The future ain't what it used to be.

Yogi Berra
JANUARY 1, 2012 4:18AM


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  Earth and Sun


The grass grows green, turns brown.

The Sun goes up, goes down

In flaming orange, turquoise.

We live on.

No choice.


One more loop

Around the planetary chicken coop.

Expectations arise,

We try our best.

No surprise.


Novelties on a cosmic scale,

We shudder, turn pale.

Our star comes vexed.

We wonder what

Comes next.


 This human race must face

Its stupidities, disgrace.

Sometimes we can sigh

Or maybe laugh

Or cry


Our's not to reason why.

One must comply

Some things lost, some won

Breathe in, breathe out.

Life goes on.



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No choice. Thank you for these thoughts. Life goes on. It is amazingly resilient. Happy New Year.
Yes, Life goes on. Thanks & Happy 2012 Jan
Stick around for another year Jan you just may see something magnificent
Yes, this is true, I'll admit. When you get older, simple things give you pleasure. I got more pleasure lying on the floor hunting deadly spiders in Mexico with my vacuum cleaner than anything else I've done in a long time. It's something I wanted to do for a long time. And like life, cleanliness is only a temporary condition.
Great! I noticed blogger old new lefty "r" you.

Old New Left 'ought' to visit the boondocks?

Each morning (with trying) I step on stink-bugs.
Stink Bugs are grey. The shell cracks and smells.
They crawl on the floor. get in your bed, ay stink.
I got photos of Mennonite Sign. Stink Bug Spray.
I yodeled "Yippee!" when I followed old new lefty.
I hope Jan Sand 'stink' around to be a centenarian.
Old New Lefty can visit the local Amish Taxidermist.
I am negotiating a stuffing feed to be no embalmed.
The Amish stuff raccoons. Stuff Jan Sand? Behave.
I ask to be stuffed with a half/smile and behave too.
I wish to sit at the meal table until I am about` 110.
WE live forever. I hope we get to eat garlic sticks.
I've no revelations about what happens Que Pasa.

We gonna soar out into outer space and wake up.
We gonna live forever in a`form of living matter.
Have a Happy Life. Jan Sand is a nice Elder geezer.
Life goes on, indeed. Hope 2012 is good to you.
Yes that poetically sums it up, lifes a beach and then you die...
Simple eloquence trumps angst in volumes.
Some kind of break-through? - I'm grokking the poetry this morning (also Art's on Zanelle's post - and here too).

This one is kinda depressing. Realism usually is.
like:You write poetry
contemplate about this and that
Life and death in decent order
Earthquakes,catastrophic events,
a newborn baby,
a face,108 years old,beautiful either one.Wars,destruction,
peace and love,always renewing itself.



J Sand

Positively off and up and at em (fog, slush active possibly particulate riffed snow flakes as large as quarters)
My current wish is that young peopleread your writing.

Writers finish what they start.
Rings of familiar phrases from wise elders. Thanks for this clear perspective.
Exquisite photo. Just really 'saw' it while clicking the rate {}

Staff just slipped me a note that John Milton died: 8NOV1674
Also, Christopher Hitchens's *Arguably Essays*--his portrait thereon,
Scolding, expectant. Geewiz, Chirstopher. NO!

Any more predictions, resolutions, Dr. Sand?
A long lens

(Wishing you the best. And bird?)
"God grant me the serenity, to accept the things ..." etc. Formula to live by. A constant struggle to grasp what can be changed and what can't, as desperately in need of change as what can't be changed actually is or seems to be in our weary hearts. (btw, liked the imperfect rhyme of won and on and end -- nice, but take issue with "our's not to reason why" message ... God gave us reason for a reason. I won't go quiet into that good night! And we may not be able to change things directly, but we can always send out at least a ripple or two of our own spiritual message, as you are now. best, libby
True. But hard to accept. And so we don't. Disappointed, we go on dreaming our dreams of a better world. Sisyphus be damned. Thank you for the poem. Happy New Year.
A little too much resignation for my taste, but then it's less sour on the palate every year. I can't say whether this is because I've grown accustomed to it, or whether I'm losing my senses, my endurance and intensity. The planet does look small and lonely there, doesn't it?
"Life goes on." Truer words were never spoken, Jan. Happy New Year!
“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.”
~Robert Frost~

Happy New Year, Jan Sand.
Life does go on doesn't it, with or without us. It's quite amazing really and why we don't walk around with astonished looks on our faces that we're even breathing to notice this, is beyond me.
Short and sweet, yet sums it all. Happy New Year, Jan Sand. R
U say: “Our's not to reason why.
One must comply
Some things lost, some won
Breathe in, breathe out.
Life goes on. “

Gotta agree with some, not all, of it.
Ours IS to reason why…but never to
think we reach absolute truth, whatever
that is…the only absolute I know is the
first principle of reality: Creativity.

My favorite philosopher the magnificent Alfred North Whitehead
“God is the first accident of Creativity”…
Accident not pedestrian but philosophical.
God? A hanger-on, a parasite, I think. Takes our
eyes and sees what he needs to, hears what helps him,
and feels the cosmic aromatic vibrations of the ethereal nothing
made something he had a “Hand” in making…

same for god as for us:
“We live on.
No choice.”

Cockroaches will not conquer earth, jan. I simply cannot conceive
Of 2112, a horrifying scene of ten trillion million cockroaches
fighting it out to the death.
Damn things.
Lovely Jan. Life goes on and so it does. Kinda amazing how many lives we live. Glad to see you writing here, sending sweet love. R
[r] Astronomy & cosmology raise my perspective up from pettiness and self-absoption to a sense of wonder and awe. Our concerns are tiny in the context of the expanding universe, indifferent to our existence. It really gives the largest possible perspective and is an antidote to pettiness and self-importance.
and yet, for most, living is a choice...even when it's a reluctant one....

thank-you for doing what you do here. you're amazing, j.s.
...and on and on. Doesn't it? Smile.
Wow. I came here after reading the poem you left on my post. You're a fantastic poet Mr Jan Sand!
I truly believe the world will change drastically soon.
Worthy words, worthy thoughts. Happy birthday, Jan.
"our star comes vexed"

I really like that line, Jan.
Breathe in, breathe out, life goes on...yes! Beautiful New Year's poem, Jan Sand. I am a little late. :)
Well into 2012 now.
Well into this poetry.
Well into appreciation for you, sir.
Experienced the reading of this with a feeling of love.
True, good and beautiful.
Ecclesiastes redux. I'm sending this on to my sister for her poetry club.
Hello Jan Sand...I am hoping for that beautiful poem to be posted one of these days. :)