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July 03
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JULY 15, 2010 11:19AM

The Unbearable Cruelty Of Being Obama (2)

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In Part 1, I suggested that Obama (and his supporting cast of Marxist, wealth distributing cohorts) is like Lenin. That is, he is willing to sacrifice the welfare of the people to institute a transformational change in a political system. Just as Lenin wanted to overthrow the cruelty of the Russian monarchy and all it’s attachments, Obama wants to destroy the evil of capitalism.

Job Killer

 Omelet maker

And the first casualties of his campaign are jobs.

Not any jobs. The WRONG kind of jobs. Jobs that have to do with oil. Jobs that aren’t — ooooo — green. Jobs that have driven this country to triumph in the world economy.

But our little man in the White House, this suit full of air, this lazy, incompetent celebrity, doesn’t like capitalism. I think it’s because he didn’t have the balls to dive into the entrepreneurial fray and try to run a business. He, instead, chose a life in the safety of academia and politics, the junkyard of political humanity.

In what warped world would the leader of a country ignore a major catastrophic event as long as Obama has ignored the BP oil spill?

Answer: In the world of environmentalism, the planet of crazed do-gooders who never held a job, of lying scientists, of hypocritical celebrity advocates who leave carbon footprints a million times bigger than Kim Kardashian’s ass while preaching to the rest of us to reduce our already pathetically small carbon outputs.

This is the world Obama lives in. A world that is willing to destroy jobs for the greener good.

The early timeline in the BP oil spill is instructive regarding Obama’s concern for American workers connected in any way to petroleum.

DAY ONE: Explosion happens. Nothing from White House. Instead, daily activities are:
>Obama hosts G-20 reception.
>Obama hosts Earth Day reception. >Visits Wall Street to push reform bill.
>Dutch ships offer help. Obama rejects it.
>Obama plays golf in Asheville.
>Obama plays golf in North Carolina.
>Obama hosts the NY Yankees at White House.
DAY NINE: Oil flow reported to be five times greater than original estimate.
>Obama sends Ken Salazar, Janet >Napolitano and Lisa Jackson to the Gulf, while he travels to Missouri and Illinois for photo-ops.
>Obama says he’ll send SWAT teams to investigate the rigs and attends a DNC fundraiser.
DAY ELEVEN: Oil penetrates Louisiana wetlands.
>Obama meets with Bono in Oval Office.
>Obama does stand up at White House Correspondents dinner.

I need go no further in this disgraceful litany of Obama intransigence. But it continued.

Instead of taking action:

Obama hosted the Navy football team, a cinco de Mayo party, Rose Garden speech on the economy (irony drips here), plays golf, gives commencement speech at Hampton University, plays golf with Biden, attends campaign event in NYC, plays golf, plays golf, hosts UConn woman’s basketball team, goes to Youngstown, hosts Felipe Calderon, discusses basketball with Marv Alpert, plays golf at Andrews Air Force Base, hosts Asian-American celebration, attends Barbara Boxer fundraiser, hosts U.S. World Cup Soccer and Duke basketball team.

All as Governor Jindal submitted plans and options that were shredded in the red tape bureaucracy of Washington, red tape that any President could have trumped with an executive order and a demand to do everything possible to fix this mess.

Meanwhile, jobs are threatened, the Louisiana governor begs for federal permission for HIM to take certain action, ships around the world are waiting to help and — nothing from Obama except boasts to “kick some ass” and whining defensiveness, “I can’t suck it up with a straw.”

No, you can’t, President O’Prompter, you incompetent idiot. What you can do, and are doing, is destroying jobs, so that voters will become dependent on the government for their existence. If that isn’t Marxism, I don’t know what is.

And then there are the jobs he killed with the moratorium on further drilling in the Gulf. Drilling that could have been closer to shore but for the environmentalist alarmists.

Like Lenin, Obama wants to break more fucking eggs. He wants jobs lost so he can demonstrate the “horrors” of oil and force us to demand solar panels on our houses and windmills in our back yards. He is making the American environmental omelet, at our expense. He is our Lenin.

Meanwhile, the red tape continues and Louisiana has not yet received all the possible help available to it.  And jobs disappear to teach us all Obama's lesson about the evils of oil.


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"President O'Prompter"

Now, that is funny.

"President O'Prompter"

Yeah, that's funny because we all know that no other president has ever used a teleprompter.

John, you know I like to read your posts, but the comparisons to Lenin and Marx are every bit as ridiculous as early comparisons some made about a different president to Herr Hitler. I think a little moderation in tone would be helpful unless you wish to be viewed as one of Limbaugh's dittoheads. Personally, I think you are above that.
or ... he's known all along how bad the Gulf is and not only did not start a panic but put his top scientist, one of the world's smartest individuals, on the job once they determined BP guys were in waaaayyy over their heads, all due to Cheney's closed door planning with them ...
"If that isn’t Marxism, I don’t know what is."

The fact that they WANT an oil drilling moratorium is proof that they have no idea what they are doing. Carville said it best : "The Federal Government is killing us here in the Gulf!" The best idea they can come up with in the middle of a recession is to completely shut down an entire industry and leave hundreds, if not thousands, jobless. Great idea!!!
Spot on, John. Rated.
Just put up a post, challenging me to rebut any claims you wish to make concerning your vast pool of political ignorance. I won't do it because you're well beneath my concern. You, however, seem fixated on the delusion you have a picogram of intelligence, and so want to show me your ability.

You are obviously oblivious to how well you broadcast your twin deficits of emotional control and intelligence.

I'd say you're rapidly becoming an Open Salon joke, but you passed that point long ago.

But if you want a public spanking, I will apply one...within reason and commensurate to the extent of your ability.