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JULY 10, 2012 3:32PM

Open Call: Your Singles Story

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This past Sunday, Salon published a compelling Q&A with author Michael Cobb, a professor of English at the University of Toronto whose new book, "Single: Arguments for the Uncoupled," explores how our culture marginalizes the unmarried and the unattached alike. Ultimately, however, this article is just the latest in a cavalcade of recent news stories and think pieces that demand we re-examine our understanding of singledom.

Some facts to chew on: According to the 2012 Census, singles compose upwards of 27% of American households; in major cities like New York, San Francisco, Atlanta and Washington, D.C., these numbers climb to 40%. For the first time in the history of the survey, which was first administered in 1790, or shortly after the Revolutionary War, less than half of all US homes are husband-and-wife households. Clearly something is up, and it's not just the country's declining marriage rate (although this trend has been well documented).

Open Salon wants to hear your singles story. Do you choose to live alone? Have you been made to feel like an outsider? How have you embraced this new quasi-renaissance of the single man and woman?

Be sure to tag your posts "Singles Open Call." We'll highlight the most relevant submissions both on Open Salon and the home site. Please note that by using the tag "Singles Open Call," you're giving us permission to crosspost your piece in part or in its entirety on Salon.    

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Sociologist Eric Klinenberg does a lot of work on being single - his book is here. http://www.ericklinenberg.com/
When he researched a Chicago heat wave from a few years ago, he found that older persons, as you might expect, were more at risk, but older men were particularly vulnerable because when they lived alone, they were less connected than single older women living alone. Excellent OC.
being single is somehow the primeval way.
the boys would go off hunting for weeks, months, not
knowing about sex being the reason for kiddos...til they
took up cattle herding..

singleness is a burden without any price, for i can slip here
and there and anywhere and answer to no one,
and flop down in my bed
wishing i could, ah,
answer to some
Very interesting statistics. I wonder what would be leading to this trend. I've never wanted to be married or even coupled up. But, I've also never been lonely . May be an interesting OC. Maybe societal expectations are loosening to some degree. One is made to feel freakish, as a woman, if not married or with children, but "society" just doesn't bother me enough to do anything about it.
[r] Jacob, nice job you are doing. best, libby
Uh, I haven't been single in 28 years. Can I just make something up?
@James: Yes, having someone to answer to - that's what it's all about.
I'm not single but at times I wish I were just so I can move to New York City and be one of the statistics.
The front page is GREAT!
Ok, seriously - as a not single, only child who was so busy at work I missed the busy open call... I'm feeling left out. :(
My wife is trying to kill me so she can become a widow, does that count? What? :D
Okay, I looked this call, and for some reason, 'show us your shingles stories' is what I saw. And I thought, "Well. That's a strange topic, about shingles and chicken pox and whatnot." snerk.

Then, I read it again. ::laughing at myself::