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John Leonard

John Leonard
Shoreline, Washington, US
August 12
I think
I suppose that I should give some sort of Bio - I'm a superannuated Boston transplant to the Seattle area who came out when the bottom fell out of the Telecom industry a few years back. Engineering just ain't what it used to be and it's unlikely it ever will be again. I'll get over it. I've lived here for five years and doubt that I'll ever get used to the west coast. That may not be a bad thing.


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JUNE 30, 2009 11:39PM

Just a Nice Place

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I haven't posted anything in quite awhile, so I just thought I'd let people know that I was still sucking air.

The photo is of a pool in Stickney Brook in W. Dummerston, Vt., where I caught my first fish ( a brook trout) when I was about 4 years old.Stickney Pool

 It's still one of my favorite places to go, although I haven't fished it since my own boys were little.

At some point, I expect to be posting a little mongraph on Spike Milligan's war memoirs - one of the funniest tragedies I've ever read in my life, the story of a man who spent most of the years after 1945 looking for 1939.

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This is a thing that goes bump in the night.
Glad to know you are still sucking air. I look forward to your post.
nice to know the air is working.
But how does the air TASTE??? :-D

Nice shot. Looking forward to that monograph.
Hi All, yup the air is working.

Bill, as I now live in the big city and have a bus stop right outside my window, I'll have to say that the air tastes a bit like diesel exhaust.
I miss me some exhaust. There's a sweet flowery fragrance at all time, and those damn birds never shut up.

Your pool looks nice though. For a bit.
Now Dorelle, don't go all Rachel Carson on us.

The pool is about knee-deep and even in August, it's like liquid ice. Go downstream about 100 yds where it gets shallower and flows over some dark rocks in the sun, it warms up to merely bone-chilling.

The fact that the brook is clean and cold is why brook trout like it.