APRIL 20, 2010 9:11AM

All Bankers Go To Hell

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Right now, Goldman-Sachs is in the hot seat.


I hope the rest of them take a turn, and politically-motivated or not, these immoral, filthy, greedy bastards get it shoved up their collective asses.

I don't know about you, but I feel confident in saying that the architects of the "Wall Street Casino" should be arrested, tried, and convicted in Federal Court as "Enemy Combatants", just like the ones we locked up at Gitmo.

Yes, you're right: I said Enemy Combatants.

Currently, we are involved in two undeclared wars with people who are dedicated to the downfall of the US...

I equate what the money-whores did on Wall St. as the same.

These scumbags are enemies of the United States, and should be prosecuted as such. Through their actions, they nearly precipitated the financial ruin of this nation.

If you don't call that enemy action, you're a moron.

Additionally, if you think politicians and bankers are two different animals, I suggest you go to:


The item is a YouTube condensation of a Rolling Stone series of articles authored by the guy who wrote "The Great American Bubble Machine"...if you have the nads to watch it that is...if you are a taxpayer, it will incite you to murderous fury.

 Hell, we should lock them all up at Gitmo.

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WHEN I WAS MAKING 250 TRADES A YEAR I FOUND THAT they frequently shorted positions they encouraged people to buy. I reported them several times and all I got from the Overseers, was BS. Same with a guy at Merril Lynch. He "Resigned to write" under fire for his calls and shorts against them. Never saw anything he wrote never heard of him again, but he made millions by misleading people. The worst part of investing I saw was that I always felt that news should only be released during trading hours.

Instead the insiders got private news in the off hours and were able to adjust before we the traders knew what was happening. Though I did very well, I would have done better if that news was released while we were all awake and ready to play.

I sorted out several "analysts" and experimented in shorting their recommendations unless they co-sponsored an IPO. If they did so with a reputable co-sponsor, I would buy the IPO and sell when it Hold it with a sell which moved up just under the stock price, and an automatic short when it reached the sell price about my profit margin and under my sell price.

If enough people did that and now and then enough did, it would train wreck the cheats.

These buzzards are the limit. There's no end to their avarice, and the horse race is fixed in their favor and they are calling the shots at the SEC and the Fed. They own everyone, and the ones they don't own quake in their boots for fear they'll get crushed like a grape if they open their mouths. They have it set up so that if you don't play ball, you're screwed.

Their control is almost absolute, and they are virtually able to conduct the raping of the American populace as well as the rest of the world with total impunity.

This isn't just scurrilous: It's felonious, seditious, anti-american, and if you look at it closely, operated more like a SOCIALIST national banking system than anything remotely resembling a free market model.

It isn't limited to stocks, bonds and financial instruments, either. Through their speculative proxies, they are manipulating the price of nearly any commodity that has significant value, such as oil, cattle, pork, grains, nat gas, and gold/silver futures. With respect to precious metals, they are issuing paper on tens, maybe hundreds of billions of dollars worth of futures, backed, in some cases, by as little as 10% of the actual buy-back prices. If the owners of these notes were to call in their markers, they'd either refuse to honor, or go into the tank, expecting another fucking bail-out. ..cheeky bastards. If it does happen, say, by the Chinese, or European financial conglomerates, the price of gold and silver will skyrocket 300% or higher. Keep an eye on this one, my friend...it could be a powderkeg.

The call for mere 'reforms' is past...what is required here is a major house-cleaning of the entire Wall Street Machine, replete with staunch controls, and the stiffest sentencing / imprisonment of these PIGS.