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JULY 24, 2011 11:56PM

Uruguay beats Paraguay for Copa America title

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Uruguay 3 - 0 Paraguay
Suarez 13'
Forlan 41', 90'

Happy fans

Uruguay defeated Paraguay by three goals to nil to win the Copa America tournament on this crisp winter's afternoon at Stadio El Monumental in Buenos Aires. Uruguay's two stars from its 2010 World Cup 3rd Place finish, Luis "Handball" Suarez and Diego "Ballon d'Or" Forlan,  provided the goals for the new Champion of the Americas.


Paraguay reached the final without the benefit of winning a single match in the tournament, winning both of their knockout round games, against Brazil and Venezuela, on penalty kicks after scoreless draws.  The match against Venezuela ended in an ugly brawl (See vid below). Uruguay controlled the run of play in the final from start to finish and Paraguay did not seem to belong on the same pitch as la celeste olímpica. Apparently, Uruguay's third place run in South Africa was no fluke.

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