Remove and Replace, Alter or Abolish

This tyrannical form of government


Loserville, So., California, THE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERISTAN
February 15
sure, it's lonely here
Okay, so maybe I am a cranky old fart, so what? The US government gives me ample reason. I'm very much opposed to a criminal cabal running this nation, and I rant accordingly. Things gotta change.


AUGUST 18, 2012 1:39PM

The US Injustice department, hypocracy in action.

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How can anybody take the USDOJ seriously? How can anybody take the position of US Attorney General seriously? How can anybody take the USA seriously? Seriously.

The US attorney general is a common criminal. How's that for ironic? How's that for a testament of US integrity, honor, lawfulness, respect, and intention. Eric Holder is a major embarrassment. A shitstain on the Nation. Toilet scum, not worthy of such a noble title, as toilet scum. The epitome of contradiction. What's impressive about Holder is that he gives absolutely not one shit about law, the constitution, his oath of office, America as a nation, due process, you, me, or anybody else, but himself. What a piece of work. Along with a corrupt judicial system, we are no longer a nation of laws, but a nation of men. A nation of the most vile, corrupt, demented, psychotic, repulsive, disgusting, degenerate, retched, sick, twisted, morally bankrupt, bunch of inbred men. 

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