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SEPTEMBER 5, 2009 9:56PM

Random Telluride Thoughts

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After 48 hours in town, a few random observations:

Have seen just two films (my pacing is off compared to previous years...too many really compelling out-of-doors distractions)...both were mostly in French and both were excellent:

  • "London River" with Brenda Blethyn explored the intersecting lives of two very different people drawn together after the 2005 London terrorist bombings
  • "Coco Before Chanel" starred Audry Tautou as French designer Coco Chanel in her rise from an orphanage to the top of the fashion world


Caught  Lone Scherfig (director) and Carey Mulligan (star) of "An Education" introduce the film last night at the outdoor theater in the center of town. Carey Mulligan is going to be a huge talent.  This movie is by Nick Hornby (High Fidelity) so the writing will be excellent.  Screening this one tomorrow.

I've had a crush on Laura Linney since she started acting in TV and movies in the early 90s, but meeting her at this festival in 2006 cemented her place in a top 5 position of all-time brushes with greatness.  She's a great actress, beautiful and a truly nice person.  She is also seriously involved with a Telluride local she met attending the festival several years back (lucky bastard...I would have been happy to be her driver) and the couple regularly attends screenings like normal people.  Which is what she did last night, sitting just a few rows away from me to see "London River".

Hiking outside of town this morning, I was struck by how clean the trail was. On my outbound walk, I did not see any trash or even dog shit anywhere.  On my return from the Pandora Mine trail and the gravel road that winds up the mountain towards Bridal Veil Falls, I did discover one item dropped by a human that was at once out of place but somehow appropriate...a container of lip gloss.  I forgot to record the brand name (began with "N" ?) before I threw it out but it looked expensive.  Why anyone would need need lipstick (not lip balm) on a hiking trail is beyond me.  


Perhaps Eugene Hernandez, editor of indieWIRE, had it right when he described this event as "a cultish (end of) summer camp for well-heeled cinephiles".  Present company excluded, of course.

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You have to hit Telluride when the "cinephiles" are not there...and the bluegrass fans's a much larger festival, and I venture to say that they even leave a bit more than lip gloss as debris.

Or ride yer bike up my hubby does. Sheesh...
Hello...sounds wonderful...good to see you! xox
I beleive your found "lip gloss" not lipstick. I recognize this brand as Neutragena, not sure of that spelling. It is usually applied alone for moisturizing, with a hint of color or is put over lipstick for extra gloss and moisturing. Actually, an essential for a long walk or hike to prevent the lips from drying out! Aren't you glad you brought this up in your post?!
Enjoyed reading about the films you described and understand your admiration of Laura Linney. She is a very special woman and actress, as you aptly pointed out here. Enjoy the rest of your long weekend.
yekdeli: I have always wanted to come here for the music festival. Everyone seems to love the experience. Does your husband ride a bicycle or motorcycle here?

Hello Robin! Thanks for the "add"!

Cathy: I'm no expert on the lip product category so I stand corrected. What's wrong with good old fashioned Chapstick??