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JULY 18, 2009 10:16AM

Oldest man in the world dies today. A true veteran of life!

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We have heard much of celebrity death in recent months, but lets turn away from so called celebrity's to those who lived life in the raw, and survived to a greater amount than any of these other names could have managed.
Lets turn from those who have set a record in individual nations to those who have created international records that blaze throughout the world.
Lets turn from those who record the news and the events of history to one who not only lived history but made history become his story.
Henry Allingham! Who is he you, you may ask.
Personally I had never heard of him untill I saw him on parade on the annual Remembrance Day  Parade in London. When I say I saw him, it was through the medium of the TV. There he was freshly faced, despite his age. A TRUE veteran.
I know some have differring definitions of veteran, but for some of us being a veteran is more than being in the army for a short period of time. It means being there with your life on the line. Actually being in a war. Here is one such as that who has proved himself to be a born survivor .......................  for 113 years!   

Henry Allingham, the oldest surviving serviceman from the First World War, has died today at the age of 113.



He served with the Royal Navy Air Serviceduring the Great War (1914 -18 first World War), later transferring to the Royal Air Force when it was formed by Lord Trenchard on the 1st April, 1918. (Yes I know, 1st April is April Fools Day, but try telling that to a Veteran such as this).  He also served at Ypres in the same war.






Less than a month ago, Mr Allingham was declared the world's oldest man by Guinness World Records.



Tomoji Tanabe, the previous world's oldest man, died in his sleep at his home in southern Japan earlier. He was also 113 years old.



Mr Allingham celebrated his 113th birthday on June 6.



In March, he received an upgraded Legion d'Honneur from the French ambassador in London and was made the first honorary lifetime member of the Royal Naval Association.



He was also presented with a doctorate in engineering from Southampton Solent University and was made an honorary freeman of his home city of Brighton and Hove in April.

Mr Allingham, whose life spanned three centuries and six monarchs, has five grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, 14 great-great grandchildren and one great-great-great grandchild. 

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All I can say is Wow! And God Bless Him.
It is truly amazing to see ow he has survived through so much.

There is a saying that an old soldier never dies ............. he just fades away.
Wow! The changes he has seen in over a hundred years. No car, no phones, no planes, etc. Just imagine the last 20 years, the advancement of the computer world. He was probably 40 before he seen indoor plumbing. Amazing!! A tip of the hat to this special person!!
I saw Mr. Allingham on the news a while back. It really is the end of an era isn't it?
May he rest in peace! What an astounding story and an astounding life! Thanks for sharing this with us, Jonmagee!
This is touching. My kind doesn't really age, we just melt away.
I heard this on the radio earlier today, and thought "what stamina!"

I wonder what he ate and drank... ;~)
Thats great to see so many of you visiting.

Scanner: Being born in the Victorian era he must have seen aircraft in the same light as we consider pioneer space travel.

Nanatehay: Yes, it is an end of an era. Having said that, there is one more British Veteran of the 1st world war still alive. He is just a youngster of about 108 years old.
Zuma: Yes, truly astounding

Freaky: I am sure that you have many years aheads before you start to melt away.

KTM: Thats an interesting question. I wonder if we have a clue from the adds. When I first came here I thought it must be pizza, cos the add was for pizza hut. Then it started advertising FRS. Never heard of it except that it is supposed to relieve tiredness. ktm, have gone back to that site you mentioned to me, though I do have difficulties navigating myself around
I'd never heard of Mr Allingham, Jon. Thank you for sharing this. I'll be reading more about his life.
Happy reading. There should be a number of items about him on the internet at the moment. Thanks for your comment Natalie
Now here is a challenge.

There has been so much hype on OS about people who are relatively small fry, just because they have died having been singers/actors/tv reporters. Here is some one who deserves world recognition because he has lived the history of 3 centuries.

Will we see much made of this man, a REAL celebrity on OS?

Come on Editors, you know that a life that is a world record has to be better than what has been idolised so far.........
OK, I guess MAKING history over 3 centuries, having a WORLD record, surviving two REAL World Wars, etc, does not rate primary attention from the editors compared with youngsters from one country who REPORT history, SING records, and ACT plots that depict dangerous situations.

No challenge from the editors to honour such a man as Mr Allingham.

MMMM that figures.
The popular aphorism: "truth is stranger than fiction," appears to apply to Mr. Allingham.

What a fascinating story, and how very sad that past differences refused to die, no matter how long lived the subject was. Both father and daughter sound equally stubborn, what a pity that Henry deprived himself of meeting a lot of his antecedents, and in turn the daughter robbed her own children and grandchildren of knowing Mr. Allingham. It appears that Henry and Jean shared many traits, stubbornness at the top of the list to the detriment of them both, and their loved ones.
Thank you for bringing this latest addition to the story, and yes, you are so right in your observation.

I had not read this bit, but I see it is in todays paper which I have not read yet, so will catch up later today.