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Danville, Virginia, USA
June 22
I was born in a refugee camp in Germany after World War II, and came with my Polish Catholic parents Jan and Tekla and my sister Donna to the United States as Displaced Persons in 1951. My parents had been slave laborers in Nazi Germany. Growing up in the immigrant and DP neighborhoods around Humboldt Park in Chicago, I met Jewish hardware store clerks with Auschwitz tattoos on their wrists, Polish cavalry officers who still mourned for their dead horses, and women who walked from Siberia to Iran to escape the Russians. I write about these people.


SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 1:06PM

Stalin Bust at National D-Day Memorial

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stalin with kids


 I heard today that Stalin's bust is going up at the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Va.  That's right.  Come this Veteran's Day they are putting up a memorial to this man of courage, leadership, and integrity.

I'm outraged.   This guy was a mass murderer on the scale of Adolf Hitler!

When I heard this about the bust, I thought "no way."  In Russia, they are tearing down monuments to Stalin and we're putting one up here.  

 I thought it was just a goof.  But it's not. 

You  can read an interview with the artist who's sculpting the bust at The Washington Times.  Here's another piece that appeared on a local central Virginia newscast not far from the D-Day Memorial:  WSLS 10

Stalin was a very bad man.  He was allied with Hitler and helped him start WWII, killed  10,000,000 of his own people, murdered 20,000 Polish doctors, professors, and officers, shipped millions more to Siberia (including 2,000,000 Poles who came under his control), and on and on.  

 This guy needs a bust at the National D-Day Memorial?



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This is startling and I look forward to hearing more about this story!
Wow. What the fuck?

Even if he had been a paragon of virtue during WWII, which he most certainly wasn't...we've known about the Siberian gulags he was responsible for for decades now.
Good to you John Guzlowski. I almost turned this off to go eat a snack of Feta and Gouda Goat Goat. The sliced heirloom Green Zebra and heirloom Aunt Ruby's German Green is ripe when green. The green rpe taste like it already has mayo and salt. I've been on your site to read slow.
Thanks for educating.
I need to be buying the:`Robert H. Deluty's new book. Time sure gets packed with duty.
Duty. That's a Word.
It's a citizen's Duty to critique the wayward citizen who is servile to all Evil Incarnations.
Justice Based on Fairness. The book was no easy read by Law expert John Rowles. He deceased. Of course, You know that. I spent struggling times in that book when I was going through the unjust court system in Franklin County PA. O off-topic" ? I could finf not one - NOT one lawyer to defend me against the Bank and the couty D. A. after I was arrested in a Fraud-Bank in Waynesboro PA. (Oh hush up/me shush?)We live and learn? I hope. John Rowles was a Law Professor at Harvard. Thanks again. Hope you eat Feta and Gouda goat cheese?
I guess it's the Absurd?
Absurd returns in our era.
John, I just stumbled on a link with a photo. It sounds like quite the controversy.
Alan, thanks for the link. I wonder how they plan to present Stalin. Will there be a plaque next to the bust saying he murdered 10,000,000 plus people and started with Hitler the second world war.

A lot of people forget that Stalin invaded Poland a couple weeks after Hitler as part of their plan to divide up that coutry.

I guess the moral here is that history is complicated and sometimes ugly.
What, no Pol Pot or Charles Manson? Stalin made Sadam Hussein look like an insurance salesman.
God, I feel like I've been punched in the gut.

This is unbelievable.
Well that is a total fuck-up. What an idiotic thing to do.
If you feel like I do that this is an outrage, send a note to the National D-Day Memorial or give them a call.

Toll free: 800-351-DDAY

This is just wrong . . . I don't get it.
Thank you John. We need many more alert eyes ..."lest we forget"...
Hi All, I just wanted to add that I haven't heard anything from the D-Day memorial although I've written and have encouraged others to write. If you have heard, let me know.