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John Leonard

John Leonard
Shoreline, Washington, US
August 12
I think
I suppose that I should give some sort of Bio - I'm a superannuated Boston transplant to the Seattle area who came out when the bottom fell out of the Telecom industry a few years back. Engineering just ain't what it used to be and it's unlikely it ever will be again. I'll get over it. I've lived here for five years and doubt that I'll ever get used to the west coast. That may not be a bad thing.


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MAY 17, 2009 11:41PM

Can You See The Real Me? Can You? Can You?

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"Well" you ask, and well you might, "just why does that John Leonard fellow hide behind photos of innocent dogs? An unfortunate incident with a flame thrower when he was younger? A biological experiment gone hideously wrong? Or even less likely, is the boy so handsome that even Cary Grant would die of envy (if he weren't already)?".

 Well, now it can be told, or shown rather. Sorry, I'm afraid I don't have my guyliner on, and as an ad for Ford pick-ups  described - I'm "just not the kind of man who shaves on a Saturday ", or a Friday or a Sunday either for that matter. I think it should be obvious that I achieve that devil-may-care look by simply not caring.

But I am waiting for a Java program I wrote to finish (a large amount of processing to be done) and have nothing better to do, so I thought I'd scare the children.

Mine Own Portrait

Here I am in all my glory.  If Rob can show his ponytail, I can show my face.


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Samelessly throwing out the first comment.
You're still hiding behind a pair of glasses....... but you don't scare me at all!
Cartouche, without the glasses I can't see the screen.

Stellaa, I wanted to wait until I looked my best ;-)
hee hee Guyliner?

What Cartouche said.
Hooray another avatar bites the dust! I just love being able to see the face behind the words!
Not scared either.
Very distinguished gentleman!
Rated for no dogs this time. But, I do love me some dogs!
Not scary at all, dude.

Not at all odd, either, that you don't look anything like I thought though I'd be hard-pressed to tell you what I thought you looked like.

Though now that I see your face, you remind me of someone I used to know. Problem is, the name won't come to me. Ah, the vagaries of growing older....

Thumbed (even though my Java comes in a cup ;-P).
My first visit and no way are you scary...thank goodness as it it early in the morning!
Thanks All.

Ms Savage, I'm afraid that the avatars haven't bitten the dust, you just occasionally get to see the man behind the curtain. You know, the one you're to pay no attention to.

Greg, "distinguished" covers a multitude of sins and I'm glad you decided to leave them covered.

Bill, it's OK, I don't look like I think I do, either. In my mind, I'm still the same person I was in 1974. I can't explain it, that's just when my self-image became fixed.

Buffy, I assure you - I and very scary, I just like to behave myself here, 'cause occasional squabbles aside everyone's so nice to each other.

And odetteroulette, I wish I could claim "guyliner" as my own, but I think it might be Greg's. It's origins are lost way back in the mists of cybertime, i.e. a couple of months ago. But, just to let you know I am *really* good at putting on theatrical makeup.
Mystery solved! I am very pleased. Thanks, John.
No one can be more critical of you, than you can be of yourself.