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Loserville, So., California, THE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERISTAN
February 15
sure, it's lonely here
Okay, so maybe I am a cranky old fart, so what? The US government gives me ample reason. I'm very much opposed to a criminal cabal running this nation, and I rant accordingly. Things gotta change.


APRIL 5, 2012 4:54AM

Soviet arms dealer makes the USDOJ look like noobes

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After years of trying to set this guy up, US operatives finally got this guy entrapped in a "sting" operation that would make Eric Holder proud, and confident that he's got nothing to fear for running guns to Mexico's drug cartels. Talk about double standards. This Russian dude had to be "lured" out of his country by "US operatives" so they could bust him, after setting him up. Boy' I sure feel safer knowing this kind of dastardly "police" work is being conducted by my own government and not the Communist Chinese, or the Nazi's.

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Joe Banana. You 'should' PM via Open Salon's "private" email. You could join the eternal debate about which world 'framed' psychiatrist is the worst twit. ` i . . .
Never get so pissed that you forget to dot your ` I's . . . Try to bribe people with Ice cream cones.
Your head looks lIke you had three Ice cream cones fall from the sky and land on your knuckle head.
Thanks for responding on your other post about `just how far is far enough. I just reread your views.
This is true . . . I was wed in South Hampton. New York. It wasn't a forces 'shotgun wedding' but sorta?
I was introduced to well-to-do. Then?
I said` I do. I began hiccuping that day.
One family had a silver `Rolls Royce.
I had to ask`What's your Pa Pa do?
The teenage girl (not who I wed said:
"My dad is a garbage man." Honest.

I found out the church folk hauled:
industrial waste into PA's landfills,
took bribes, placed bulldog heads
on garbage haulers truck seats,
and that was a Message`Back Off!

Waste Haulers are filthy well-to-do.
My life has been most unusual to me.
My destiny seems to meet twit & twit.
Twits come into my life twit after twit.
Joe Banana.
Never walk into a PA bank with a cigar.
Take a lame goat that smells like skunk.
A CEO in banks in Waynesboro jail you.
Maybe you can wear pink bunny slippers.
Vacation in Palms Beach and get a nice tan.
Call `Wendy's' if jailed for 'defiant trespass'
and . . .
Order chicken gold nuggets, French fries,
and . . .
Open a Twit & Twit Counseling Center.
It's wise to hang a Neon Flashing sigh.
Get a office door that has audible moan.
When mental politico patients Knock . . .
Have a prerecorded Tape that Yodels . . .
Tell Knock Knock lawyer Jokes to Folks?
Have a Honesty Policy ~ Charge for 1-800-TALK.

Charge $45:00 per card ~ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

The phone # is the Veterans Administration hot-line.
Please . . .
No call if okay.
No call during:
nap time, snack,
smoke break time,
day dream hours,
during NORMAL
puff-pot hours . . .
Your Bio scares me?
avatar do too. smile.
South Hampton, ya don't say, Isn't that by Standing Hampton? I grew up (so to speak) in East Northport, not East Covina, had family in West Hempstead, and West Covina, instead of hemp in East Familystead, and south of North Hampton on the West side of South street, East of Omaha's West end, and West of Western West Covina. When you reach the end of the road, keep going, you'll see a sign post that reads "picnic cliff straight ahead", keep going until you can go no further. At the bottom of the cliff there's a big pile of garbage, instead of bringing that pile of garbage up the cliff, I threw mine down, being careful to place an envelope under the pile of garbage, to be used as evidence against me, along with the seein' eye dog, and the 8 by 10 color glossy photographs with the circles and arrows on the back of each one, stating that one big pile of garbage is better than two smaller piles of garbage, so again I threw mine down.
Oh, and I wear ice cream cones to cover the point on top of my meathead, I ride my knucklehead, with the shovels and rakes and other implements of destruction that I used to keep in my VW micro-bus next to my easy rider rifle rack.
By the way, my Bio scares the hell outa me too, and that avatar has gotta go.
First door on the left. And put the seat up.