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November 26
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APRIL 9, 2009 1:57AM

Bridge Poem - 6am

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A response to the open call by annette2009


and the girl by the bus stop - dancing
I walked
through the church fields
the homeless they congregate there in steep lines
waiting by the closed doors
mercy is fine religious too but only after 7am
before then mercy is sleeping like most of the world at

(once a man tried to wake mercy before 7am
and the cops took him away for disturbing the peace
the others found out he got a free meal out of the deal
now the cops have to throw in the occasional beating
just to make sure
mercy stays asleep until after 7am)

and the girl by the bus stop – falling
I take a step towards her and the masses in the church fields call out
hey man
don’t worry about her
she’s just hungry
mercy wakes up in an hour and she’ll be fed
you’ll see her tomorrow dancing at

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great job! rated for a little mercy please, at any time of the day.
This made me cry. I worked at two inner city schools, one beside a free food for the homeless bank and one beside a methadone clinic where many homeless addicts attended for free needles, etc.. This spoke to me, resonating with repeated personal experience. If there's one thing I'd urge people to do for homeless people, it's to TALK to them. Many are bone-crunchingly lonely. Talk to them, remind yourself and them that they still have something to say that others want to hear. Thank you for letting one speak in your poem.
Well....this is REALLY QUITE GOOD, Mister!

I read this aloud and the cadence was really superb. I write and publish poetry in Lit Journals and this was just a fine visceral experience for me..which is what (I think) art is about: an aesthetic experience..hope you continue to post more poems
mercy, mercy, mercy, things ain't what they use to be
Beautiful writing. Portraying Mercy as a woman on a fixed schedule is very thought provoking.
I followed you here because of your honest post on What do Men Want? (Navelgazer). So glad I did. rated
I'm liking how things come full circle here.
Please tell me you're not a hedge fund manager. Too much humanity in this post for such a creature.
Del: I'm just an unemployed, stay-at-home father. Would like to be a hedge fund manager, though. They sure make money and they don't seem to do much.
so lyrical. so visual. 'steep lines' perfect term.
Just beautiful.
You rock.
I like your nose
And will contribute