JANUARY 11, 2010 5:27PM

"Unfair & Definitely Unbalanced", Palin Hooks Up w/ Fox News

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Hiya Gang!

 ...Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder or worse, 'Faux News' shatters your sensibilities with the announcement that they have inked Sarah Palin to a multi-year deal as a regular commentator.

After watching one of John McCains' 2008 campaign advisors dish the sordid details of Palins' nauseating elevation to VP running-mate on "60 Minutes" last night, and the laughable way he, (and the rest of the GOP stooges in McCains camp), did their utmost to educate her so she'd appear 'sort-of-knowledgeable' to the public, was, all at once, both comic and horrific.

Multiple revelations from this major cog in McCains election machine regarding Palins absolute unfitness for high office, coupled with her totally Bohemian grasp, (or lack of it), of world and US affairs, was profoundly disturbing. 

Foxs' timing couldn't be any worse.

So now, in addition to Beck, O'Reilly, Coulter, and the rest of the political Mongols, (or is it mongoloids), populating Fox News, we add the Frankenstinian political/religious ramblings of Sarah Palin.

This is truly, a world gone mad.


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Ok, Ok, the guy IS selling a book, but the kernels of truth are there, confirming what I suspected during the election all along about Ms Palin being, what Bill Maher refers to as a "Category 5 moron". The mere thought that someone of her diminished political accumen and religious zealotry should even be remotely considered for VP is appalling. She is the very picture of the crazed president, (Martin
Sheen), in Steven Kings' "Dead Zone", if you ask me.
Fox continues its race to the lowest common denominator. Bangladesh, here we come!
The race is over. Fox wins uneqivocally.
And my opinion is that Kyle D. is so conservative that her surname is offensive to dykes everywhere. But I'm sorry I called her a racist while she was on vacation. Should have waited til she got back, for fairness's sake.

No reason to apologize. Free speech is still legal. ...However, I must strongly contest your comment that Sarah Palin is as qualified as President Obama. He was a professor of Constitutional Law, (and president of the Harvard Law Review-no small feat there), and I consider him to be an intellectual. Sarah Palin is a misguided, poorly informed boor who has no business in the arena of national politics. She relies on bigotry, religious jingoism, and shop-worn evisceral rhetoric that is anything but well-defined, but designed to foment rage, hatred, and fear amongst her narrow-minded apostates. She appeals to the typical right-wing demographic: Afraid of change, afraid of ethnicities other than their own, generally homophobic, socially backward, and in my opinion, in severe need of a decent education to enlighten them. They are the erzatz pious rabble that think war is preferable to any negotiation, irresponsible consumers who care little about despoiling the earth, and are, as a whole, a petulant group of jackasses, who don't give a damn about anything or anybody as long as they get their way, regardless of the collateral damage they might cause along the way.

Pretty much sums up the current Republican mind-set that has prevailed for the last 40-50 years...frankly, I'm sick to death of their tired-out act, and the gibberish that passes for their platform. They need to go away.