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DECEMBER 19, 2009 3:04AM

Me on Open Salon

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I read, I rate and I comment on Open Salon. I don't write as often as I think about writing. But I love it here, and many of you know that. I must also say: I don't check my inbox here as often as I should.

I did tonight, and I found a painful number of messages from people I care about -- some of whom I thought had my direct email -- messaging me with something important. And I found thoughtful messages from new members I wish I had seen sooner.

I have to be honest: I am drowning in email at work, I'm on Twitter and Facebook and Gmail as well as Salon, and of course I'm here too. I fall behind on everything.

But if you ever need to reach me quickly, I'm at jwalsh at salon dot com.

The truth is, I can't check out every Open post anyone wants to send me, and I would honestly appreciate it if people didn't use my Salon email that way. But if you really want to contact me about anything important -- about Open Salon or Salon or life in all its complexity! -- please feel free to use that email.

I will continue to check my Open inbox every week or so, but I'm getting alarmed at how many important messages are getting lost. If I haven't gotten back to you, I apologize.  And if you have thoughts about better ways for me to communicate with you all, let me know in comments.

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Hi Joan! I hadn't thought about sending you links to my newest posts, but now I will :P
HI Joan!
Sorry that you're so busy, but do take a moment to enjoy your holidays, yeah?
Happy Whatsmas!
Hi Joan

You could always set up a post for people where they can drop links to their posts in the comments, instead of emailing you. That way, people may get wider readership if people come and check it, and you won't be inundated when you check your PMs.

You could also consider opening a blog as a kind of "suggestion/complaints box". That might reduce your email/PM weight and if it's all in one place, you can see who has which ideas, and how much support each idea has, and who has what problems/complaints and how widespread they are.

Have a good Holiday Season

Webbi x
We all love you Joan. I love you.

It's possible I had some cake wine tonight... just a smidge.
Don't even ask about the 12 versus 14 inch thing was all about...
Since I see that you posted this at 3:04 am (E.T.?) I can only guess that you are really really really behind and trying to catch up, or you've had too much to eat at your company Christmas party like me and can't sleep. We've never had the pleasure, but I hear you're pretty swell by all accounts. Howdy.
How on earth do you have time to check in with us unwashed masses?

Thank you from the bottom of my own filthy self for this great forum. (I think that I will start posting chapters from my book, "Eyeballs, Crocodiles, and Whores" on OS's Fiction Friday, and when/if it gets published, dedicate it to you!)

Love love love you on MSNBC, are gorgeous, smart, and funny, and.....get back to work! What are you thinking, hanging out with us smelly folks!
And oh yeah, great glorious good wishes for you over the holidays! Drink some good wine for me.......gawd I miss good wine here in Mexico!

(Curious about what you got your son for Christmas.....just wonderin'...)
Even I, in my own quiet place in the world, have trouble managing all the communication that comes my way. Can't imagine what it's like to sit behind your computer.

Enjoy your family and friends over the holidays and don't worry, we'll still be here!
that's a nice thoughtful post. I hope you're having a great holiday. please continue your kicking of republican talking head/ass on MSNBC. I can't watch fox because I just can't even if you're on it. but I will watch clips. whenever I see you, I think, "she's ours".

so there. merry christmas. that's my message to you. **
You know, I don't send you posting notices deliberately for those very reasons. While I'd love to find you a regular reader of my own work I am aware that you are a very busy person. Happy Christmas Joan, and if the time permits, come see my little blog when you can.
Well, if you ever need any good advice about men or relationships, you might want to find your way over to me......
Joan, you're preaching to the choir. I too am on twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and MyTwitFace : - ) not to mention work e-mail, comments from readers, text messages, voice mail -- HELP! I'm drowning in "communication." No need to apologize. If I really want your attention I'll send you a letter via snail mail!
That was nice. I just found a year old email I thought I had answered. We are all drowning in electronic mail. I don't know how any of us keep up.
Yes, all that technology that is supposed to make our lives easier can be prettying overwhelming. I hope you can find some time to unplug over the holidays - sounds you could use it.

All the best to you in the New Year!

Happy Holidays to you and yours, Joan. You are one of the good guys out there in a time when we need every single voice of reason. Can you hear me cheering?
So this explains why you haven't answered my emails concerning beachfront property in Iraq. You can still get some great deals. Honest. Just ask Kerry and Larry.
I admire you so very much.
American Empire After Work Haiku
Angeliad of Surazeus
2009 12 18

Bleak gray drizzling rain.
Red tail lights of shining cars.
Slow drive home after work.
Great! Now that we all realize dear Joan (John tease) is easy,

and readily


We shall mail Dear Joan a bankers dozen times every single day. Hi.

It's snowing.

I'm eating.

a butter

a poppy













You're always so thoughtful. I don't know how you do it all. Sure, I'd love for you to check out one of my posts, but I'd much rather see you taking Pat Buchanan to task. As thankful as I am for OS, I'm more thankful that you're on the front-lines being a voice for all of us.

Happy Holidays!
Thank you, Joan. Thanks for being here and for everything you do. And thanks for OS. Hope your holidays are wonderful.
I've found that some people just send out announcements about new blog posts to every favorite on their list. Since you and Kerry are automatically favorites to every new member, you undoubtedly get a lot of emails regarding people's new posts. Kerry probably has a bunch of identincal messages. Maybe people don't even realize they're doing it (I've never sent a mass message, so I don't know how it works).

Maybe if you make it so you and Kerry are not automatically added as a favorite to every new user you would see less garbage in your inbox. Maybe instead of making yourselves favorites, there could just be a link to contact you guys on the front page. That would be my suggestion.

Anyway, Happy Happy to you and yours this season. Thank you so much for Open Salon. It has changed my life for the better.
Gosh, I wouldn't dream of contacting you personally, unless it was a life-or-death situation that you could somehow fix. (I don't anticipate that ever happening, of course!)

You left a comment once on one of my posts, and I was absolutely thrilled to know that you had read something I wrote. Now, whenever I see you on TV, I'm like, "Yeah, I know her!". :-)

I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday.
Joan, I appreciate your honesty and thoughtfulness. Way back, I used to notify you of my posts, but stopped doing that. Needless to say, you've got a life of your own away from the computer! It would be tough to be in your shoes, but I guess that's what happens when you become a celebrity! By the way, I always enjoy hearing you on the Chris Matthew's show. You're always "right on!"
I've been depressed ever since last August 3rd when I woke up at Mary T. Kelly's in Boulder and Mary told me she had some bad news. "Joan just called and said she has an emergency meeting in San Fransisco and won't be able to make it to the party".

Well, I cried. Eventually the tears subsided but the emotional scar is slow in healing. My son was also devastated but don't worry; we'll be ok.

As far as messages: I rarely mass mail or "blog whore" but when I do like I did yesterday for my scintillating post "sobriety is tearing the ass out of me" I go through my list of friends one by one and choose who to send it to. I NEVER include you or Kerry in those mails for the reasons you mentioned above.

I think I am one of many though that wish we had someone, ANYONE who represents opensalon; who we could bounce questions or ideas off of. Someone to be the voice of OS, or a liaison of sorts for US. We often feel abandoned by "management".

All that being said; my love for you is boundless! See ya on MSNBC....
Merry Christmas to you, Nora and Sadie...hope your holidays are filled with love and happiness. I am and will always be in your debt for this wonderful place. xoxo
Thank you. What an incredibly kind thing of you to offer. Your desire to make yourself accessible to others in need affirms what so many of us have believed who have watched you over the years. Thank you for your integrity and compassion and thank you for Open Salon. Happy Holidays to you and yours.
Life, love and health to you and your lovely daughter, now and always, my dear Mme Walsh!
You look familiar.

Have I seen you on TV?

Happy Holidays!
Well, I was disappointed that you ignored my plea to cure my sciatica. (You've been on television, so you can cure minor diseases. You have to have been in a movie to cure, like, leprosy.) (Also, I'm not entirely sure what sciatica is, but I think I might have it, and that it needs curing.) But I understand that my possibly imaginary disease has to take second place to running Salon. I will bear up under my largely nonexistent (but it could start any day!) pain.

Happy holidays, Joan. Keep kicking ass.

Also: to you and your what?

I have admired you for years like so many; never been a commenter on Salon or OS before starting my blog a short time ago. The kindness of this note blows me away! I really appreciate this gesture; it falls in line with the spirit of Christmas prevalent this time of year which you graciously display so often.

'Tis the Season,
Kate B.
Funny that we both decided to post on the same day after long absences. I don't envy your inbox Joan and I can't imagine the demands that are made upon you on a daily basis. Even though I am not the active (addicted) member I once was, it's nice to come back on occasion and see the familiar faces that made this community not only fun, but interesting, challenging and unique.
Since I don't have a dog in this race I'm willing to ask the question that everyone is probably very curious to have a definitive answer to. Have you decided on a new editor and what kind of changes will members of OS see as a result of it?
Wishing you and Nora a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Merry Various December Holidays and Happy New Year, Joan.
Hey Joan, good thing you didn't try to post this at a little after 4am Eastern, cause, you wouldn't have been able to. Oops, I mean.... :-)

I usually just send my messages to you to nana and the Gutter Krew to forward on to you but even then, it's only one or two messages a month, like "Hello! How are you?"

Anyways, I just felt like telling you "Happy Merry Holidays!!" and we love you, some more than others, namely Freaky.

Good night and have a better tomorrow.
That about sums it up. All the best, Joan.
Joan, it's sweet of you to check in and to offer your Salon email (I hope you don't regret that!). I have no idea how you keep up with all you're juggling at work much less reading, so I don't send you email for that reason. But in case you check back here for comments, I'll say once again how deeply grateful I am for here's a holiday thank you from me for that!
Perfectly and well said Joan.
Joan, thank you for all that you do for us! I always admire you so much when I see you being interviewed and speaking out with a voice of sanity and reason.
I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
Just dropped in to wish you happy holidays, and read what everyone else wrote. Collectively, they covered what I could have said, so I'll avoid redundance and suffice by wishing all : Cheers !
Thank you, Joan, for being so thoughtful. I rarely send out messages about my posts but I did the other day for a post about my brother's music. When I realized that I had included you in the mass mailing, I gasped.

Have a very happy holiday!
Happy holidays Joan!
Just ignore all those messages I send you except for the important ones. I'm just looking for validation anyway, but while I have your ear, have a great holiday season and try to cut back a little next year.

I never see you anymore unless you're on TV. (Of course that's the only place I've ever seen you)

Or I could take you off my favorites list, but then I wouldn't have any friends.
Lovely, kind and diplomatic as always. Suggestion: perhaps you could post a brief update once or twice a month; more if you can.. (ha!). Just a quick heads-up to your OS family to watch you kick some NeoCon butt or read one of your pithy pieces. And a chance for folks to leave you messages (not links!) in comments.

Here's hoping you, Nora, Sadie and all you love have a wonderful holiday and a very Happy, Healthy New Year!
Season's greeting from downunder ! Thanks, Joan.
Thanks Joan. I think you need an assistant!
Gulf oil-exporting states to launch single currency
I sense massive amounts of cognitive dissonance here. So many of these comments are soooooo sycophantic, which is ok, I guess, except that I have heard so much bitching here about being ignored by management in so many ways. What gives?

My impression is that OS and Salon itself show very little respect for the people who make it possible: the readers and contributors. Joan is fine on TV, not the best, but fine. But I have felt and still do that the general direction of the main site has downward in quality and interest, and that this site is run by mysterious people who prefer to remain anonymous and inscrutable. Maybe Joan needs to give up some of her overwhelming schedule and focus on doing a few things well. Hint: in the final analysis punditry counts for very little.
I have to say, I wish the PMs in Open Salon sent the content to my regular email, instead of just a message that I GOT a message. Then I would only have to check my regular email to know what's going on. It's so easy to accidentally ignore a message that just says "you have a message".
It would be great, of course, if you'd ask the technical staff to make a way to have PM forward to email. That would make it harder to reply to PM, but I think many of us would still elect the option in spite of its one-way-ness. And it would reduce stress on your disk space enormously because right now I bet a great deal of it is headers from promotional messages that many people send to each of 50 people they want to read their posts. (The header is often longer than the message.)
We'll forgive you as long as you keep the heat on Lieberman. You were awesome on Hardball! When you said "I despise Joe Lieberman," I almost wet my pants -- and I LOVE wetting my pants. Happy Holidays, love.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to show people parts of my novel on Open Salon. But I would suggest that you have someone highlight posts that try to be more than the usual pop culture/political links. I'm not just trying to promote myself. Other writers here have made some valuable contributions that usually get lost in the crowd. If anyone here creates something genuinely remarkable, you might want to be able to take credit for giving this or that writer his or her first platform.
Quagmire is finding out how to manage all of this technology. Happy Holidays.
Hi Joan, I' don't think we've met. I've been here about 3 weeks. Long enough to find OS habit forming. I write in different styles on many different things. Right now I have a quick entry called Silliest Of Christmas poems, drop by and read. It will take you back I think you'll enjoy it. Cheers!
Everyone speaking and no one listening -- welcome to the 21st Century
Joan, you simple need some Wonderwoman boots!!!

Happy holidays to you and yours. And that lil' pup!!
I don't know how you do it all. I can barely manage a Blackberry and regular e-mail, and I haven't worked at a real job in eight months!
I agree with Julie - keep up the debate with Pat Buchanan. Sorry I missed you on Hardball (I see you every time you're on Morning Joe, btw). I must have been napping because otherwise I would have been watching Chris Matthews.

Thanks for OS. It's a writer's dream come true. I fiind all other social networks trite and filled with people who don't know a preposition from a pronoun. The level of intellect and writing ability on OS is phenomenal and has restored my faith in the intelligence of the American public.

Happy holidays!
Hi Joan ... be good to yourself and enjoy your holidays. best to you and yours this New 2010! P.S. Thanks for all you do!
God, I hear you. The harder ones for me are the LinkedIn and Shelfari inboxes and the other sites I rarely/never go to, but have inboxes.

I have trouble keeping up even with facebook, and the one here, because it's mostly group msgs about posts. (Can anyone read all those?)

Soon someone will create a service to fuse them all into one box for us, and they will make $500 million in their IPO, or when google buys them. (Though somehow it has to figure out how to filter out the priorities of the different systems, too.)
I love that you are so open and accessible, Joan. And I ESPECIALLY loved getting a hug from you (and being able to scritch Sadie under the chin) the other night. Truly, you represent the new democratization of media, and I love you for that.
Happy everything Joan!
Hi when I first read this blog I lol ed I think if you got rid of some of those things you could have much more time to sped with your family anf friends.
Hello, Joan! I am Noelle. I'm new on Open Salon and I wanted to make some new friends. Kathy Riordan says that if I comment on other people's blogs it helps to make more friends. Awesome blog!
Hi Joan!

Every time I see you on the talking shows, I yell "That's Joan Walsh!"

I'm with spotted mind: do enjoy some holidaze. San Francisco is the best city in the world for them.

I have no time to blog call girl, and took all of the big names off. I just nuked 69 of them from me own mail, and have to manually find all the new posts.

But nanatehay...he's got issues now that he banged his head while walking around in the snow. He might not be right, that boy, so be kind. He's a good soul.
Busy time of year and I just posted something after a long hiatus. I'll look forward to when you post again and although I am new to this I am feeling like you do -- a part of it.
Thanks for all your hard work.

You're interviews are fantastic.

I hope you are managing some relaxation over the holidays.

Take care of yourself too!
I guess this means you're not coming to my wedding?
Joan, I forgot to wish you a happy holiday. And offer a year end thanks for OS and all the wonderful opportunities its provided for me. Truly, truly grateful.
No problem. You're awesome and Salon is great. Please, keep doing what you do best.

If you ever want to check out some new fiction, look me up here at OS. And if you don't get around to it, believe me, I understand.

Best wishes for a lovely new year.
Relax. This place is wonderful and you and all the others are great. This is the only open forum where I can find mature, fascinating, interesting and amazing writing--(except for mine at times!) There is also a lot of ranting and raving but that's what we call human life. Thanks for making this possible.
what nana said. and what blevins said about lieberman but not about wetting his pants. eeeww. bonne annee!
You were brilliant on HARDBALL tonight. ~MarnieWDC
I'm new here but see strong evidence that you have a lot of admirers and this community seems quite vibrant withs its own personality. That speaks of able leadership with a sense of when to steer and when to let go of the wheel.
Best Wishes.
Joan, since you are so busy I'm going to hold off on making one of my oblique and inappropriate comments.
I wouldn't dream of adding to your already huge load. Best wishes for the new year, Joan.
I'm either underwhelmed or overwhelmed by other's interest. I'm currently underwhelmed and figure there must be a balance. My question: What's worse being inundated or ignored?
Doesn't your secretary read them, rate and rank them for you?

I'll do it!

Anyway, anybody truly important will have your number.

All super heroes have a hot line.

Whether you read them all or not... we all love you anyway.
Thank you for taking the time to comment on one of my posts. But did you have to pick a silly one? hah! Just kidding. It's nice to know you read and comment on peoples posts. There are some great writers and great people and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Thanks~~
Thanks for standing up to Chris Matthews tonite. I agree with you and with Howard Dean. The vote in Massachusets was the result of disgust with a democratic president and party that wouldn't stand and fight for real, comprehensive, health care. A democratic party that let the republicans have free reign to excercise the bidding of their benefactors, the insurance industry, against the people of this nation. The way I look at it: don't get in a fight unless it is important and for a good cause, but if you're in a fight you fight to win.
Twitter, GMAIL, Facebook, Open Salon ... all while maintaing a "REAL" life too .. how does one get it all straight!!! OY!
Joan, I am back! I lost my previous blog, but I'm back with a vengeance! My Nicky is doing great and I have some funny new college stories to tell. I am anxious to hear of Nora!
All my best!
Enjoy seeing you on MSNBC - I wish there was someone in the news media who would talk about returning our jobs to America from Communist China. I posted on the Open Salon - very frustrating Thanks again
I just find it cool that onlyyou(who I think might be adfjkfsdgjkdfg also!!) could find time in their busy schedule to post their comment to you, my favorite Big Wig of Open.Salon!!!

Woooohoooo! :)
Always love your thoughtful and intelligent comments on The Ed Show, especially when you trump that Republican tool Ron Christie. Keep it up Ms. Walsh. You've got fans and friends watching and supporting your points of view.
I try so hard to manage all my accounts, and I just don't know how you do it. I am constantly posting about the acai berry diet and following up on hundreds of comments on how to gain muscle on Facebook, Twitter, my own blog, and e-mail. I think I would need 30 hours in a day to totally manage all of my social networking profiles, and I don't even use MySpace anymore at all. I give you all the props for your hard work.
Joan!!! This is great! I have been on OS for about a month and I love the comrade-ship of fellow Open Salon guru's.
Thanks for reading and posting comments.
Take your time, but please come by and visit my site!

Hear ya
Type at ya later
S left this morning and the tears stated again
Drinkin the beer and watchin the bowl
Readin the paper and doin laundry
The relatives grabbed the stuff and it was ok as they explained
Dennis and nard next weekend
Took the ring off today, not sure how long it’ll stay off. just an experiment.
Holes on the wall from photos gone
Her and I fill them
How would the future react
The good futures with compassion

I enjoy seeing you as a guest on MSNBC.
New Yorkers are judged to be the third most
neurotic people in the country. --news item


Third? That's all? And which are the other two?
Studies demeaning our city can't be true.

Washington, D.C.? San Francisco?
Comparing a kiddie skating rink to a disco.

Boston? Los Angeles? Second City Chicago?
Everlastingly, impossibly no!

New York City's six million neurotics
Thrive, along with another two million psychotics.

Point to any syndrome or loony complex,
New Yorkers have it, every dad-and-momplex.

Any way you look at the shrinker game,
Neurosis surely is our middle name.

Live here? The self-disrepecting are hot to;
He or she or they'd be crazy not to.
Hi Joan. When deciding where to post my blog, I chose due to seeing you frequently on MSNBC. Thank you for making your regular appearances to represent a liberal point of view.
Joan I just watched your video on "Yes We Can" vs Hell No you Can't and it reminded me of why I see the party of no as the Republican't Party. Thanks for a revealing insight into the mind of those who can't lose gracefully.
thanks for writing this. I am an old writer but a new open salon person so I appreciate the feedback. Aliciasaxearts
thanks for writing this. I am an old writer but a new open salon person so I appreciate the feedback. Aliciasaxearts
thanks for writing this. I am an old writer but a new open salon person so I appreciate the feedback. Aliciasaxearts
Hello Joan, I just started blogging last night and I'm trying to learn how to navigate through salon Salon,,, there's alot to digest, linking posts, tags and all that stuff,.. You post intelligent and witty thoughts. I'm a gay man of 58 living with aids and I want to tell my story perhaps giving insight and some help to others who find themselfs in the same situation.
While writing my first post I realized that it was very liberating to express my thoughts and feeling for others to read, I'm anxiously waiting to get a response from my first post. I just figured out the tags and how important they are to reaching the people you want reading your posts,,my first post was tagged gayand lesbian
and gossip( that one by accident) it seems alot of bloggers post to open salon. I hope I can reach a few young gay people and maybe my story could be lesson to them to live life responsibly and compassionately. Thanks for your time and I'll continue to read your posts Robert Henderson New York NY( my id is maineveny111)
Whatever art james said. It is amazing that you would be so generous with your time. My posts are far too scandalous, but I will send the odd one that I am all proud about.

But for now, enjoy a rest! Happy Easter or holidaze, whichever comes first!
There is always time to recognize what is really important.
Good luck! You can do it!

Take a vacation and let us know before you do it, we'll understand. Disappear for a week, you know you want to.
I like it when you appear on msnbc. You robably don't have time but it would be appropriate for them to give you your own show like they did with rachel maddow. you contribute so much already
I'm still getting to know the lay of the land. But I will try and respect your request. Hope the load's gotten easier to handle......
Happy World Laughter Day, Joan!
Thanks Joan, I really don't know how you handle it all. Wish you all the best. - Matt Gold
I am on a break from school at the moment so it is easy for me to do the internet stuff for a while, but when I have other things going on I definitely have to prioritize. Good luck on finding that balance.

Oh, I am new. Hello I will most likely be on here a lot during the summer and drop off somewhat in the Fall. :)
I'm an OS brand-newbie who is SO grateful to have found a place to write. I realize you're quite busy and you may not see this, but if you ever do get the chance, I would love for you to read something I've written. Today's posting is here:
Just a girl with a keyboard and a dream. Thanks.
Nice party! Thanks for having me. I really like it here, it's like a chat room for thoughtful, creative people!
Hello Joan, I really don't know how you handle it all. Yikes! Wish you all the best.
Everyone needs a leader and in this crazy world Leaders get the most emails. :)
I'm shocked and surprised that Joan doesn't get more spam on her article!!! :D



~wanders off~
Hi Joan... Now if I were you I´d dump the whole thread and go kite surfing in the Canaries... but then I am the mean guy from here..
From the GripeVine.... & Donah..//
Hi Joan,

I usually like it when I see you on Hardball, the Ed Show, Countdown, etc. However, I take issue with your comment tonight, 6/18, on the Ed Show. Referring to Democrats using Joe Barton's comments against Republicans in the fall elections as "fair." While I agree substantively and specifically with you that his comments should be used against Republicans in the fall, I disagree with the notion of it being a "fair" attack. Democrats, Progressives, and Liberals need to learn from the words of Al Davis, legendary owner of the Oakland Raiders, "just win baby," or from legendary coach Vince Lombardi whose is often misquoted as saying "winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." We have to quit worrying about whether an attack on Republicans, conservatives, and Tea Partiers is fair or not, we have to remember "winning isn't everything, it's the only thing," and to "just win baby!" Given the ramifications of Republican victory in the Congress, we must win in the Fall regardless of the methods employed, as long as they're legal and avoid collateral damage by attacking noncombatants like families, children, and such. It's time for Democrats, Progressives, and Liberals to take a page from the republican playbook, model Sister Sarah, and hit them where it hurts. Nothing less than the survival of our nation and our democratic institutions depends on it. Joan we need people like you, Shultz, Olberman, and Maddow to lead this counter-revolution against the nuts in the Tea Party, the big oil and big bank shills in Congress, and the wing nuts in the religious right and militias, otherwise it will be back to more of the same and the status quo as the common man is set further and further back in the United States, while global disdain for the US grows.
I only have a few who "notice " me in my inbox when they's ok but I know what you mean. I feel if someone likes your work, they will come, I am not gonna bug them.
I'm glad you are on here. Stop by my blog some time...appreciate feedback...
I hope your situation has become better after this post :-).
My only comment is that what we love about you is that you are doing what we wish we could - finding the truth and telling the truth. If you haven't gotten back to us because you were finding the truth and telling the truth, don't worry about apologizing. That's why we love you.
I never thought about sending links to posts to you. Figured you were probably so overwhelmed with so much of that already. Having read this post, I realize I was probably right.
It's OK....Roses 4 You !

Sorry I have sometimes (recently too!) sent you messages that must have clogged your inbox. I appreciate OS and Salon, and your valuable time.
Oh Hi Joan.... being
Salon´s editor,
Norah´s mom,
Sadie´s slave(person) and
"my" friend
is a lot for just one human moving around this planet because
I am :-
The GripeVine,
the Sidewinder and
Robin Sidewinder (Peter King One) on Radio....
all in one under
Robin Donald deVallon....
at 90 minus a stroke or 2 and
living in the Canaries with
an old Presa (killer) Dog and
kept alive with sloppy food by
some thrifty housekeep named
Mariah who
moves her right hand for making the sign of a cross when
passing any church , sanitaria or be
passed by any howling ambulance......

By Golly, Joanee Girl... that´s a LOT....

Thankx for being "my " F R I E N D .... and

PS:- I´m trying to "master"(!!) the Flute....
(I get the notes and tunes out) but
those 10 fingers won´t M O V E !!!

I need a psychiatrist....

From the GripeVine.... & Donah..//
I forgot..
Your BD is
Sep 18...
you´re Virgo....

Mine´s Sep 8,
1922.......... and
I´m a "Double".. Virgo....

Par Ardua ad Astra....
From the GripeVine.... & Donah..//
Sounds like you have a backed up check out counter...
How do I send you a personal email? I can't find it anywhere.
How do I send you a personal email? I can't find it anywhere.
Cut and paste. Same letter as last time....once a month.
It's OK. You don't owe everyone instant responses. It raises the question of what we're all doing with out time.
Maybe we all are bloggaholics at some point and need helpful suggestions to bring us back to our senses.
Hello Ms. Walsh. I researched and wrote a little article about the similarities between Murrow and Stevenson (paid for studio time and coached Stevenson for TV. No disclosure.) and Olberman and whoever he donated the $3K to before interviewing (I can't stomach that show anymore). I hope you like it. If you want to skip to the meat, it's after the Murrow pic. Thanks.
Dear Ms Walsh: Please have someone tell me how to remove you as a favorite from my account. I mean no personal insult, but I do not know how you appear as a favorite. When I try to "remove favorite", the system redirects me to an error page. If I am one of your favorites, you may remove me.
Hey Joan, saw you tonight on MSNBC and your comments on Sarah Palin and about independant women of the west. Well I happen to be one of those independant women of the west. I am a meatcutter in a grocery store, I camp and ride dirtbikes with my family in the forest during the winter months and camp and waterski in the summer months AND I happen to be a very feminine woman. I don't know what all of the east coast women do but maybe they should get out a bit more instead of hanging out in department stores. And by the way it wasn't Sarah Palin that made the comment that she could see Russia out of her back door, that was a skit on Saturday Night Live.
I'm getting alarmed at how many important messages are getting lost. If I haven't gotten back to you, I apologize. And if you have thoughts about better ways for me to communicate with you all, let me know in comments.
My dearest Joan,

Though your heart is in the right place - considerate and pensive as always - it simply cannot *all* be done. I have not been here in nearly a year for goodness sake. Even though *not* making time for quite hinders the sense of normalcy and balance which I have found that writing aids me in achieving.

Alas, soon I will finish the task I have charged myself with (finally completing my BA [in International Relations]) and soon will embark on a new one (MS in Criminal Justice) so I really don't expect to 'have' much more time.

So then, I will simply have to 'make' more time since after all, I don't dare to compare my schedule with yours or anyone else with your degree of responsibilities - whether chosen or foisted upon you by your adoring masses (blush).

Yet because I have the need to write, like many here - as well as sharing you as a shining example of dedication and the unrelenting logic and intrinsic power of sharing ideas, I will keep on posting as often as time permits.

This post actually reminds me of the ubiquitous entrance-essay question: "If you could have lunch with any person- living or otherwise - who would it be and why?"

I think perhaps, that it is more important to 'be a human doing' than to simply find new ways to be a virtual human being. Although I can certainly appreciate the need for meaningful and carefully considered correspondence rather than an endless stream of Twits, IMs and other half-thoughts, the best thing about electronic/social media is that it is *almost* always recoverable.

Keep on fighting the good fight and please repeat the mantra, "One day, I'll find a better person to *want* to have lunch with."
I assumed you would be rather busy, and thank you by the way for setting up this site. If nothing else, it was a good try to bypass the Industrialization of Thought Problem, and maybe it will have the impact it ought to still.
Nobody is going to buy your book. Your stints on Hardball will gradually go away. You won't be able to find work and soon you will be forgotten. Sorry.
Bitter much Mr Price? If that is even your name? How can one know, since you have been proven to be a liar and a serial plagiarist, lifting stories from real journalists and the Wikepedia willy-nilly and presenting them as your own? The reason is not for nothing that your account here has been eliminated, perhaps more than once? I notice that you no longer have your former biography where you claim to be a reporter for the Denver Posting Newspaper when in fact, miracle of miracles, you accomplished that without ever a single byline. What a liar, but sadly more, what a buffoon.

I for one will be buying Mrs Walsh's book, and if I had the money I would travel from my home half away across the world to have her signature in it. There will be many many more. Perhaps multiple times the number of those buying your book or paying for your articles?

Bala chootia.
Hi Joan, thanks for making yourself available.
Hi Joan, Why have you stopped posting to Open Salon. I used to enjoy reading your posts. Please come back :)
Hi Joan--I'm new here..just muddling through the page setting up know, painting, picking out wall paper. LOL. I did want to say I see you a lot--mostly on MSNBC--and I appreciate your level headedness in the midst of the drama. Happy Holidays!
you Rock.

Just joined and just posted my first comments (I'm a newbie blogger!), LOVE you Joan, you rock! Read my "Gays and Mr. Obama" if you ever have a chance everyone. I'm kinda smart. : )
HI JOAN i dont know you but i want to enjoy my self and get to know you i am here to help and here to understand any problems you have !! :)
The real issue beyond right wing retorical violence is mental health. Obama care has a major component that will perhaps catch the next shooter befor he reaches a boil. Mental health is finally being treated simply as a "health" issue as it should have been for the last 30 years. I would love to hear people adress this as I think it would let some of the hate air out of the rights demonization of the issue. my screed on the issue on Open Salon. Thanks for your excellent work.
Hi Joan, I have one question: Where is John McCain? Thanks.
why are my comments not going live!
I am not quite sure what does it mean by merely saying that, one is busy. Please say something concrete or worthwhile so that, we learn something from you.
Does this salon need be paid ? What does the" Default tips amount " mean in my account information. Thks
Hey Joan, you're far to busy to read this, so I won't waist MY time!
Joan, you are the reason that Open Salon is so successful. Congratulations on your beloved Giants winning the World Series by beating George W. Bush's Rangers of Texas; victory is much sweeter when it occurs legally...unlike Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004. The proof that the Giants didn't cheat to win it all is the fact that Barry Bonds was not with the 2010 San Francisco team!
Paul Haider, Chicago
Hello, Joan. Nice to see you here. I'm newbe here. I hope I can more learn from you.
Hiya, I have been blogging about three weeks or so, have not tried to contact anyone much, but after reading your blog here, kinda wonder if I really want to get too much more going and get too crazy myself?
So nothing important here, just a helllooo and a comment on how much I like your interviews on MSNBC when you are there.
good luck on the crazy life.
Ms. Walsh: Could you take a look at my revised version of my first Open Salon contribution and let me know what you think? I certainly would appreciate that. Thank you. Gordon Hilgers
Thank you Joan
for being so nice for those of us
who slave away writing, we need no fuss.
You can catch
us when you can and when you want
no matter the time of day or night or the font.
I do love
this site and think it very swell
and read the posts and other tell
of the talent
and the wonder of some of you;
well anyway that is my humble view.
I thought this is a new post, yet the date of it is 2009! where am I???? I am scared!
Joan, I know you're busy but this post is reallly old. How about an update?
I appreciate your appearances on Cenk Uygur and on Hardball. Please consider running for President, and urge Cenk Uygur to run as well. We need progressives in office to save the middle class of America. Keep exposing the lies of the GOP (Grand Old Propagandizers). Please urge all to organize to fight the money in politics and the buying of our politicians. Please inform all that we are organizing here in Berlin, Connecticut, by registering the Middle Class Party. For all those interested in joining, please email or visit and include your contact information under "comments". Also please see articles on American politics and tax policies at Thank you so much for all your efforts in the past. Keep slugging, Joan.

Kindest regards,
The Barefoot Accountant
Hi Joan,
Just keep on reading a message from your inbox, you can make an idea from them and you know, it can help you a lot of things from these comments.
My only truc with you is to rid the site of the baddies -- the racists and sexists --anti-semites-- the list goes on but anything which is an incitement to racial/sexist hatred should be chucked off the site. Otherwise, no probs. OS is a great place for a new writer to put his/her toe in the water.
I truly appreciate your work, Great post.
I admire you so very much.
Hi Joan, don't worry we are always beside to you. I will be waiting for your next post. Thank you for your informative post.
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