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MAY 5, 2009 8:03PM

A Boy Sings the Blues

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 A friend of mine was pleased that someone sent a great photo of her son playing drums on Beale Street. Beale Street, Memphis, TN.  This clip is from their debut in a great blues joint in Charlotte, NC   The Double Door Inn
Jimi Hendrix, " Red House " performed by 13-year-old guitarist, Jake Haldenwang & his Blues Brew

13-year-old guitarist, Jake Haldenwang's "Blues Brew" with 14-year-old bassist, Sean Hickey & 16-year-old drummer, Seth Warner.. Perform Hendrix's "Red House" for their debut at the Legendary Double Door Inn, Charlotte NC. January, 4 2009.


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Very talented for being so young. Maybe he's a reincarnation
of Jimi....
Okay, I'm frustrated because my computer is just one step above dial-up and won't let me look at this video! Just wait until June when the stupid satellite contract ends and I can get REAL high-speed! Yes! Until then, I'll just have to imagine these guys playing... (I love Beale Street, how cool to have played there! Although my main memory of Beale Street is the shop on the corner that makes multiple-flavored slushy alcoholic drinks. I think the last one I had was named "Call A Cab"...)
Get that kid an agent!
From the website, it looks like a prestigious gig! What fun! I don't do blues, but they sound good to me!
I expect this is just a beginning!