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March 05
Born in the oil and gas deposit-rich region of North Texas, on the fraying edge of the Permian Basin, my mother was a special ed teacher, my father, a “pumper,” a far more glamorous job among the petroletariat than the name would indicate. I managed to escape the small town that spawned me promptly after High School graduation, a modicum of sanity still intact to ride shotgun with my generous portions of anger and resentment. Some five years later, I copped a BS degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Said institution and I gladly parted ways. In the intervening 20-plus years, though my only ambition has been to have ambition, I have miraculously coughed-up a boatload of freelance articles, a couple of books of dubious merit, and a metric ton of songs of occasionally inspired quality, not to mention a paralegal certificate, 11 years of experience as a legal underling, and tens of thousands of bicycle commuter miles.


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JULY 28, 2009 4:02AM

Hitler Finds Out Sarah Palin Resigns

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More youtube billiance. Cheers! Just had to post it here. Thank you Bruno Ganz!

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Okay. Not as funny as the Michael Jackson one. I smell a trend here, though. What's next?
Okay. Not as funny as the Michael Jackson one. I smell a trend here, though. What's next?
Finally! A video that's subtitled and something I can understand!

...of course no one's commenting.
I actually thought this version (the Palin version) is much funnier than the MJ one. And it makes more sense... the current GOP and their fascist agenda.
Beat ya to it!
Funny. And sad. Very sad with its truth!
That's pretty funny.

I have the DVD of the actual movie "Downfall." It is fabulous.
I love these, especially Hitler on Texas Football. I don't think I've ever laughed harder at anything in my life.

Does the same guy do all of them?
There's a hitler on Tex. Football???!! Auss!!!
I've reposted the Texas Aggie Hitler rant here:

Thanks blue roses.. whoever made that vid is a genius!!!
I know, Joe! We're waiting on the UT rant, though. Is it done yet? ;)
It looks like the Neocons are finally being recognized as the crypto-fascists that they are. We can see that the Republican Party has been co-opted and now serves as a cloak for the Neocon/Crypto-fascist movement in this coountry. We already have the rich getting richer at the expense of the rest of us, an atmosphere of fear driven by the national media which is promoted by Corporate America, and unending war that enriches Corporate America and has wasted thousands of American and Iraqi and Afgan lives. I can't even get on an airplane without having my luggage x-rayed and any liquids confiscated if they are more than 3oz by order of the TSA. Most even more maddening is the clearly STUPID requirement to take off my shoes - this was done away with in Europe years ago. I may come as news to the TSA that there always been a greater problem with terrorists than there is here. The motto of the TSA seems to be "You vill(sic) obey" whether it makes sense or not. I resent this abuse and don't know why the American people don't demand that the TSA behave more reasonably and respectfully with us.
Back in the 1930's when fascism was being established in Germany and Italy the American novelist Sinclair Lewis wrote a very prophetic novel titled "It Can't Happen Here"which describes the rise of fascism in America. Briefly it will be characterized as American Fascism will appear wrapped in the flag and carrying a bible.
Look familiar!!??
Blue roses I'd love to do a Texas Rant asap, but all hell has broken out at work!!!!! The lead partner is looking like Bruno Ganz's hitler right now!! Yikes!! I think I'm one of the three sheepish guys in the room!!!