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MAY 10, 2009 11:24AM

The Bethesda Incident

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The story, being referred to as “The Bethesda Incident,” is just now emerging, several weeks after the fact. It is a chilling reminder of the high stakes bullshit game that is global warming, where ideologues rule.

The facts are these. Anticipating President Obama’s intention to go green as part of his plan to destroy the economy, sixteen SUV’s saw the handwriting on the wall and celebrated Earth day by committing suicide in Bethesda, Maryland yesterday.   

                                                                                                        SUV Suicide Leader

It is said that they were overcome with guilt because their gas mileage was over the recommended levels needed to save the planet.  But some facts are emerging that this may not be the case.

Among the gas guzzling behemoths that plunged to their tragic deaths over Waland’s Cliff was an Audi Q7, a Cadillac Escalade, two Toyota 4Runners, a Land Rover, a Hummer, Ford Explorer and a Mercedes GL-class. The remaining brand names are being withheld pending notification of their owners.

“They just had enough,” sighed Bill Mendez, owner of the rogue Wrangler that organized and led the other SUV’s to their deaths. “They felt the resentment and hate directed towards them by the smug, dutiful high mileage cars. I was afraid to leave my vehicle alone in parking lots for fear of bullying from the ethanolists and hybrids. The vehicles on bio-fuel were the worst. And the irony is, I think it supported Kyoto.”

Grieving SUV owner

Harry Wolfson, who owned a Chevvy Tahoe that was one of the sixteen, was in despair that he couldn’t spot the classic telltale signs –- hesitant starts, grinding pops and a recalcitrant alignment. “It was sluggish for months,” he said of his late vehicle with the chrome-appearance package and leather wrapped steering wheel. “I was so selfishly caught up in unimportant things like my job, four kids, wife and house repairs that I didn’t notice how unhappy it was. Now I wish I had paid more attention to it, maybe washed it more.”

“This is often the case,” said SUVologist, Dr. Helen Zimmer, who specializes in treating depressed SUV’s. “They seem so rugged and full of life, but they’re still machines who’re very good at hiding their feelings and eventually they snap. Sometimes their On-Star systems send out an SOS, a cry for help, but these early warnings go unnoticed. Sometimes, all it needs is a tune-up or a higher grade of fuel to bring its mileage under control.”

                                                                                                        Distraught Cardozo

“I’m shocked,” said a weeping Maria Cardozo, a Washington lobbyist, who’s now been forced to use the DC transit system for the first time and doesn’t know where to get off. “We gave our Audi Q7 a wonderful garage. It was neat, clean, no oil spots on the floor. Sure, she was pre-owned, but we treated her as if it were ours. Who knew it was concerned about global warming?” Mrs. Cardozo held up a shopping bag. “We just bought her a new carpet set. Now she’ll never see it,” Cardozo sobbed, overcome with grief.

SUV observers and friends were also very upset at the loss of their road buddies and gathered at the suicide site to leave items in their memory: Car jacks, fragrance sticks, glove compartment detria, bobbleheads, nerf dice and unapplied bumperstickers were but a few of the remembrances left at the scene. A passing Prius was heard to say, “Yeah, I hated their guts for polluting the atmosphere, but I didn’t want them to die. No rational high-mileage vehicle wants that.  But some zealot cars out there are revving with joy. ”

“I blame Al Gore,” said Major Harley Venable, owner of the Lincoln Navigator that was part of the pact. “All that hounding, all that bullshit about CO2’s took its toll. And now Obama joins in the hunt. No wonder I had to take it to the shop six times in the year I owned it.” Others disagreed, blaming George Bush and Iraq. An SUV hybrid friendly with one of the dead Toyota 4Runners confirmed that the Toyota was despondent over the emissions the war was causing the planet.

                                                                                                           Deceased BMW in                                                                                    happier times

A spokesperson for the Infinity QX56 that also took the plunge discounted all environmental causes for his vehicle’s death. “It was unhappy from the beginning because it had a funny name, QX56, and not something glitzy like Escalade or Land Rover. All this gas guzzling theorizing is just bullshit.”

Early investigative reports indicate otherwise, however. According to lead investigator, Sheriff Armand Copeland, the gas tanks of all sixteen vehicles contained Koolaid, leading him to think that these SUVs were part of a suicide cult. “This could be a vehicular Jonestown,” he said. Other evidence also points to a cult culture – all the vehicles were in first gear, a gear that uses the most gas. “This was a statement,” added the Sheriff, “no question about it.”

Others felt that the intended statement was a protest against the madness that is man-made global warming, perhaps the true reason the story has been suppressed until now. As evidence, some point to the suspicious suicide oil slick that was found in the garage of Mr. Mendez’ Wrangler, which willed its Bose Sound System to a gas guzzling 1978 Mustang that lived next door, saying, "Stay the course."

“Is this the final act of a guilt ridden, environmental activist or a pissed off realist? I don’t know anymore,” he sobbed. “I just don’t know.”

Funeral services for the vehicles will be held at Carlucci’s Junk Yard Emporium.   Only cars that get less than eighteen miles per gallon will be admitted.

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I showed this to my pickup truck, and he laughed too.
However, his laugh faded into a kind of nervous chuckle, so I have him on suicide watch.
Fun story.
Welcome back.
Good to know the sense of humor remains intact. I read about a 150 lb. car this morning. Have you been on a drive?
The poor beautiful dinosaurs. They will be missed.
Perhaps when they are buried they can take all that carbon they poured into the atmosphere and put it back in the ground with them them!
This was funny start to finish. I especially like the part about the SUVs intentionally being in first gear and the "Stay the Course" message to the Mustang.

Welcome back.
Whenever one of those monsters almost hits me because some tiny little bitch at the wheel is talking on her cellphone I open my (Rav4) window and whisper drive into the ocean... drive into the ocean. Wow, some of them actually listened.
As usual, that was funny and well done.
Based on recent legislation, we need to watch for copy cat incidence in California among black cars.

Fabulously funny. Rated. Welcome back!
Welcome Back but there is one, small problem with this John. Apparently the whole "global warming" phrase isn't catching on enough so Obama is hiring marketing companies to come up with a better catch phrase. I heard they were thinking of something like: Climate Armageddon. ;-) Rated! Funny!
Thanks, all. I'm really swamped -- good stuff, some personal stuff ... so I'm not on top of OS, but I'm lurking a little ... Appreciate the comments.

Aaron ... thanks ... I was in the process of re-reading it after publishing and caught the same mistake you did. Thanks for really paying attention.
Yeah, high mileage vehicles and less reliance on overseas crude are really bad ideas, unAmericun! Yeah, going green and creating millions of jobs sounds really stupid, becoming self-suffecient?- waste of time.

Yeah, the un-filtered residue of 200 years of industrial growth trapped by an atmosphere would never have any effect at all on it- of course not, thats just stupid! Just stupid like that Copernicus guy, what a bunch of "theories" these so-called educated elite types come up with, thinking heavy dense material would clog the atmosphere- REALLY! Stupid smart people.

AUWE dude, leave some for the kids