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OCTOBER 31, 2009 12:50PM

Annoy AmateurMD and Read this Article

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The Atlantic Monthly this month has an interesting, informative article on the efficacy of the flu vaccine.  Since this community seems interested in educating itself on matters of health care and public health policy, I recommend it.  In my opinion, the article is a balanced, non-definitive examination of the issue.  You may still have to make up your own mind - as offensive as that idea may be to a certain doctor at this site.

Here's the article:

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Anything that annoys anyone is always good for creating conflict. I give you 10 points for stirring the pot!
Do I dare to annoy her? Okay.
It's a interesting article, and I agree that there's a really strong possibility that the seasonal flu shot 1) must be a good match which it often is not 2) really only aids in controlling severity and probably not in full prevention of the flu.

I get the seasonal now because I have a child. Not because I believe it will keep me from getting the flu but because I can hope it will reduce the severity and allow me to continue to get around and do things.

The H1N1 is an almost perfect match, unlike the seasonal flu. Unless it mutates drastically, it should be a really, really effective shot, like other vaccines that are not the seasonal flu vaccine. There was no guesswork. They had the virus in hand so could match it up well.

I also thought 2 patients and only 2 patients as of August with Tamiflu resistance is pretty good. Although I'm convinced that there are some other over the counter medications that work just as well or even better--oscillococcinum for instance. Elderberry has done well in clinical trials as well. And Vitamin D is helpful.

Anyway, an interesting article. I think they're probably right about the seasonal flu shot. You know, for what that's worth. ;)