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August 26
Christopher A. Musanté was born in a state funded broken home in Buffalo, NY. By the age of 13 he had called 10 different places home and so, really never had one. Some of these homes would also house an alcoholic step-father that beat him and his mom. The family was even left starving at times - but always managed to pull through. Eventually what was left of his family - himself, his sister and mom - would return to Buffalo. Later, in a selfless act of love, his mother would give guardianship to a family member - her vision was a better start and a brighter future for her son. During his high school years he for the most part loner and even lived on the streets for a brief period of time. With no authoritive figures - he became his own man and in spite of all of these adversities, and at one point robbing a gas station and stealing 9 cars in a single evening, graduated from Reavis High School - Class 1982. Returning again to Buffalo, NY after graduating, he was unable to find employment - though he had within 2 months of graduating high school, obtained his factory certification from Volkswagen of America. No VW dealers would hire him - he had actually even offered to work for "free" to demonstrate his 4+ years of mechanical skills, but instead was forced to accept public assistance... a.k.a. - welfare. Wanting better - he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps - on delayed entry. His entrance exam would document a civilian IQ of 178. Two weeks after signing on - a bombing in Beirut brought the promise of war. Though his family begged him not to go. His brother-in-law, a USMC vet advised he technically was not sworn in yet and didn't have to. His going away 'present' would be a night of drinking and a midnight showing of Pink Floyd - The Wall. As the first scene played - a war scene - a soldier suffers the loss of an arm. Which he picks up with the other still attached and staggers off in shock. His friends cried and said they were sorry. Chris never gave it a second thought and said, "It's okay - I'm gonna be alright." Determined to make good on his promise, though only verbal - he was sworn in the next morning. This would be the beginnings of a life that would have him travel the world and experiencing many different people, cultures and careers in fields such as Music, Photography, Aviation, Automotive Technology, Aerospace & Medical Machining, R & D, Information Technology, Telephony, Software Engineering, IT Support & Training, Food Service, and even a brief period as a slave driver for Walmart Stores Inc.


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MAY 8, 2012 4:46PM

Alcoholism is a Disease

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If you know someone with a drinking problem - God would have you look out for them - if by doing nothing else but telling them that they can call you at any time of the day or night for a ride home.

I have personally gone to bars at closing time and offered to give people rides home and at times this is a scary situation - but it is the right thing to do.  I am often chastised by people in the church because it is found that at times I may be found in a bar, but the truth is Jesus helped the worst of the worst because they were the ones that needed it most. I understand this because I have BEEN THERE (facing alcohol as a solution to my problems).

I am not saying that my choice of solutions (no pun intended) was the best one - but alcohol helped to deaden the pain of losing a set of twin girls, which ultimately destroyed a marriage and many friendships. The pain causing problems were not limited to this though - I lost everything that was my life - because as I had found God.  

 God reached out to me in my time of need - and provided for me  a way to understand that sometimes your babies are taken home sooner than you would want.  My new found faith and strength would be something that my wife and others would use this against me.  And they have to be forgiven because it was something that the just could not understand  - in a world where it is said that people 'do not change'.  The fact that God - litterally overnight - had changed my life.... would be used as fodder for a divorce. How terrible it was to be happy in the Lord and then find that you would lose you wife and entire life as well.

I had lost a set of twins, my home, and even my long time friends - because I found God... and more importantly - refused to deny my faith - even while being threatened to become a ward of the state and subjected to electroconvulsive shock therapy.  My friends, family, and a long list of doctors...  thought that I was crazy - because I had found happiness. They didn't understand - because they were NOT believers and still are not.  They did not understand because they had known me before I was reborn.  More acceptable to them would have been running about in the streets in the nude because I had won the lottery.  But because I had found immortality - the cure for death - I was chastised for my sincere faith in and love for... the Christian Boogy Man.

It was not easy to stand up to the abuse that I suffered - but God had placed in my heart - an understanding that I was not willing to, nor will ever... deny.

The point here is - we don't know specifically what it is that makes people drink, but with understanding whether through paradigm shifting or through experience - it is wrong to punish someone for being 'sick'.  The right thing to do is to support them in every way that you can - even if it means picking them up from a bar in the middle of the night... so that they DO NOT wind up on the roads endangering others.  Leave them a note or card that they can find in the morning as they nurse a pounding headache that they were looked after and brought to safety by someone that cares.

Throwing these people in jail does NOTHING to cure the problem, in fact - it makes it worse. Because the pains that they are covering up, are now magnified by the other problems that have been laid on top of it.  It is up to us - with understanding - to realize that these folks are weak and will without the help that they need - wind up seeking a ' solution' for their troubles.

The solution is not to hate them - but to show them that they are loved.

Do as Jesus would do... Love them - don't leave them.

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