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February 15
sure, it's lonely here
Okay, so maybe I am a cranky old fart, so what? The US government gives me ample reason. I'm very much opposed to a criminal cabal running this nation, and I rant accordingly. Things gotta change.


MAY 9, 2009 11:00PM

My neighbors are assholes

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Ok, so we got some new neighbors. We, live in a quiet, respectful, decent area of So. Cal., my mom lives with us, she's 80 years old, and still drives, and pretty well for the age. Our new neighbors, immigrants, some may be legal, but I doubt it. They have a 4 car driveway, and 2 spaces in front of their house. Between everyone that "stay's" there, they must have 10 cars, 1 in the driveway, 1 in front of their own house, and the rest in front of our house, and our other nieighbors, and the across the street neighbors, so my 80 year old mom has to park down the street, and walk up hill to the house, because the one spot she usually parks in, in front of our house, always has one of our neighbors cars parked there. Now they've taken to that damned lacookaracha shit full volume, so I have to crank up the TV so I can hear it, in my house, with the windows closed. On Christmas eve, they moved the speakers outside, so thet could hear it better I guess. But, at 1:00 AM, I was ready to firebomb something. We've asked nicely, written non nasty notes, and left them on cars, asking for one parking place in front of our own house, but there's always a different car there. I live in America god damn it. If I want to listen to that crap, I'd go to Mexico. I don't have anything against other cultures, except when they push that culture on me. If they don't like American culture, go the fuck back.

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and what exactly is 'american' culture? do you mean native american culture? unclear about the whole 'melting-pot' concept, i guess...
We have similar neighbors.

I truly love the polka music bass at 2:00 a.m.

Actually, if we're to talk strictly culturally, it's a matriarchal society and they do respect women.

When I ask them to turn things down, they do.

Notes wouldn't work. That's disrespectful.
I have encountered the same thing.

It's polka music with huge base... I know because when I ask them to shut it down from 11 on the volume, they do (working on their cars until midnight).

I would do the same if they were blasting Van Halen (which I love, but not at 1 am.).

And to Tenacity... The Mexican's I work with do not respect women. They have a very specific hierarchy... the men do not want to answer to the women. (I've seen the men destroy men too, there is one king in our kitchen.)

New women are destroyed (and forced to be let go). New managers are tested until the staff accepts they have to listen to them. Same nationality, different rules.

I'm gonna side with some views of every one here. We all have different views.

I like to think the melting pot gives us all insight into other cultures, but not have them shoved up our ass.

Common courtesy.
Ya I think this is a matter of people just being Rude.
The culture thing just comes down to being forced to listen to music that you just don't like. If some one was blasting classical music all hours of the night it would get on certain peoples nerves to.
It's easy to be tolerant when you don't have to deal with it first hand
It just comes down to people being assholes.
Love the name by the way
By "American culture" I mean a common "respect" to others. I like the old fashioned "head banging heavy metal" LOUD, but, I have enough respect to not to "share" my taste with the neighborhood. And, "single family" dwellings, means, one family, not, all of your friends(?) relatives, and their brothers, cousins, wife's cousins friends, your uncle Boboso, (that's out on parole), or your kids whole family's (plural). They even let the "comcast cable guy" live there for a while. And, the "melting pot thing" doesn't include splashing everything all over the stove. My ancestors immigrated from Germany (legally), but I don't mow my lawn in a Nazi uniform ( and NO they weren't). Also, "American culture" usually means "mowing your lawn", and not having a rooster in a "tract" home, and sharing it's "talents" with the neighbors.
And, "wake up"?, have you tried sleeping to "Mario's mariachi classics" at 1:00AM? On a 1930's stereo?