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Gowanda, New York, United States of America
August 26
Christopher A. Musanté was born in a state funded broken home in Buffalo, NY. By the age of 13 he had called 10 different places home and so, really never had one. Some of these homes would also house an alcoholic step-father that beat him and his mom. The family was even left starving at times - but always managed to pull through. Eventually what was left of his family - himself, his sister and mom - would return to Buffalo. Later, in a selfless act of love, his mother would give guardianship to a family member - her vision was a better start and a brighter future for her son. During his high school years he for the most part loner and even lived on the streets for a brief period of time. With no authoritive figures - he became his own man and in spite of all of these adversities, and at one point robbing a gas station and stealing 9 cars in a single evening, graduated from Reavis High School - Class 1982. Returning again to Buffalo, NY after graduating, he was unable to find employment - though he had within 2 months of graduating high school, obtained his factory certification from Volkswagen of America. No VW dealers would hire him - he had actually even offered to work for "free" to demonstrate his 4+ years of mechanical skills, but instead was forced to accept public assistance... a.k.a. - welfare. Wanting better - he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps - on delayed entry. His entrance exam would document a civilian IQ of 178. Two weeks after signing on - a bombing in Beirut brought the promise of war. Though his family begged him not to go. His brother-in-law, a USMC vet advised he technically was not sworn in yet and didn't have to. His going away 'present' would be a night of drinking and a midnight showing of Pink Floyd - The Wall. As the first scene played - a war scene - a soldier suffers the loss of an arm. Which he picks up with the other still attached and staggers off in shock. His friends cried and said they were sorry. Chris never gave it a second thought and said, "It's okay - I'm gonna be alright." Determined to make good on his promise, though only verbal - he was sworn in the next morning. This would be the beginnings of a life that would have him travel the world and experiencing many different people, cultures and careers in fields such as Music, Photography, Aviation, Automotive Technology, Aerospace & Medical Machining, R & D, Information Technology, Telephony, Software Engineering, IT Support & Training, Food Service, and even a brief period as a slave driver for Walmart Stores Inc.


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MAY 11, 2012 11:08PM

Intelligence - As a cause of insanity

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As an intelligent race - we are predisposed to the concepts of "the laws of nature". We lean on these laws in an effort to provide explaination to the physical universe in which we exist. Much of what has been done in the way of science has been proven or serves to prove - both by account and in associative ways, ideas and theories relative to what we observe.

As a believer in God - I also understand that although we most certainly can define our world by these mathmatical explainations of the things we bare witness to - there are also things that transcend our [current] comprehension and are outside of these laws. There are indeed in existence a wide variety of 'events' that are explained only as unexplainable or perhaps impossible.

It would only be natural to conclude the since we have sufficient proof of these events and anomolies that are not bound by these laws, that the very laws by which we percieve to be "laws" are in fact nothing more but acceptable explainations of that which we truely cannot conceive.

From this perspective, the Designer of our realm should be - by default - held highest with regards to respect. If for no other reason than due to the incalculable amount of energy demanded to perform such deeds. Reasonably put - to NOT seek what would be deemed a positive relationship with this Entity - would be beyond foolish and unreasonable, but more appropriately - insane.

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