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JULY 31, 2009 2:02AM

The Magic Honky!

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My last post was about two things that make me very happy, Baseball and Puppies. And I've been bragging on Sadie a lot. Sadie

But as much as I love Sadie, my day was made by Rush Limbaugh calling me "The Magic Honky" because I defended President Obama and called him racist. Now, I don't believe I am "The Magic Honky," because if Obama is the Magic Negro, as Rush likes to say, well then clearly, I am not worthy. The Magic Honky would have to be someone at Obama's level, like Hillary Clinton, or maybe, if you thought about Dark Magic, Dick Cheney.

What really made me laugh, though, was this image up high on Limbaugh's Web site Thursday night. 20524067-2d4364cd653cabf7cfd2dcb4c78b58db

I'm flattered to be in a composite with the president and his grandmother, both of whom I admire. Again, I am not worthy. Thanks, Rush, for such a compliment.

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the word "honky" always makes me laugh

congratulations Joan.
Well Rush that puss filled wreckage of a man can't spell the word correctly. If he means to call you a honkey he should at least spell it correctly but then again, I shouldn't be surprised. Maybe you should add a sic to your title Joan?
Wow. Rush is getting loonier and loonier. But adding you to the collage IS something to crow about, so you go, girl! Maybe The Prez will see it and give you a call. Let us know when that happens, OK? Glamor by proxy is still glamorous! Rated. D
Wow, Rush is actually making sense, putting the three of you together as something someone like him should naturally hate and fear.
Joan, you have truly arrived. I bow before you, Magic Honky-ess.
Wow, Joan! A honky! Doesn't get much better than that.

Maybe this will be a new Republican buzzword.
I'm adding this to the wedding invitation.
If you look up asshat in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of Rush Limbo.

Loved that you called "crap" on the Chris Mathews show the other night.
Coincidence: I just got "MAGIC HONKY" tattooed on my neck, sans serif.
I could never use that word, because I would break down with the laughing and the snorting...
Damn, if you're the magic honky, can you grant wishes?

If you can, can you make Rush go away? Please?

And if you can't do that(I understand, the magic world has rules!) can you grant me like lots of powers and I'll do it!!


Congrats on the title. Not too many people that can put the title, "The Magic Honky" on their resume!!! Wooooo!! Stand proud!!!

Hmm... If you're the honky, who's the honker?
This is almost as good as being on Nixon's Enemies list ;) Congratulations, Joan! It hurts my head to try understand what Magic Honky means, exactly, but if you're bugging him this much, you're doing something really, really right. Keep it up!
Rush's cheese has not simply slipped off his mental cracker, it's now dribbling down his arm. He's crazy.
Love the puppy!
I guess that makes him the Magic Jackass.
That is funny and please don't go to the dark side.

Never have been to Rush's website and am rather afraid to go now ;0)
Joan, you are my hero. I live vicariously through you as I watch you standing up to these, what did Wayne say, ah yes, asshats.
I know you wear the title with honor, you Magic Honky, you!
You are worthy Joan and I love to watch you ‘duke it out’ with the likes of Rush & Glenn. The reason they attack you is credit to your realism to the truth. You don’t back down and you don’t take their bravado bull.

Like must bullies, they can only throw sticks & stones and catchy phrases… you throw facts, truth and integrity, while keeping the high ground.

- rated
Ha Ha Ha! I WANT the Rusher to call me names! Pleeeeeze, pretty please!

Snort...magic honky...hee hee hee hee hee! You go you magic mojo woman, you!
Bumper stickers, we need bumper stickers! Something about "honk if you're..."

Someone help me please.
Rush is such a Jive Turkey...
Every time Rush opens his mouth, he makes his opponents look even better. Congratulations on your Magic Honky-ness, Joan.
This is the best news! I love magic and honkies!!

Kudos Joan.
Won't you take me to Honky Town? Won't you take me to honky Town. This could be a big remake!
Oh, Joan the Magic Honky
Lives in old Frisco
And when she dares to tell the truth
Makes Rush's head explode
silly man. the Magic Honky
blows the horn of plenty,
when the peoples are in perils.
She socializes as she goes,
her schmoozing re-structures society
and solves everything!
She's a myth!

But Johnny-One-Note?
He's real. He toots and toots
all day, every day; all perils!
all the time! Always in a Rush
to bleat us dry!
I think we should make a video this weekend at Mary's. I think you need a pimp hat and a big purple ostrich feather and we can sing Cartouche's song. I guess you are magic after all!
The difference between you and Rush - with Rush we never know what he really thinks, only what's in his script.

Can we have a contest to figure out what year his time warp is stuck in? "Honky?" "Negro?" It's a good thing that Rush isn't fixated on race. Any bets on when he starts to call Obama a "Darky"?
Congrats Joan, to be demeaned by Rush is a sure sign that you are a made woman. If I may suggest a question for Rush on your next encounter? Please ask him if he has cut down on the narcotics? and why did he not take his own advice and go to jail and not rehab?
Congratulations, Joan - and way to take a compliment gracefully!
Joan, you underestimate yourself. Being called a magic honkey by Rush limbaugh is definitely a sign that you've arrived....

I love the way rush's constituents, who have never cared about racism a day in their lives, are suddenly it's most aggrieved victims. I would laugh but it's so delusional it does worry me a bit.
Wow, Joan! You are in good company!!! Maybe you'll get an invite to the Obama's for a beer in the back yard!!!
Can I volunteer to be a Honkette?
You a fine black honkey heehaw.
The neighbors have black mules.
Love black mule who go heehaw.
We get to have Magic Honky at our home this weekend? Boulder will never be the same!
I always thought you were magic, Joan. I accidentally rubbed the screen where your picture is and the room filled with smoke and I got three wishes.

I've used them to wish for lots of yogurt peanuts. Don't judge me.
You know you've made it when Rush does a composite of you on his web site. I'm not worthy...I'm not worthy....Way to go Joan! Kudos. My dream is to be on Rachel Maddow or be part of her writing team. There, I said it.
You indeed composite well. I fear Rush might develop a crush on you. He's relentless in his pursuit to replace his lost love Oxy.
you've truly arrived, Joan, I'm so impressed
Joan the Magic Honky lives by the Bay,
And frolicks in the morning fog in a land called San Fran-cis-kay.
Big ol' Rushie Limbaugh fears that rascal Joan,
And calls her names with deceitful aims and all the while he moans.
The phrase alone is enough to make me laugh out loud! Coffee just came out my nose. May we now refer to you as "MH" for short?
You are the only magic honky I have ever heard amazing feat. Well done!
Congratulations, Joan for the badge of honor. The closest thing (maybe even better) to making Nixon's enemy list.
I will be pleased to meet you... Bring yer magik, honkey.
Congratulations Joan! You are part of the iconic culture now. That's pretty big in 2009 - you have a lot of competition.
Joan, keep calling them on it and pressing it. You're doing a great job breaking down their techniques. We are battling fear and anxiety, and it is real, even though those jackasses artificially pump it up. Our side has to keep pressing the fight and play some offense.
Common sense people like you can get this done! Shaka!!
It's amazing how this cretin can be so out of touch and unaware of how creepy he really is. The Magic Honky is a compliment. I'm so tired of the hate and racism, the prejudice and injustice. I wonder how long it will take before enough people stand up and finally say, "enough is enough".
That should look good on your resume.
Are there going to be Magic Honky t-shirts? Please tell me there's going to be Magic Honky t-shirts.
I want a Magic Honky!

{goes into full-blown Veruca Salt tantrum}
This is the best thing ever!
Christopher Hitchens, Dick Armey, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh--these are men I've personally seen react very oddly "around" you--odd in that they do/say things which leave them seeming affected by you, off message, a bit wary if not afraid of you--the last thing they'd ever want to show. Their discomfort with you smacks me a bit, in-point-of-fact, of Obama's difficulty in remaining relaxed/composed while sitting/standing next to Hillary during the primaries. Obama did share the press's anxieties in regard to her, and could barely see to it to look her in the eye (even when he did I think he looked a little to the left, a little to the right), without "distancing" himself by thinking of himself in the third person.
He got the magic part right.
I always admired the title "Author of Chaos" that James Geick could boast of having, but "The Magic Honkey" (bestowed by Rush no less) though is in a whole other realm of uberness.

My hat off to you Joan.
Wow, you have really arrived when Rush decides to devote so much energy and a key word like "honky" to you!
We should all be declared magic honkys on OS. I mean really, we are so, so very scary! Maybe you are the scariest Joan. Geeze. Al Franken certainly had it right about Limbaugh long ago.
Got a Black Magic Honky
Got a Black Magic Honky
Got a Black Magic Honky
Make Rush so blind he can't see
Got a Black Magic Honky
Laughed so hard I just had to pee.
Kudos to you for getting Rush's attention
It's a real dig to him paid such a large amount of $ for bad design as well!

His dig to you amplifies his racism and makes him look ever the fool.
It's sad, so sad.... one can predict how history will squash him and his vile colleagues.......
Gee, one might think Rush always has race on his mind.

Even if he can't spell, I like the term "magic honky". I think I want one for Christmas.
Joan, congratulations!! I predict seeing your name in lights with a television show on at the same time slot as O'Reilly's. How about calling it "The Salon Show with Joan Walsh."
You pissed off dopey? SCORE!!!! I am so jealous.
Oh my. Isn't he a fool? The whole thing is a 'laughing at him' moment, not a 'laughing with him' moment, isn't it?
"I believe because it's absurd"
Wow! How awesome is that! I hope you will frame a print of the cover and display it proudly! :}

you should thank Rush for even mentioning your name on the most popular nationally syndicated talk show! I had never had heard about you before Rush mention your name. I doubt you actually heard the program. Magic Honkey is a compliment to you. I think you a moron.

Vance F.
It is spelled without the 'e'. Are you having a Dan Quayle moment Ablonde?

Where did 'honky' start? What does it describe about the white folk?

Interesting how slang gets started...

People fear what they don't understand, except in the Fox News/Limbaugh, etc echo chamber. They know that their grandstanding and marketing of fear works. Killing granny does freak people out. Race baiting still does work. It shouldn't but it does.

Congrats on your promotion!
I'm going to mellow right out with a small bowl of mayonaisse and enjoy reading that...
All I can think about is Richard Pryor - honkey honkey! Awesome Joan.
Greetings & Felicitations Joan!
Should the Neocons establish their First Reich in this country Laimbo can have Goebel's(sic) job as Minister of Propaganda.
"Honky", the least offensive word I can think of...Rush is just too square and/or rotund to be a "honky". I say keep on honkin' Honky Joan!

Honky Greg
On Rush, a quote:

"Oh, I don't mind. He's harmless."

"I wonder how harmless such people are? To what extent civilization is retarded by the laughing jackasses, the empty-minded belittlers?"

O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter, Malkin, Hewitt . . . ask yourself: to what extent is civilization retarded by their empty-minded belittling, their laughing jackassery?
Man, first O'Reilly and now Rush! You are getting to be the fly in the ointment, the monkey in the wrench...congrats!
It's time for another appearance on "Real Time with Bill Maher", Joan. I love his show, his takes on culture. And YOU--you're a perfect "complement" to him/his show.
Bill could have alot of fun with this whole "honky" thing! ;)
The only time my husband and I use the word "honky" is with reference to a driver who abuses his horn. Wish Rush would broaden his vocabulary. At least youve been tagged as a MAGIC honky!
Hello there,

Could you/would you perhaps explain that Rush's comments were made in response to your remarks made on TV where you made sweeping racial generalizations about "black people"?

Also, could you/would you remind everyone that the phrase "Magic Negro" was first coined by David Ehrenstein, a black man, in an article about Obama in the LA Times in March of 2007?

Thank you
I'm so proud to be on Open Salon with you, Ms. Magic Honky!
I want to see Rush visit the Vatican and tell the Pope that Jesus is the magic Jew. Then he can waterski jump over a burning cross.
Boy. It is amazing to me that anyone listens to him.
Now that's just funny!
Good on you, Joan. I love it when the ultra right shills just can't figure out what to do with you. Just keep on being you. It drives them nuts!

Wow, the world's whitest man called you "honky"!

It's enough to make a girl feel uppity!
Consider it a greeting card from Planet Stupid, funny!
And you have your usual troll following...little would-be Rushies, I guess.

Anyway, congratulations. This is a pinnacle of some sort.
Yeah for "The Magic Honky." Boo for "The Very Nonmagical Racist."
DANG! And I wanted to be the magic honkey! Well done :).
Joan the Magic Honky
lives at Salon
Her commentary is superb
Editorially sublime

Joan the Magic Honky
Goes on TV
To battle with
Those without wits
With sensible replies

Joan the Magic Honky
I faith-fully read
To be informed
In this absurd storm
Of of ignorance and lies

The previous post is sung to "Puff the Magic Dragon" of course.

I have never never never heard a black person say Honky. I think it is a white myth that it was ever really used by blacks. This is not to say that there are no African American Bigots.

Keep up the struggle! If we can be civil and hard hitting we will prevail. The rabble rousers are only preaching to the chorus. Unfortunately it's a larger chorus than most of us realize.
What is a "Magic Honk(e)y anyway? A honk(e)y is a name for Whites who used to ride through Harlem "honking " their horns to disturb the Blacks who lived there. It was a nuisance thing. So they got this name from Blacks which somehow is befitting even nowadays for the noise making, "contre sense -sationatal" bigots. So I guess you'd be more of a Magic White Tooter because you're tooting your trumpet in praise of this fine President, Barack Obama. So the true honky is the loud mouth Limbaugh leaning on his horn so obnoxiously. And there is nothing but blaring shamefulness about him.
This is a post to express my gratitude for your sane presence here and on the talk circuit. It's pitiful that the concept of discussion has become rapid fire argument and lack of respect towards guests on the show. I really wish people like Chris Matthews would allow guests to speak and finish what they have to say. He certainly makes enough time for that tattered street fighter Pat Buchanan.

I digressed. Your commentary always brings civility to the program. Thanks again.
I know I should think this is funny, but it just makes me ill. Very glad you're on the front lines of the debate.
Congratulations! That's hilarious!
Don't sell yourself short, white girl. I think you can wear that "Magic Honky" hat as well as Hillary!
I can't decide if Rush is truly batty, or if knows he is over the top and does it purposely to gin up more cash for his extravagant lifestyle. Hurts my head too much to puzzle over it.
"Honky" is a racial slur which in this case was employed by a racist.
Suggestions that come to mind:
Magic Honky t-shirts! Get your Magic Honky t-shirts.

"What would Magic Honky do?" bracelets in both red and blue

Starbucks Barrista: "Your name?"
Gracious Joan: "Magic Honky of course."
Ever notice that Rush is always in a rush to put his foot in his mouth?
Ya know, it's a lot more fun to think about dogs -- I have 4 -- 2 rescues. Rush, what can I say that's not already been said, other than arrrrgh!
As far as epithets go, I prefer the term "cracker". "Magic Cracker" conjures some interesting mental images.

Being a "Magic Honk[e]y" isn't so bad if it provides mental separation of one's self from a person who shares more commonalities with a canned ham than a human being.
Its true, what you posted is true!!
Honky, red-neck, cracker - take your pick seeing as these terms have apparently become the new "n****r". Oh save us Rush, we've become even more thin-skinned than those uppity you-know-whats =) I've been called many things over the course of my life but any kind of racial epithet just slides off my back like shit through a goose because I'm not proud of who I am just because of my skin pigmentation. It's irrelevant.
F*** them and f*** you for being a fucking racist!

My words can beat up your words.
We are as much distinguished by who our enemies are as our friends. Congratulations, Joan. I don't think it's magic, I think it's the result of hard work and recognition for it.
Congrats, Joan. Actually, not only do I admire Barack Obama's grandmother, who essentially raised him, I also admire his mother, Dr. Ann Dunham. Nobody ever talks about Dr. Dunham as much as they should, and if they do, they either identify her as a white woman (that's true) or they misidentify her as an atheist (she was agnostic; there is a big difference). Well, I have to include here, Joan, that I now admire you as much as I admire anybody who was on Richard Nixon's enemies list. To be insulted or disparaged by Rush Limbaugh can only mean that you're doing something right. So, please keep up the good work!
Paul Haider, Chicago
"Rush Limbaugh calling me "The Magic Honky" because I defended President Obama and called him racist."

I know you don't mean that you called Obama a racist! Ah, those pesky referents of pronouns.
You're doing a great job breaking down their techniques.
Well, Joan, you could do worse than get the notoriety which comes when you lock horns with that horse's ass. As Lenny Bruce once said "without polio, Salk is a putz."
Joan, I am glad to know that you are a Catholic. I am also a Catholic but other Catholic writers and show hosts defame Catholicism with their venom of hatred. Here are some names - Charles Krauthammer, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly. G.K. Chesterton said, "The greatest stumbling blocs for Catholicism are Catholics." Very true!
A shock-jock rich kid with no education is the voice of the US Republican Party- and has been for a decade ... nice.

AM Radio, last bastion of those unable to comprehend book larnin' reports so instead tune in to hear a publically acknowledged "leader" of their Party make racial and sexist jokes, with graphics.

Honky's an interesting word, not surprising Rush uses it.

• 23% of adults in Texas believe President Obama is Muslim
• 34% of Americans believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone
• 60% of Americans believe in UFOs
• 84% of remaining Republicans believe Rush Limbaugh cares about someone other than Rush Limbaugh and his pharmacist…
Wow! And I was stoked (like the guys in that Chapelle Show "Black White Supremacists skit) when an older Black Guy, who turned and 'tracked me' as I was walking down the sidewalk the other day, then, just as I was about out of range, said, "N-word!" (Only, it wasn't just the 'N-word'!).
Finally...they've figured my White Selfs True Nature out!
Wow. I love it! The Magic Honky. My other nickname is Honky Honkerson (often shortened to Honkerson) because my friends say I am the whitest person on earth! Congratulations and if you ever want to give up your title as Magic Honky, I'll be happy to claim it!
You have to remember that if Rush didn't call people names he wouldn't be such a blow hard.
Rush abuses the term "magic Negro," which, if memory serves (grad school was so long ago), was derived from a literary convention in 19th Century about "Negro" characters in literature who were presented as magical sages--Uncle Julius, Jim in Huck Finn, etc. As such, "magic honky" makes no sense. This is funny to me. Congrats. I hope one day a well-known national media figure will pull his head out of his ass long enough to mock me. I am jealous ... and no, I'm not being sarcastic.
OMG I have a cockapoo that looks just like Sadie. Her name is Hillary Isabelle Lander-Simon (after guess who) but I call her Izzy. Wish I knew how to put up her photo. I will try to put it up on my dishwithdi blog on open salon but can't make any promises. Sadie is very cute!
At, three spellings are correct, "honky", "honkie", and last "honkey". It originated in the 1945 to 1950 period from the word "hunky", which means "hunk⋅y1  /ˈhʌŋki/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [huhng-kee] Show IPA
Use hunky in a Sentence
See web results for hunky
See images of hunky
–adjective Slang. 1. satisfactory; well; right.

To lump the blind advance to fascist economics in America of Joan Walsh with the Harvard-educated, self-conscious promotion of omnipotent government of the intention-delying Obomba is hunky-dorey, ok. They both lack a grasp of the concept at the root of America's founding, the ethical concept "individual rights". I suppose it is too much to ask you to read Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, on this subject. It would be entertaining to watch your stomachic reaction to inviting you to read America's moral philosopher, Ayn Rand, on that subject. But, just in case there is a reader devoted to reason, you'll find her plain-English explanation of "Man's Rights" in her book on political ethics, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.
Laugh it up, Joan. There's a real woman with a mind gently replacing you by rational persuasion.
An impressive share, I just given this onto a colleague who was doing a little analysis on this. And he in fact bought me breakfast because I found it for him.. smile. So let me reword that: Thnx for the treat!
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