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MARCH 30, 2012 7:00AM

Favorite Photo Friday—Balanced Rock

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These two photographs came to me separately and so long ago I can’t remember thesource.  They both show touristsposed in front of Balanced Rock, in the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs,Colorado.  Both photos are 4.5 by7.5 inches in size and mounted on cardboard backgrounds.

The photograph with the ladies (and two gentlemen)  has printed on the  cardboard mounting: “Balanced Rock,Garden of the Gods.  Weight, 600tons.”  But someone has written inpencil below that “California, 1883”. The “California” part is wrong, so the date may be as well.

The second photograph-- of three men on donkeys-- hasprinted in the photograph “Balanced Rock, May 8th, 1903”, so Isuspect that date is correct.  Thesecond photograph is numbered  3450and the first one 208.

I love how serious the ladies are, standing without fearthat the huge rock would decide to topple over on them.  I especially like the elderly ladycuddling the baby donkey.  Thewoman perched sidesaddle in the foreground does not have a divided skirt forriding, but someone has suggested to me that a lady in the back row does.  It’s hard to tell.  I love all their flowered hats as well.

The three men in the second photo all have dapper mustachesand seem quite pleased with themselves as they pose for the photographer.

On the back of the second photo is printed “Paul Goerke & Son Photographers at theBalanced Rock, Rainbow Falls and Manitou Ave.
Office next to BarkerHotel.  Manitou, Colorado
Duplicates of thispicture can be had at any time. Price 25 cents each postpaid. Order by the number on the picture.
 Prices for BromideEnlargement given on Application.”

Professional photographers setting up their large cameras on tripods couldmake a good living photographing tourists at sites like this in the days beforecameras and photography were available to amateurs. 

Niagara Falls was especially popular with tourists andprofessional photographers at the dawn of photography-- in the 1840’s and1850’s.  If you find in your attica full-plate daguerreotype of your great-great grandparents posed in front ofNiagara Falls on their honeymoon, you can probably sell it for a small fortune.

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