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Joseph Carr

Joseph Carr
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March 04
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My name is Joseph. I am an English teacher and an advocate for social change, mainly in the form of the abolishment of patriarchy, imperialism, racism, and the psychic slaughter of the human race.


JANUARY 30, 2009 2:47PM

War Criminal...Already?

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     Our government has carried out an illegal missile strike in Pakistan:  and it was ordered by Barak Obama.  I have to say that, for me, this in unsettling, mostly due to the fact that it's an affirmation of what I genuinely began to think was just a cynical belief; that nothing would change with our new president.  I was sincerely moved by the freshness of having a minority serve as commander in chief:  almost, but not quite, losing site of the function of this particular office.  A function that was in plain view, maybe not on the news but in plain view to anyone willing to look, on Obama's third day in office.  His function is, and will continue to be, to maintain American superiority abroad, whatever the cost.  

      These attacks, which have been carried out countless times, are a violation of Pakistani sovereignty, infringing on a country that at least claims to be our ally.  I almost bought into all of the rhetoric of winning the hearts and minds of the Muslim world, rather than, well, blowing them up.  Each attack of this nature, with the "collateral damage" of children and innocent civilians, creates dozens of radicals for every few targets that are actually killed.  

     Obama is inheriting quite a mess.  There is no question about that.  I was just hoping, deep down, that he really would do something different.  I'm sure that domestically, and abroad, his policies will equate to a controlled bleed rather than hemorrhaging as the empire slowly collapses, but is this the best that we as a culture can do, or expect? Why don't we as a society ask for more, or more so, demand it?  President Obama seems like a really nice guy, which I'm sure he is.  I feel bad criticizing him and not having this hope that everyone has been talking about.  I'm 27:  I can't be a curmudgeon yet, can I?

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