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SEPTEMBER 29, 2010 8:19AM

In Praise Of Great Asses

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Rumor has it that Doris Day has the greatest ass in Hollywood—

What it looks like now I haven’t heard,

But it can’t look all that bad to be compared to Venus in its day—

Marilyn Monroe had a great ass too,

But she got fat and lived too long—

Doris day is still alive by the way—

No one on earth has a greater ass than Doris Day,

Old and wrinkled like Brigitte Bardot

Who tried to seduce me on the Riviera—

There once was a girl named Cinderella

Who had an ass like an ironing board—

She didn’t stand out in a crowd—

Doris Day, now there was an ass

Glimpsed like a blue moon in Technicolor pictures

From before you were born—

But no one ever seduced Doris Day; she never got laid—

“I knew Doris day before she was virgin,”

Goes the Biblical story, but there it is—

Playing in a stag film New York City,

Filmed in the village in the apartment of TS Eliot

Featuring a gang bang with Dylan Thomas and William S. Burroughs

Doing strange things to her on the couch—

Her pillbox hat never fell off her beehive, her black petticoats

Like the sails of a pirate schooner blowing in a nor'easter

She bent over and sucked cock in high heels,

Like your mother used to wear if you were lucky,

In my dreams Sylvia Plath would be there too—

I wrote a play once—

What Doris Day had was deep cleavage,

A great profile and a camel toe tight as an oyster—

She had great feet that didn’t smell,

Unless she wore flats all day then they smelled like roses—

She was always willing to have her ass slapped and

Her cheeks were tight as drums—

There's an old woman librarian,

She must be about seventy,

I can see her everyday if I make an excuse to go to the library—

I’d take that bitch between the shelves and write her life story from birth to the grave—

I would eat her dusty pussy and make it wet as an ocean—

She wears stockings and garters older than my mother—

If she let her hair down she’d be blonde as Doris Day—


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Sounds like you got up and had one hell of a dream last night.
I saw her one when I was 8. Yes, she was a knock out.
Rated with hugs