don't reach out in return, then Obama should get tought on them. If a plan works, that plan should be used regardless of whether or not it's looked upon as a Republican plan or a Democratic plan.

I think that we need to stop putting these government plans in a political box. There are no Democratic or Republican plans, there are only good plans or bad plans. The Republicans just keep trying to use the same plans that didn't work after 8 years of Bush. If a plan doesn't work, it just doesn't work.
Wonderful turn of events! After all, they lost. If they want to tout the same ideas that lost the election for them, they have my express permission. Like Saturn said, being heard is not the same as being made happy.
Like Glenn Greenwald says, we gotta forget about being centrist and amenable to"Boner" et al and be who we are. They would go for Obama's jugular if they could. For the foreseeable future they can't. Now is the time to move, move hard and move fast. One of those rare times when everything is possible to make this man a great president, and get us back on track.
Go ahead with yourself, Joan.
Rep. Cantor is a Virginia Republican of the worst sort. I hear his name and I think Death Star. I'm already tired of the GOP whining over EVERYTHING. You lost boys!

I do think it's very telling that the Dems are actually sharing power, not something the GOP is known for. However, let the GOP continue to block the stimulus package, stonewall confirmations etc. They'll pay the price big-time. I'm happy to sit back and watch them dig a mass grave!

I'm still over the moon about President Obama!
I was sure he had it in him and apparently he does! I love that he has this crisp sense of humor (and can gloat a little). I want to squeeze all of the “My turn, my turn” out of this I can get.
He's allowed to play that card for a while. He's damn well earned it. He and many others.

Oh, I don't think we should underestimate Obama. He's the iron fist in a velvet glove. He is not going to take any shiite from the Republicans, much as they will try.
My take:
Dear President Obama:
Please tell Sen. Reid the same thing.
The President draws his power from the people and he recently earned a huge mandate. His "I won" was, I believe, was not a sign of arrogance but an affirmation of the democratic tenet and a reminder to the Republicans that he represents the will of the majority of Americans.

Your posting is on target. Keep them coming.
My Hope is based on two things primarily:

That he is truly strong, intelligent, willing to fight for the right and just, in other words a true leader.

And that secondly he will live and model such high integrity and transparency in his political work that we will all learn something. For me that integrity lies in not surrendering his principles and getting the essential work done while still not burning any bridges, not vilifying the "Other" and consistently paying the courtesy of listening with an open mind as opposing views are aired. Listening does NOT mean agreeing or endorsing, but allowing open discourse. It MAY occasionally lead to reasonable, well thought through compromise.

This is what I yearn to see in our top elected official and his team. Maybe there will be hope for our Republic.
In the spirit of collective good and concerted effort, I wish he would use the first-person plural a bit more . . . "We won," sounds a great deal less confrontational and, I think, more powerful.
Frankly, after the Republicans stomped all over an evenly-split Senate in 2000, threatened to abolish the filibuster and silence the minority party, used that power to enable wall street shysters and war profiteers and all manner of corporate interests fleecing the commons, I would say the Republicans should be grateful to have a seat at the table... even if the repugnancies of the last 8 years are being undone at that table.
Well said. But unless Obama starts listening to Paul Krugman, we're all in trouble.
If I were advising Obama, I'd tell him this.

Work with them when you can.

And if they get in the way, run their sorry asses over and beat them into submission.
I'm with Tony!

And yay! We won!

To be bipartisan means to consider views ignored for too long.
In a wonkish sense, this story is almost worthy of Homer.

I read most of the 647 page stimulus plan over the weekend, and I think Obama and I think it's as good of a start as I could imagine. It's impossible not to worry about it, however. The big beef people have with him is that only 18 percent is going to infastructure/road jobs, but I know a great deal of the 49 percent going to states will be going to the same thing. The ball he's throwing down the field and the thing that will take a while will be the jobs created from a renewable energy source. I LOVE his tax credits, I LOVE his incentives to create more science majors, and I LOVE his oversight comittee that will look over every dollar, but i'm worried it wont be enough, and Im worried it doesnt do enough about the housing crisis.

The reason I say it's worthy of Homer because I wouldnt wish the burden and the journey this brother is going to take on my worst enemy( rush limbaugh, maybe). And I am deeply impressed by how seriously he and his economic team are. These are grave, tough times, and he should put his foot down if Republicans want to play silly games.

PS, Thanks for the invite.
While it's nice to be in a position to gloat, I think little good can come of it.
Sorry about the Typos. It should be " and I think" instead of " and I think obama and I think"
Joan, great observation. Moreover, it's important to recognize that Democrats too often try to "take the high road." Gore's capitulation was a grave political error. Pelosi's refusal to entertain the idea of impeaching Bush was a grave political error. Barack Obama pussyfooting around the bruised egos of the GOP in the name of bipartisanship would also be a grave political error. I'm glad he's wielding the hammer we gave him!
I'm looking forward to more of Obama's tough talk too!
Joan, maybe you could write a column (if you haven't already) in which you explain the difference between real bipartisanship and being a wuss. It seems that "bipartisanship" has become a code-word for the merits of meretricious compromise--no matter whether compromise is useful or necessary. Or perhaps Mr. Henry doesn't understand that negotiating from a position of strength is still negotiating? What's your take?
I'm only sorry that the full statement wasn't "fuck off loser, I won."
But then I'm glad that class moved back into the White House. It's been missing since '63.
Jim Hudspeth -
"The abortion credit is a non-refundable credit. You can only use it to offset taxes you actually owe."

Yes I do know that - the whole point is that , considering the reason for the credit - it should be refundable for those that don't have enough income to receive it
This is the national version of "Because I'm the Mommy, that's why." Go O!
The Republicans should have their noses rubbed in it early and often. Especially Bohener and Cornyn; what a couple of total asswipes.

I hope the Obamabats start playing PrimeTime hardball; that behind closed doors stuff isn't enough fun for the rest of us.
Why the Republicans have any credibility whatsoever is beyond me! They ruled during 28 of the last 40 years and screwed the nation and the world economy, their policies further divided the rich and poor with the top 1% now in control of TWICE the money, property and assets owned by the other 80% of the population.... a rise in wealth perpetrated at the expense of wages, which haven't risen in 40 years, a root cause of the present economic chaos!

Rush and Bill and the other haters never have ideas or solutions to propose, only treasonous statements, hatred, criticism, harassment, attacks, and smears. But as Will Rogers said, "Give a fool enough rope, he'll hang himself." If the rest of us ignore the haters, and allow them no credibility, maybe they'll die out.....the last eight years have been ugly ones in terms of a media that promoted the likes of such haters as Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, etc......a sad chapter in American media history when the Republican-controlled media lost all decency, all civility, all sense of fair play, all respect for dissent, and the haters got the spotlight.....but the spotlight can burn, too......I bet a shoe thrown in Bill's or Rush's face would make them wet their pants!
Tax cuts are good, and spending tax money on improving our infrastructure is good. The government creating long term jobs is bad. The government's job is the regulate commerce not create it.

From what I have seen over the last 30 years the government has allowed out of control spending in military while giving away the store in the name of global economy. Most of our trade policies favor the few major corporations resulting in more jobs lost, a lower standard of living and destruction to our middle class.

I am also interested in seeing what Obama does about the current global environmental treaties. Will China and India get a free pass while the west has spends billions on increased pollution standards? If we are truly competing in a global economy then all trading partners must abide by the same rules.
Great post. At least we have a Dem with guts!
Great post. At least we have a Dem with guts!
I'm so thrilled that Obama has the wisdom, the brilliance, and the courage of his convictions. For the first time in my adult life I feel we have a leader who can guide us through to positive transformation and help bring us to a better place than when he started. His greatest gift is that he has the ability to inspire so many to feel that their efforts have meaning and that by taking action we can make a difference.

Susan Randazzo
I am so happy that we finally have a leader that can guide us with the wisdom, brilliance and courage through difficult times. One of his most important attributes is his ability to inspire the masses around the world and give us the confidence that our individual actions will make a difference.

Susan Randazzo
The foot-dragging imagine that their lackadaisical attitude and whiny complaints will hold up President Obama's administration. Their obstructionist behavior when supposedly enacting the Nation's vital business interests will do them little good. Wake up folks, the dumb guy is gone, and a smart guy has come in.
Don't look too far forward, Miss Joan. It looks from today's vote and the past week's rhetoric that the disgraced GOP insists on continuing to disgrace itself. They keep harping on tax cuts for rick people and now harp about deficits.
By the way, I thought by the headline that you were gonna talk about how you showed up Dick Armey (note similar but different name than my own.) Could have, 'cause you won that one.
Obama scares the hell outta me. I don't like him and I think he is a narcissistic man with huge potential to let power and praise go to his head and become a dictator. You know where I am going, I'm sure, so I won't even make the comparison.
The Republicans in congress have regressed to ideology, "cut taxes, not spend money." No genuine proposals. Given their philosophy that government has no role, they box themselves into this do nothing corner. President Obama has shown immense patience in public.
I believe the American people who elected Obama fully expect him to get tough on the issues. So much of the Dems' negative press comes from the perception that they are wimps and willing to roll over for the more aggressive conservatives. It's fine to reach across the aisle but only if those across the aisle are reaching back. If not, then we do the right thing anyway.
You noticed that none of the miserable GOP bastards voted for the stimulus package. Tell me again what makes Johnny run.
Joan, I must say that you are fantastic! It was great to see you stomp a mudhole in Dick Armey's back on Hardball. He brought nothing to the table. Keep on going!

It's great that Barack has been reaching across the aisle without being weak at all about it. It makes the GOP look like whiny children who have been up too late. In short: the GOP had their way for eight years, and conditions got worse and worse for the nation. Now their spokes-men (!) are publicly saying they hope Barack (sorry, I just can't call him Obama--it seems too impersonal) fails so they can win in '12. Please spare us!
Republicans are crying that the administration is playing hardball. Isn't that friggin' rich?
I am tired of hearing about what the attire was over the weekend at the White House or that a 'Change' has not been made. It has only been a little over a week. What are these people expecting??
As usual with the Republicans, they can dish it out but they can't take it. I think President Obama (and isn't it thrilling each time we hear THAT) is doing us all proud.