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March 05
Born in the oil and gas deposit-rich region of North Texas, on the fraying edge of the Permian Basin, my mother was a special ed teacher, my father, a “pumper,” a far more glamorous job among the petroletariat than the name would indicate. I managed to escape the small town that spawned me promptly after High School graduation, a modicum of sanity still intact to ride shotgun with my generous portions of anger and resentment. Some five years later, I copped a BS degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Said institution and I gladly parted ways. In the intervening 20-plus years, though my only ambition has been to have ambition, I have miraculously coughed-up a boatload of freelance articles, a couple of books of dubious merit, and a metric ton of songs of occasionally inspired quality, not to mention a paralegal certificate, 11 years of experience as a legal underling, and tens of thousands of bicycle commuter miles.


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JUNE 30, 2009 12:07AM

It's Art! No! It's a Heavy Metal Public Toilet!

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Along Austin's Lady Bird Lake Trail near the Waller Creek Trail junction [about midway between IH-35 and Congress  Avenue] is a very curious combination of style and function which I refer to as "the Iron Restroom." I was quite curious about the structure before  it opened more than two years ago. I had no idea that it was going to be a public restroom until I jogged by one  day and saw the orange "Men" and "Women" icons by the door.

I took a look inside. The little circular room, despite having the feeling of a prison cell after the heavy iron door slams behind you (watch those fingers), was quite  spacious, curiously comfortable and anything but stuffy. I was more than happy to see public money being spent in an intelligent fashion. Quite frankly, it is far superior to my bathroom at home. It even boasts an outdoor shower with more water pressure than mine!

Built entirely of strategically spaced iron slats for flawless ventilation, the toilet, urinal, and sink are hardcore stainless steel. As well as achieving engineering and artistic marvelhood, it's also a paragon of durability, something sure to please all REI/LL Bean/Cabella's types who frequent the trail.

However, being such an awesome public facility, if it hasn't already, the Iron Restroom is certain to show  up a few times  on the police blotter. Small price  to pay.

The only public toilets in the world that match the Iron Bathroom for cleanliness and spaciousness are those at Centraal Station, Amersterdam, and those are pay toilets.

What's your "World's Greatest Public Toilet"???

See Iron Toilet Photos and AV Tour below. Crank up the sound on the embedded AV. You'll want to hear everything!!!

IB 1

IB 2

IB 3

IB 4

IB 5

IB 6

IB 7

IB 8

Here is the  AV Tour 

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Oh, how I miss Austin. Fellow alum here. Thanks for posting.
wow! where is this? i have GOT to get out of the house more...
that's awesome. this is my favorite public toilet, though, i guess now it's a private toilet since we moved it to the backyard.