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December 15
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MAY 13, 2010 7:14PM

British Politics, 2010.

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British politics is experiencing a once in a lif time experience as it begins its coalition government of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. this is something most have not experienced before in this country. In 1974, when there was last a "hung parliament", there was a pact between Labour and Liberals, though the last FULL coalition government was, in fact a government of national unity during the 2nd World War.


With all the historical significance, I thought it might be good to bring all my posts on this topic together so that they will be easily found. So, here they are:




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Thanks, Jon. At least we'll have a realistic view that is more than the Jon Stewart, Daily Show version.
thanks zuma. Now excuse my ignorance, but who is Jon Stewart?
This is fascinating Jon. What do you personally see as the major problems facing Britain, and what do you think should be done?
I would say that the greatest problem facing Britain is much like others today, the best way to face the international financial concerns.
slight addition as been put into the post