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This tyrannical form of government


Loserville, So., California, THE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERISTAN
February 15
sure, it's lonely here
Okay, so maybe I am a cranky old fart, so what? The US government gives me ample reason. I'm very much opposed to a criminal cabal running this nation, and I rant accordingly. Things gotta change.


MAY 19, 2012 4:33PM

Congress is America's number one enemy.

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Even more than the -resident. These criminals don't represent the American people, they are no longer beneficial to this nations people, but harmful, dangerous, and deadly. They couldn't care less about the economy, the constitution, integrity, or honor. They're all frauds, derelict in their duties, and unindicted felons. The NDAA for 2013 has just been passed, and it still has the indefinite detention clause in it even after a federal judge declared it unconstitutional. That tells me these people have no intention of ever honoring their oath of office again.

We need term limits of no longer than two years for any elected official, and the death penalty for corruption. Also, no more ridiculous salaries,  minimum wage is all they deserve. No more deluxe retirement package, social security, and medi-care, is it. No more taxpayer supplied transportation for these Bozo's, I have to pay for my gas to get to work, so should they have to. No perks of any kind, no gift allowance, no more million dollar office, they all get a steel desk in a cubicle like everyone else. And no more corporate campaign donations, and a donation limit of $10 per person.

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The death penalty for corruption is only logical since corrupt politicians do more harm to the community than even serial killers. My only problem with your post Joe is you don’t go far enough. 9 out of 10 judges and ADA’s also deserve the death penalty for their overzealous enforcement of the DWI and draconian drug laws, that go's for cops too. How many lives have been destroyed by these sociopathic monsters? Which also brings me to the media who portray them as hero's. The death penalty is not even good enough for them. Perhaps something biblical like like extermination so on into the fourth generation.
This government has caused more collective harm, death, and destruction, broken more "laws", committed more crimes, murdered more innocent people, and as you stated destroyed more lives than ANY terrorist organization. I fully support bringing back public hangings for these rat bastards.