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FEBRUARY 2, 2013 11:50AM

I Saw My Shadow This Morning!

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Okay, so I saw my shadow this morning. Granted, it was not at daybreak; it was more like mid-morning, but I saw it none the less. But seriously, why should some ground-dwelling hog named Phil get all the limelight? Or daylight as the case may be.

 Besides, where I live we don’t have winter. We have short cold snaps every now and then. It is why I would welcome another six weeks of “cooler temperatures” as the Weather Warlocks (read meteorologists) like to say.

 Any-hoot, this is my shadow and it’s sticking to me.  


I saw my show this morning - ground hog day 

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Good one. You need to build your audience. You do some interesting work and it goes unnoticed.
Big boy, your shadow. :)