john guzlowski

john guzlowski
Danville, Virginia, USA
June 22
I was born in a refugee camp in Germany after World War II, and came with my Polish Catholic parents Jan and Tekla and my sister Donna to the United States as Displaced Persons in 1951. My parents had been slave laborers in Nazi Germany. Growing up in the immigrant and DP neighborhoods around Humboldt Park in Chicago, I met Jewish hardware store clerks with Auschwitz tattoos on their wrists, Polish cavalry officers who still mourned for their dead horses, and women who walked from Siberia to Iran to escape the Russians. I write about these people.


FEBRUARY 4, 2013 10:27AM

The Last Day of Life on Earth

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My short short short story "The Last Day of Life on Earth" appears in the recent Atticus Review.    Take a look if you get a chance.  

It begins:

On the last day of life on earth, a little boy asked his mother for a drink of water, and she smiled and kissed him on the forehead. 


 To read the rest just click here.  Here.



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apocalpyse, science fiction

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John, just read it. Short but so powerful. Each person's final choices as diverse and poignant as life itself. What it brought to mind for me was Hiroshima, everyone going about their business as the bomb whistled toward them and their last day of life on earth came to an unexpected end.
Margaret, thanks for reading the piece. The hiroshima comparison reads true for me--thank you for that.