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Jon Henner

Jon Henner
November 26
full time father, full time deaf activist, some times writer, most times thinker, all times wandering.


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APRIL 2, 2009 4:38PM

Dirty Haiku Thursday

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I said be careful!

Now look at what you have done

Lube is everywhere!

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LOL! That's really dirty!
Oh, man. Lube is like, the hardest thing in the world to clean up.

Sometimes, when I've got it all over my hand, I really sneaky like wipe it off on my Bedmate's behind. Like, oh yeah baby, I love some of that *wipe wipe wipe*.
You made me giggle out loud!
I could tell you a story about someone sliding off the commode after a...dalliance but that might be in poor taste.
A story in poor taste is a good story, indeed.
Oh ewww. Perfect dirty HK
I love it. A very naughty situation implied without a single naughty word! Well done.